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    Thanks everyone for their compliments, they are greatly appreciated.

    Oomis, thanks for the congrats. I think your poem is excellent and written very well. Kudos to you as well.


    Todah rabbah, Dave.


    Observanteen, how did you manage to write to everybody and yet keep it so short – hats off to you!

    SaysMe – how are you doing? You’re being thought of. i hope you’re coping, keep holding on tight and remember every time, good and bad, passes!

    Blabla, i hope you’re okay too… as well as puppy n everybody else!

    Maybe we should call theis thread, poetry ‘n C-C (chizuk & compliments) …….


    My anorexia,

    a roller coaster,

    its ups and downs,

    donuts and water,

    the screams of horror,

    the compulsive exercise,

    I wanna jump off,

    its going too fast,

    its curves are my recovery process.

    the smooth ones the better times,

    the sharp ones=what seems to always be.

    My life’s a blur

    a sea of calories

    in everything,


    from minute,

    to megas,

    it never stops,





    its a violent cycle,

    spinning its forces,

    winding up,

    a washing machine,

    I’m amongst the cloths-trapped there.


    the kallah glows,

    flaunting her glamorous jewelry,

    radiant smile,

    vibrant expression,

    she gazes at her prize,

    he does the same.

    she feels treasured,


    prized possession,


    tears flowing like a river,

    at her chuppah,

    hidden under the crisp white veil

    she davens for success,

    her future,

    children, parnassah,

    her chasson,

    swaying violently,

    eyebrows furrowed in concentration,

    lips parched,

    he smashes his foot magically on the glass,


    in a million pieces,

    yet life’s begun for the new couple.

    they’ve embarked on a new journey,

    on this remarkable night,

    memorable forever.


    A piercing cry slices the air,

    a new baby,

    so tiny,

    innocent and fragile,

    unknown destiny,

    a future it beholds,

    its scrawny body wiggles in its mother’s tender arms,


    for growth,

    for a healthy child,

    for success, blessing, happiness.

    Do what’s right with your child,

    raise it well,

    love it,

    care for it,

    because its mine too.


    Welcome back, blaba! And wow! Your new poems are really amazing! The one about the wedding is truly beautiful, it conveys the imagery of a Jewish wedding so well. May we all get to that point in our lives at the right time.

    The poem about the baby is wonderful. I’m just wondering: In the last line, are you referring to G-d? Because that’s absolutely true, we must care for our children and love them and raise them well partly because it is G-d’s child as well.

    PrincessEagle, I’m with you on the “Poetry n’ C-C”!


    WHOAAAAAAA! GREAT JOB, BUT very sad!!! shom me something positive…. i know u cud do it…


    hey blabla, welcome back. u were missed around here! How are you?

    I second MiddlePath’s wedding compliment. Thats an amazing piece and really puts the emotions of the moment into words. I really like the baby poem- a start of a new life with all the opportunity it brings, to raise as well as one can…

    as for the first 2, :(. Time to go out with some friends, let loose, and have some fun and whole-hearted distraction! Tell those thoughts to take a break!

    Think first




    Work out emotions

    Feeling on high

    Then a low

    At times gloomy

    Next, aglow

    why’d it have to be

    I really don’t know

    But from here

    There only one way ill go

    Ill pick myself up high

    Ill do my best

    Put fun back into life

    Come on, a little zest

    Yeh we don’t choose what happens

    We all know that’s true

    But after all goes down

    its really up to you

    Blaming, mad ,upset

    Or u can accept

    This is the will of the Holy One

    stronger u can become

    Gather ur strength

    Put ur mind at ease

    Look forward

    At ur life ahead

    It could have been worse

    A child born

    Connected forever

    You’d be worn

    Look at the bright side

    You’ll aprreciate the next

    So go on, on high

    Ur very blessed

    Hashem please send me the one

    Meant for me

    Love,caring,hope,sharing,success,family and all that’s good

    Till one hundred And twenty


    Q: is there anything to DO with poetry, like how would you publish it or just get it out to the world, besides for this forum? Although this is great, i feel like there should be something more… Anyone know of any?


    even if nothing is done so to say with the poetry, it does a good job of expressing emotions and conveing feelings. i read this thread when i see new posts and i have to say this is probably the most moving thread in the entire CR. blabla, princesseagle, callmedave, puppy, and everyone else who has posted, i LOVE your writings. maybe one day i’ll post s/t i once wrote. but i feel its nothing compared to this stuff


    i hope my poems don’t get out to the world! 🙂

    No, sorry can’t help you. Though i know if i’d send an email to my contacts, and they liked it and forwarded it theirs… pretty soon i’d be getting it back 10 steps later…

    Hey yentingyenta! who’s comparing! Any piece anyone writes can interest or touch even one person and that’s all that matters! We’d love to see your work. Don’t rate yourself. We’ve seen here posters who thought their work was worthless, and was truly amazing. Join us!


    613blue: you can always try and publisha a book. or if thats too drastic you can try and submit it into some magazine that will publish it if its rlly good. theres also these poetry contests that you can sign up for, im not sure how it works though. but yentingyenta is right, its more for just expressing emotion and maybe one day when you die someone will discover it and Publish it and youll be famous. thats what happened to a bunch of these famous writers.


    doesn’t rhyme, doesn’t flow (well it does in my mind), but it’s what came out of my pen…

    one flame is still burning,

    the last flame of chanuka,

    ever smaller, weaker, less

    the chag is soon ending

    its ruchni boost dissipating

    to keep that in us is our test.

    the night has long fallen

    its darkness surrounds us

    yet one flickering flame holds strong

    pulling up every drop

    of life-giving oil

    it tries to last so long

    i want to catch that flame

    plant it inside me

    and never let it go out

    for my neshama, alike,

    a small, fluttering wick

    to grow bright, ignite, so proud

    no more flickering fire

    ‘neath winds of pain or doubt

    do i ever want to see again

    but for all those fires

    to burst out in flame

    feel the heat of love, not pain

    for the warmth to fill them

    to ignite their souls

    to never feel alone anymore

    to engulf heart and mind

    and erase every hurt

    from now and forever more

    come on, little flame,

    don’t give up, not yet

    you have such power n the little spark

    for you’ve done your job

    spread your flame within me

    shown me a light in the dark


    Middlepath-I was intending that for parents because I don’t appreciate the way mine raised me.

    Having a really rough day today…maybe tomorrow will be better…doesn’t seem like anything will be though 🙁

    Had a party and reality hit again how immature and shallow my classmates are.


    Think first, what a beautiful poem. It really gives the right perspective of the potential problems or issues that may come during marriage. If we can deal with these problem the right way, together with our spouse, we can come to love them and appreciate them even more. May G-d send you your mate at the right time.

    yentingyenta, I completely agree, this thread is the most moving, uplifting, and inspiring thread thread in the CR, whether the poems rhyme or not. What matters is the heart of the person writing the poem.

    SaysMe, that’s really beautiful. A great way to look at the final flame of the final night of Chanukah. May that flame continue to burn inside our souls for the rest of the year, keeping us warm, strong, and full of faith, so that we can overcome any challenge that we may encounter over the rest of the year.

    blaba, I’m so sorry about how you feel about the way you were raised by your parents. It is especially hard to go through life when you don’t feel loved or appreciated by the people who are supposed to be closest to you. Your message rings true. Parents must cherish their children, and always show them love, care, and support.


    Says me – spot on!

    day by day

    I just wanted to be # 1

    I was never #1

    what would it feel like?

    what would it be like?

    How would I feel?

    to be the first on somebody’s mind?

    somebody’s thoughts

    when they wake up they would think of me

    ask about me?

    call me ,see me, hear me

    to have someone come home

    and see me?

    to have someone come home

    and ask how your day was?

    someone call up and say hello?

    I was never number 1

    do you see me?

    do you hear me?

    do you know me?

    wife? mother? daughter ?sister? friend?

    never # 1


    Hi, day by day! Welcome!

    Your poem is well written, and I can relate to it myself, but on a different scale: I felt this way with my friends, neighbors, and community at large. It is very hard when you go by unnoticed. But perhaps we can look at it in another way: G-d does things in a hidden way. Many things happen that seem so natural and explainable, that it seems G-d isn’t in them, but really He is. So if you are doing your best, and you feel you aren’t getting noticed or appreciated, though it may be hard, you are truly emulating G-d, and He is smiling down at you. And that is an amazing thing. Of course, it is nice to get noticed and appreciated for our efforts. But that shouldn’t be our driving force.

    And many times, people that get all the attention, and the care, and live in the limelight, won’t know how to live when it is suddenly taken away from them.

    day by day

    Thank you middlepath, I needed to hear that. I’m a very sensitive person and overly shy person by nature, so I don’t want or need the limelight, but sometimes its nice to be acknowledged . : )

    Btw , I really enjoy your writings.


    Thanks oomis1105 and MiddlePath.

    Day by day, i really appreciated ur piece and how it was written. i’ve felt that way… Why are there always ppl who blend into the wallpaper? especially in school….

    MiddlePath- Ur responses are so amazing and encouraging and individualized. Its so special!

    blabla- 🙁 Wishing you a much much better day tomorrow filled with smiles and warmth!


    Thanks so much, day by day! I really appreciate that, and I’m so happy I was able to help out in some way. Looking forward to more poems from you!

    SaysMe, thanks! I love your poems, keep em coming!


    recommend listening to Michoel Pruzansky’s Show Me the Way. Can help me feel, cry when i’m not too numb. The tefilla is all ours… The hashgacha pratis, the emotions…

    day by day

    the pain

    it wont go away

    I close my eyes ,I feel it

    I see it , I taste it

    make it stop

    make the pain stop

    the tears run freely

    tear after tear

    why did you die

    the guilt

    why did you leave

    I close my eyes

    and I can see you

    I can still hear your voice

    I can smell you

    I just want to see you one more time

    I want to talk to you

    I have so many questions

    are you ok?

    I’m not its so hard

    I have so much to tell you

    so much to share with you

    would you be proud of me?

    the guilt

    if I knew now what I knew then

    would things have been differently?

    I’m so sorry

    forgive me , please please forgive me

    Think first

    Hum…..let me think….

    Wake up, school- learning basics

    job, training skills

    Carpool- doing chores


    Ear infection for little Moishe oh boy!

    Being a parent

    But when do we think?

    making supper

    To nourish the kids

    completing a report

    To pay for the food

    But when do we think?

    Giving advice

    Helping a friend

    Listen ear

    To soothe a a child

    Proffesional opinion

    To make some profit

    But when do we think?

    Cousins engaged


    Few weeks later


    Getting ready pish posh

    But when do we think?

    Chanuka party

    All had fun

    Happy excited

    Its in the air

    But when do we think?

    Give me a few years till

    Things settle down a little

    Then I can sort things out in my brain

    I don’t want to live in vain

    Listen my friend nows the time

    Its important not just my rhyme

    To put thought into who u are and why

    Don’t let even one day “pass you by”

    Remember We’re here for a little stay

    And then in a moment we go away

    No more carpool job or school

    No more yeshiva or going to shul

    There’s a great purpose for each and every one

    Think- where did I come from?

    Why am I here and what should I do

    Why am I different living as a Jew

    What’s my mission no doubt there must be one

    I was handcrafted by the Holy One

    Not mistake not extra just right

    There’s a purpose in every moment of my life

    So when do we think?

    All the time!

    Whether ur doing a good deed

    Or enjoying some lemon lime

    You don’t even have to make a date

    Just look around and appreciate

    The great wonders of the world

    No not talking about the malls

    The trees the flowers the outdoors

    Unimaginable wisdom

    The human body and how it works

    Will boggle ur mind if given some thought

    So think all day while every thing you do

    What am I doing why and for who?

    What’s my goal, starting now and here

    If I don’t know where I’m going

    How will I know when I get there?

    Think, it’ll give you insight

    About urself

    About ur life

    You’ll feel empowered

    In control

    Never in a lull

    There’s always pupose direction too

    When ur a thinking Jew.


    In a world of darkness,

    the rays of the sunshine,

    hidden beyond the clouds,

    white and fluffy,

    gray and gloomy,

    burring the brightness of the yellow sun,

    can’t peak out,


    its stuck in the darkness,

    in an everlasting world of black.

    everything’s black,

    it all seems wrong,

    so wrong,

    so bad,

    the sun doesn’t seem to come forth,

    to shine its beaming rays on my back,

    to beat down in all its light,

    to bring happiness,

    to glow,

    to light up my world.

    a world once failure,

    a world awaiting success


    day after day, wow, that’s heavy stuff… I’m unsure what to say. I’m so sorry for your loss and the seeming unfairness of not getting the chance to get the most out of the relationship. I hope you have people you can rely on to help fill that void. But besides people, filling that void is best done with G-d. G-d is always there for us, ready to put His arm around us. We should try our best to believe that He does only good, and though many things seem to us not good, and we think G-d is unfair, that isn’t true. G-d always knows what is best for us, and gives us the opportunity to reach our potential by putting us in situations where He knows our potential can be really be reached. Please stay strong, and continue writing!

    Think first, that is a wonderful poem, and so true! Thinking about those things during our everyday lives can help give us meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. We can all grow in this area. Thanks for writing it!

    blaba, that is remarkable imagery! But think about it this way: Although the sun and its warm rays may be blocked by the dark clouds, it is still there. The warm and light is never gone. We may not see it because our vision of it is blocked by dark clouds, but it is always there. And clouds always move, so we will get the warm and light if we stick around. And the same goes for dealing with tough times. We may have difficulties and stress that we deal with, but if we can get through it, and stick around long enough, all that hard work will pay off when we get the opportunity to rejoice in the warmth and light that G-d gives us, and that warmth and light lasts forever.

    Think first

    Middle path thank you very much, your warm words encourage me to keep writing You’re a very special persona!! Keep it up!

    day by day

    I am drowning

    I try so hard

    I am a good person

    I am kind to others

    I smile to you

    I give of myself

    I am drowning

    I lend an ear

    I am a good friend

    I help when I can

    I feel for others

    I feel their pain

    I am drowning

    I don’t know what more I can do

    Hshm , I cry to you

    I scream out to you

    what do you want me to do

    I pray to you ,I ask of you ,

    I beg you of you

    Please Hshm

    don’t let me drown


    Thanks so much, Think first!

    day by day, first of all, I’m so sorry in my last post I called you “day after day”, and not “day by day”. Please forgive me. And wow, your new poem is obviously straight from the heart. It is amazing that you can give to others, and be kind, even while feeling that you are “drowning”. But never think that all your kindness is for nothing. G-d sees it all, and will reward you for it. And even more, people will realize and appreciate all that you do, and you will be able to feel good about giving. And that is the biggest gift of all: The ability to love giving.

    day by day

    Thank you , middlepath, your words are so encouraging.Sometimes, its all you need to hear is a kind word, or a smile to brighten ones day : ) ( you didn’t need to apologize)


    Thanks, day by day! I’m so happy I was able to make a difference!


    Short blond hair,

    soft pink cheeks,

    round blue eyes,

    big smile.

    This little girl.

    Know not of life without yelling,

    fighting parents,

    taunting siblings.

    Not of life without abuse,

    name calling,


    This little broken girl.

    Know not of life without self-doubt,


    suicidal thoughts.

    Not of life with close friends,

    loving parents,


    This little independent girl.

    day by day

    my friend

    the one who was always there for me

    the one I shared so much with

    I laughed and cried with

    you taught me so much

    how to be strong,

    how to give to another,

    how to care and live and laugh

    how to love,

    my friend you are in so much pain

    I cry with you ,

    I cry for you

    you don’t need me as a friend anymore…

    as you have another

    one that covers up your pain,

    one that makes you numb

    you don’t feel anything any longer,

    not laughter ,

    not sadness

    you don’t see your kids smiles

    I don’t know what to say

    I don’t know what to do

    I love you,

    I wish you loved you ,too


    why are you doing this?

    why are u doing it to me?

    whhy are you forcing me

    into something i say no to?

    you think it’s good for me

    i say no

    doesn’t my opinion count?

    overriding me again and again

    what else should i do?

    why won’t you listen

    to my heart, to my tears?

    don’t push me

    though you think you’re helping

    and i need you to force me.

    you are wrong.

    don’t do it

    the pain and regrets

    the damage seen next time ’round

    why do you refuse to listen

    why will you not hear?

    i cannot, will not

    yell myself hoarse

    if no hope of you accepting.

    what else, where should i turn

    who will let me choose if not you?




    How amazing it is to be alive


    Full of Energy


    Created with a spark


    Shoots out of a flame


    Provides us with steady warmth


    Something provided with care


    Something everyone wants others to give


    The true essence of love


    Must be cherished and appreciated


    We must have for everything


    Is for the best


    What we must try to do every day


    In one word,

    I can describe the world:


    In one word,

    I can describe school:


    In one word,

    I can describe exercise:


    How much more need I say?

    to express what I bare,

    the intense pain and anguish,

    has always been there.

    Will it stop?

    will it end?

    will it cease?

    or will it extend?

    The sound of my alarm clock,

    fills me with dread,

    no hitting the snooze,

    my excuse will be misread.

    I awaken somberly,

    my eyelids flutter,

    don’t want to get up,

    to this world of nasty clutter.

    Screaming in pain,

    I wail and shout,

    I can’t do this again,

    I can’t stick this out.

    Yet my cries are in vain,

    ignored by this world,

    I’m snubbed, brushed aside,

    with insults I’m hurled.

    HELP! I can’t go to school again…I just CAN’T!


    right now I’m desperate for emotional support…having a torturous night


    Frustration roars over me,

    like a lions claws,

    awaiting its pray.

    raging, fierce teeth,

    penetrate the fragile deer,

    its mighty claws tear it apart,

    gnawing on its insides,

    part by part,

    the deer is killed.

    I’m the deer.

    The lion is this world


    puppy, your poem is so well written, yet so sad. I find it remarkable that one of the features of this girl is having a big smile, even while going through everything you’ve written about after that. Assuming that this girl you are talking about is you, I am even more amazed that you can keep smiling even with all the suffering you’ve been through. It is almost unbearable that a girl can have no support from friends, siblings, or parents. A person always needs some support from somewhere.

    Day by day, I am sorry for the pain your friend is going through. But just know that it is easier to deal with pain when you have someone with you, caring about you, carrying some of the burden, and easing your pain. It would seem that at a time like this, your friend needs you the most. You show your own pain in your poem, it is clear that you feel your friend’s pain. Make sure your friend knows how much you care for her/him. That itself can ease the pain.

    SaysMe, it is very hurtful when we must deal with people that stubbornly refuse to see our point of view. I am sorry that you are dealing with this. It is very difficult for these types of people to change, because once they are in a state of mind of not listening to others’ opinions, they refuse to change their attitude for that same reason. I think it would be really good for you to find someone else who will listen to you, care about what you say, and is able to make decisions with you that will have the best impact on your future, because this person you refer to in your poem seems to be holding you down. Wishing you much success!

    blaba, I’m really sorry about your night last night. I feel really bad that no one here was able to help immediately. Although this forum doesn’t really update the newer posts till the morning, so I don’t think anyone saw your posts till this morning. But I hope my post now helps in some way, and please forgive me for not posting last night when you needed it.

    It is really depressing to hear about your feelings about school, and how much pain you go through every day when the day starts. I don’t know what I can say to help with your views about school, but I will say this. It might be really good for you to make sure that you have something that you look forward to every day, and try to make that the focus of your day. Whether it’s doing something you enjoy, talking to someone who respects you and cares for you, going to a place you feel happy, or anything else that is a good experience. If you have something like that every day, and make that the focus of your day, it can help with your general mood and lift your spirits.

    Another thing is to write down at the end of the day something good that happened that day, and try to focus you feelings on that. That can help with coping with the negative things, because it may help you look for the good things that happen instead of being tied down to the negative. I hope this helps!


    blabla, hope you are okay tonight!


    Thanks for your long, thoughtful reply. B”H doing much better tonight. Forgot my meds yesterday so I guess…


    thank you MiddlePath. They definitely are holding me back from my dreams, tho are sure its for my good. And I have trouble standing up strongly enuf for myself sometimes… Its definitely frustrating+.

    Blabla- so so glad ur feeling better. i wish those emotions will quickly disappear. Feel bad the posts didn’t go through last nite and noone could be here with you.

    Most encouraging yet frustrating and daring line i was told this past week: “I don’t think you have it in you to give up fighting (for a particular thing), though i understand you want to.”

    Queen Bee

    I really don’t like singling out only one person’s poem out of everyone else’s, but, blabla, your poem stood out to me because I could relate. I had a difficult time in high school, and I too dreaded waking up every morning. I also referred to HS as hell. I was cleaning out my basement a few months ago and came across my notes. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I wrote, how I felt about school and the teachers and everything. I hope you hang in there because life does get better after HS. I’m sure people have told you this many times, and it’s hard to imagine that life could get better, but please have faith. When you’re out of HS and are able to make your own decisions, try to choose the path that you feel is best for you.

    I hope my words gave you some comfort. I wish you lots of luck and know that we all care about you. Keep posting in this thread because it’s a great way to release your feelings. Sending some virtual hugs your way =)


    I wanna just get past this stage but I’m stuck here 🙁 Yes, your post definitely did comfort me. Thanks a ton!


    It’s written in the Gemara Brachos 57b, if a person has put light a low mood (depressed), he has to do three things: smell(flowers,spices…..), see(panorama, beautiful architecture), hear(music, Rashi says the sweet voice of a woman). The Rambam says thst we don’t have to wait to be depressed to do that.

    To Blabla

    Remember that you are special because there’s only one Blabla. Your poetry is one of your talent. I’m sure that you have plenty more. Hashem loves you for who you are and what others say,if it’s not positive, is not important.

    I got a postcard for my twentieth birthday: saying : Do what you like to like what you do.

    So let rock poets.

    Think first


    Can make all the difference

    Between marriage and divorce


    Can be the key to make relationships

    Better than worse


    Can be the chord that’ll hold one together in hard times

    So go and appreciate people for their friendship, work and rhymes


    Can lift ones esteem

    Yeh even adults not just teens

    It can change the entire scene

    From very bleak to totaly serene


    Is paramount to ones life

    With it one can weather the harshest strife

    No matter how bitter the pill may taste

    You won’t feel ur life is a waste


    To a person is like gas to a car

    Without it its hard to move with it you’ll go far

    I think its because one wants to feel accomplishment

    And it touches their heart when they get a compliment

    It propells us further puts bounce in our step

    Makes you feel light and nothing is a shlep

    So make sure to show appreciation to everyone in ur world

    Family friend and all of us on yeshiva world.

    A special appreciation to middlepath in the name of all of us

    Middlepaths kinds word has encouraged us through many a fuss

    I appreciate that my boss doesn’t show appreciation

    It helped me create this entire composition.

    Show appreciation my friends, you’ll be a happier person.


    MP, I’m just reading through some of your response posts. They’re really amazing. Keep helping people.

    blabla, I hope I’m not going out of line here, but you seem to keep late hours (as do I). If you ever need to talk, my email address is available. (Its very talented ?)



    SaysMe, I’m sorry that it’s so frustrating. Perhaps showing the people that are holding you back that you can stand up for yourself, will make them respect you and your decisions more. It can be difficult, but worth it!

    QB, I’m glad to see you here in this thread! And your support to blabla is so beautiful. Keep posting here!

    Yoni, that is so true! And welcome!

    Think first, thanks so much, that is very sweet of you. And that is very true. Appreciation can really have a huge impact, and is something that we all should give and show, because it is something that we would want to receive from others.

    Thanks, kapusta! I will try.

    Some of the regulars here haven’t posted in a while, like PrincessEagle and observanteen, as well as a few newer posters like kido and here i go.. hope you are all doing okay.

    Queen Bee

    No problem, blabla. Glad to help =)

    Thanks, MP =)

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