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    Think first

    A gut voch to all my poetry friends!

    Think first

    A new Week is here

    And purim is in the air

    Some we can learn from

    Purim, is Hashems help will always come

    Maybe u don’t expect it

    Like in the story in shushan

    But onw thing for sure

    Hashem we can always count on

    So next time ur in a pickle

    And nothing seems to work

    Ask Hashem for help just a little

    You’ll see he won’t charge u a nickel

    He wants u to ask him for help

    He’s ur father and cares so much

    Just a little prayer a small yelp

    And He’ll be in in touch

    You see all he wants is for you to understand

    That he’s almighty nothing he can’t hand(le)

    So just ask and open up the channel

    He’ll be there for you, no need to pass in front of a panel


    Thank you very much Kapusta.


    SaysMe, please don’t despair! We here all care about you and your well being very much. I am so sorry about the bitachon issues you are having. That must make things even more difficult to deal with. Do you have someone close to you or someone you respect that can help you in that area? Or maybe a book? I’ve heard there are some wonderful books on Emuna and bitachon, perhaps those can help. I think the most important thing right now is to try to get a solid foundation in that, and once you have that, everything else will be much easier. I know because I went through a pretty rough stage, faith-wise, in high school, and that was the worst period of my life, and that was when my issues became the hardest to deal with. After realizing that, I got some help with my faith, and things became much easier. Wishing you only success in getting stronger in that area! I really hope things will turn around for the better. We all care about a lot, and wish you the best!

    Kapusta, no problem, and welcome back! I missed you here.

    Syag, you are definitely right. I should try to realize that it is very possible that these people aren’t thinking badly about me, and it’s just my mind that assumes that. I guess I just have those thoughts since I never really had someone outside of my family reach out to me and offer help and support when I needed it, and therefore, I automatically assume that they’re against me. But that can be completely wrong, it is entirely possible that they just never thought to help, not because of any ill feelings, just because it never occurred to them. I have to work on myself in that area. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Think first, shavua tov! That is a lovely poem, with a great message. Thanks for sharing!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    MP – If it wasn’t for you I would swear I am invisible. In regard to being reached out to by a non-family member; you are welcome to plant yourself on our couch anytime.


    Syag, thank you! I very much appreciate that. But why do you think you’re invisible?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I can’t explain without sounding like I’m whining or looking for attention, which I am not. Suffice it to say I am grateful for your reciprocity. And your overall self 🙂


    Why thank you, Syag! I am glad I can help.

    blabla, SaysMe, PE, hope you are all doing alright.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    You left me.

    You left me and you expect me to go on.

    You think I can just wake up each day and put my feet onto the floor.

    But how can I just walk along my way without you here, without you, my link to the past.

    Without you all is lost.

    I sit in my chair and scraps flow past, and I grab them to find they are fragments and pieces of stories that only I remember, because you left me.

    But now you left me.

    So now mom and dad are gone.

    And all our stories that are just fragments and pieces, are stories with no life.

    Because you left me and I am filled with sadness and holes and I miss everyone so much.

    So you will never leave us.


    MP – If it wasn’t for you I would swear I am invisible.

    FTR, I might not say it that often, but I love your posts. Keep ’em coming!


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    kapusta – as you can see above I’m having a rough day. thanks for saving me :}


    Syag, wow. That was written beautifully, and full of such obvious emotion. I am sorry for the pain you’ve gone through, and continue to go through, and I hope that by you writing about it here, it helps you and relieves the pain a little. I am not in any position to compare tragedies, so I won’t. All I will say is that it must be incredibly hard to have to deal with the loss of someone so close to you, and to have to move on in life. Of course, we can wish that the loss never happened , but if it did, then G-d knows it is meant to be that way. We must try to make the most of it, and focus on the good memories and use them to help ourselves grow. And looking at how you post, and how you deal with others here, I am confident that you are making your loved ones in heaven proud. Keep writing, keep the good memories, and I hope that G-d will replace all the pain with happiness.

    I hope your day gets better, and I hope the next day is always better than the last.


    Syag thank you for sharing that, losing a loved one is always horrible but hopefully with time your pain will lessen and you will be left with all the good memories.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Thank you so much MP and Goq, I just miss them so much and knowing it will pass sometimes makes me miss them more!

    I was afraid that that poem may have made me look like I was upset that Hashem took her so I wrote something else too. (Not like me to post poems so I’m pretending I don’t know any of you!)

    People search high and low, looking around corners and above their heads.

    Always searching someplace else.

    For what they look for is a vision of a treasure, a hotel stay, a cruise in a ship.

    But that is not what real love is all about.

    That is not the ways of Hashem or the path of the Jew.

    Hashem loves us and we can feel His warmth wherever we go if we know it is there.

    Look near, not far. Look inside and under. Hashem is close and holding you so your heart will beat and your lungs will expand.

    Love is not comfort, love is not pleasure, love is security and growth and knowing that you are never alone.

    Knowing your life has been hand picked and orchestrated for you.

    And the more you look, the clearer it becomes.

    Because no matter how far you walk or how low you sink, you never leave the palms of His hands.

    Think first

    Syag- I’d like to say this poem is beautiful! Wow! And I really like the line “Love is not comfort, love is not pleasure, love is security and growth and knowing that you are never alone” how true.

    Thank you, I’m inspired!


    Syag, I just wrote a post which I accidentally deleted. I’m sorry for the hard times, and I hope it will get easier soon IY”H. You’re an amazing person with an unbelievable attitude (and so right!), and even though it’s not always easy, keep up the good work. I hope tomorrow is easier. *hugs*

    SaysMe, hope you’re ok. *hugs*


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Thanks so much Think first and kapusta. I don’t mind hurting cuz it means I had something good, if that makes any sense.

    Who’da thought He’d be here in the poetry thread too? 🙂


    Syag Lchochma, That’s an incredible poem. In it’s own way it has given me tremendous inspiration. Thank You! Hope you feel a bit better each day. No Rush. Go through the motions..

    “Because no matter how far you walk or how low you sink, you never leave the palms of His hands.”

    *Sniffle* Best Line.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    No One Mourns The Wicked – What awesome chizuk, thanks. And you are so right about going through the motions, loved that! As an aside, my sister LOVED Wicked and your screen name makes me think of her and smile. So thanks for that too.


    An open book awaits,

    A new page,

    A fresh start,

    Pen poised,


    Boldly jump in,

    A clean page,

    The story,

    Waiting to be written,

    Pen Scribbling,

    Writing the story,

    The story of life,

    Book after book,

    each book a new stage,

    each page a new story,

    A new book,

    A courageous start,

    Jump into the unknown,

    Forage a path,

    Write the book,

    Start a new,

    Constantly progressing,

    Moving forward,


    It’s time,

    Time to start anew,

    A new book,

    A new stage,

    A new stage of life awaits!!


    I feel as though I’m drowning,

    lost in a pool of confusion,

    grasping the friendship,

    pulling it up,

    salvaging it,

    lost; left out; despair,

    every call I make,

    calling out,

    Help me! See me! Save me!


    Friendship; connection,

    lost and found,

    strong as ever; never sever,

    a bond; forever,

    distance; makes it stronger,

    meet; as though no time has past,

    Time has come; Time has gone,

    Time to start anew,

    renew old; start afresh,

    bond together,

    our friendship will always stand!


    bygirl93, first of all, welcome! Your poetry is wonderful! I love the focus of your poems, how they are conveying an eagerness to start fresh, and have a new beginning. That’s a great outlook to have. Keep writing!

    SaysMe, I second kapusta’s hug. Hope you’re ok.


    middlepath- thanks- and thanks for the welcome- but its more of a welcome back!- i started getting addicted to the coffee room- so i took a long break- but i posted some stuff towards the very beginning of the thread- and i have a lot more- i just think they are a little lame cuz i wrote them in 10th grade-


    Syag Lchochma- i just had to post for this. that second piece you posted? Wow. That was a truly amazing, inspirational, uplifting, warming poem about recognizing and feeling Hashem’s love in all areas. To be able to recognize we ALWAYS are being watched. We all always being held, every little thing that happens is specially chosen just for us, and we are always being held in an embrace, never alone. You really touched me with your writing. How i wish i could feel those emotions!! How I hope I will be able to never feel alone and recognize the closeness, and soon! Thank you so much for posting that. You brought a ray of clarity into my day.


    I don’t mind hurting cuz it means I had something good, if that makes any sense.

    Makes perfect sense. To me, anyway.

    bygirl, I also have things I wrote (for school) which I actually did very well in. Now when I look back the only thing I can think is, “I really wrote that?!”. That said, your stuff is good. Keep writing. 🙂

    SaysMe, nice to see your name around. Hope you’re doing good. 🙂



    not so great actually, but the mods don’t wanna give me anyone’s emails :). Guess i can take that as a message to focus on my hw this week!


    Sorry to hear that. I hope starting tomorrow things get a lot better. Sending you a bunch of hugs. Hang in there, we’re rooting for you 🙂

    (and g’luck with the homework!)



    thanx again :). This is gonna be an all niter, unless i fall asleep on my papers. At least being so busy keeps my mind busy and preoccupied!


    bygirl93, in that case, welcome back! And don’t feel bad posting stuff you wrote a long time ago, it’ll be much appreciated no matter what.

    SaysMe, it’s great that you’re keeping busy, and I am grateful you still find time to come here and let us know how you’re doing. I’m glad that Syag’s poem was able to inspire you (it inspired me too), and I hope things begin to get better and better.

    kapusta, you are doing such a wonderful job of offering encouragement. Keep it up!


    Thank you, MP. It means a lot coming from someone such as yourself.



    Hey people, just dropping a few lines to say hi 😉

    Bygirl93, i notice you’re back – welcome! Hey, i missed seeing you around! You’re poetry is great like usual.

    SaysMe, it sounds difficult from what i’ve glanced at, i hope it’s better for you today – ? Please keep holding on, you’re strong, i have the confidence in you!!! Remember, this time too will pass!!!!! i know this is “just words” but hey, we both – all – know the power of words!!!!

    Syag, both your pieces have touched me. You express your obvious pain so eloquently and with a beautiful flow; and you inspire with your strength, with holding on instead of letting go, with seeing G-d instead of being angry. (i assume you’ve gone through those stages, and it’s inspiring to see.)

    ThinkFirst – sweet poem on purim!

    Kapusta, always great to see you around!

    Middlepath – thanks for your shout! Miss ya!

    TheGoq, Blabla, and the rest – hi, and hope you’re okay.


    Hi eagle I’m doing great ty for asking ty for stopping by.


    It was a long winter day,

    as he entered his home,

    he trugged in heavily,

    plopped down on the foam.

    heaved a sigh of relief,

    a breath of life,

    awaiting his dinner,

    to greet his wife.

    he smiled meekly,

    twisted his lips,

    to try to appear jolly,

    as he reached for his chips.

    he staged a hello,

    threw a warm, loving face,

    asked how her day was,

    fell into embrace.

    As his wife looked on,

    she gazed at his expression,

    watched it fall back into place,

    left a lasting impression.

    He staged it for her,

    she felt so dear,

    he was utterly exhausted,

    but happy he’d appeared.


    Think first

    A new career is here for me

    I had faith and now I see

    It was waiting for the the right time

    I knew that Hashem would make it shine

    I’m really tired and gotta go to sleep

    But wanted you all to know we Have Hashem for keeps

    He’s here with us every moment of the day

    And Will always show us the way

    Thank you Hashem!!


    Thanks, kapusta.

    PE, glad to see you here! Miss you too!

    blabla, glad to see you back here, and I’m thrilled to see the positive spin in your poetry. I’m just wondering though- are you saying it is a good thing to “fake it” for those you love? I see how it can be perceived as good, but ultimately, wouldn’t the man’s wife want to know exactly how he is really feeling instead of covering it up to “please” her? It could be that some people wouldn’t mind that, but I don’t know if that’s so healthy. I’m only saying this because I just recently found out about this. Because I am so much like the husband in your poem. I would always cover everything up in order to make the other person “happy”, but I was told that doing that isn’t always the best thing, because many times, a spouse would rather you be honest and upfront instead of hiding things. What do you think?

    Think first, that is WONDERFUL! I’m so glad you shared that with us, and that you openly see the hand of G-d in this! Kol hakavod, and wishing you much success in your new career!


    blabla, that was great!

    Think First, great news! Lots of Hatzlacha!


    Think first

    Middle Path- thank you so much it means a lot.

    Kapusta- thanks for the bracha

    Blabla-loved the poen really, and I just want to clariy regarding MP’s question, I think that if a man loves his wife and really is happy to see her when he comes home, however he’s totally exausted from the days work, why should that effect the way he greets her. If greeting her nicely makes her feel dear (which is true for every wife) then he should greet her and if you repeat it enough it will become “real”. I’ve learned this from mussar seforim if you know something is right to do but don’t feel like doing it, you do it anyway and with enough repetition you’ll want to do it and enjoy it. Now you can fake love so if there isn’t a true foundation of love between them, then I agree don’t fake it. But in a healthy marriage, fake it when ur exausted until you can’t wait to greet ur spouce with a smile.


    I’m not 100% sure what the correct answer would be to that MP but I think that someone may be exhausted and just not interested in smiling at their wife/husband not because they’re not happy to see them-just because they’re exhausted. But I really don’t know-I’m not married! Its just something I felt like writing so I did 🙂

    BTW are you able to get my email address from the mods? If I remember correctly it was one of your posts that inspired me to do something I wanted to thank you about.


    Syag Lchochma:

    “No One Mourns The Wicked – What awesome chizuk, thanks. And you are so right about going through the motions, loved that! As an aside, my sister LOVED Wicked and your screen name makes me think of her and smile. So thanks for that too.”

    Pleasure 🙂 Taking each day as it comes is what really helps..I’m glad the advice I give myself each morning has helped you too 🙂

    Aw! Glad to help!

    How you feeling?


    Think first, no problem! I definitely understand what you’re saying, and that is a good answer. And it is true that if someone does something enough, they’ll come to enjoy doing it, so that would be a good area to use that technique in if a person does have a difficult time looking happy around a spouse.

    blabla, thanks for the reply, and you are definitely right! It could be because of the stressful day, and not because he’s not happy to see her. And if that’s the case, then you are definitely right that he should do his best to smile when he sees her, because otherwise, she may think that he’s not smiling because he’s NOT happy to see her, which isn’t true, but it could then cause bad feelings. And I’d be happy to get your email, but if I can’t, you can always get mine from the following: Go to a website called Soundcloud (you can Google it), type in Middlepath CR in the search box in the top right corner, and in my profile there should be an email address. And check out my music while you’re there!


    I emailed you

    Think first

    Middle path– I checked out ur music, nice stuff!


    blabla, thanks.

    Think first, thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it, as I admit it is a unique style that not everyone would appreciate.


    blabla, for the upteenth time, just for good measure: you write so well! I like the poem, and i like the way you end off, and middlepath, and thinkfirst, both are right – there’s just the balance, somewhere happily in the middle, (that’s your screenname after all, middlepath! you choose it well, what made you decide for that name anyway!)

    Think First!!! i’m so glad to hear that, may it go well and you get lots of satisfaction from it. Thanks for sharing ;0!

    SaysMe – how are you? …


    PE, thanks! Agreed, there is a balance to be found, and it may vary depending on the people involved and on the relationship. About the screen name, I’m not really sure. I guess it’s because I think that generally, extremism in any area of life isn’t good. So taking the “middle” path will enable one to live the healthiest life.

    SaysMe, I’m thinking about you as well.


    Lost my cool today in frustration and anger and blew my top :(. And i don’t even really care! so there!

    Sorry no details. Being known here complicates things sometimes. No apologies neccesary ppl who know me!

    I did request email addresses but was turned down. Any of those offers still stand?


    SaysMe, if that was addressed to me, it absolutely still stands.

    Hope tomorrow is better. *Hugs*



    Middlepath, i fully believe in that line of thought, that there is a BALANCE!!! On similar lines, but not directly related, it also bothers me when people do things “extreme” when it is not genuine, when it’s only because of the way of being brought up / pressure / etc, but i understand why it’s done 😉

    SaysMe!!! I’m so sorry! Using Kapusta (/your!) exact words, if that was addressed to me, it absolutely still stands. I’m thinking that maybe you can go to middlepath’s “soundcloud” and get his email address from there, and he can forward you mine / ours… thoughts with you.


    SaysMe, I’m sorry for your rough day yesterday. Hoping that things get better! And PE’s idea about the email thing is a good one, you can try it that way.

    kapusta, I’ve missed you the past couple days, glad you’re back.

    PE, yep. I’m not a fan of extremism, but for people who are actually able to do it, and do it for the right reasons, I respect that.

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