Message from R’ Eliyahu Mann Shlita


kanievsky.jpgTo hear a message from Hagoen R’ Eliyahu Mann Shlita, who is one of the Shamosim of Hagoen R’ Chaim Kanievsky Shlita – regarding El Al please call the Yeshivaworld News Hotline at 718-305-5000.


  1. Rav Mann says that without even being asked Harav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita said that one SHOULD NOT fly El-Al even if he already has tickets booked and it will mean a loss of money. He added that even if you will need to have a stop-over with another airline rather than going with El-Al direct you should do that. He gave an example of someone who has to come for instance, for a yahrzeit, he should miss coming for it rather than fly El-Al. He said that all of this is because, it is poshut a SAKANA to fly with El-Al.

  2. I listened several times, but I guess my hearing isn’t sufficiently efficient to hear al the details. What I got was this: He was asked whether people should fly on El Al (and he said something about daatai dinafshai — I have no idea what he meant by that, unfortunately). He said emphatically, “I say NO! You should NOT fly with El Al, even if it means you will lose money. It is a
    sakana to travel with them!” He expressed his understanding of the possible losses, such as having to travel to ISrael for a yartzeit for example. But I didn’t catch (though I tried several times) his response to that issue. He then added that he didn’t say this yesterday because he didn’t know about it then, or something like that. I’m sorry all this is so unclear.