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    Thank you kapusta and PrincessEagle. Wasn’t ‘directed’, just wanted to see if the offer stood from anyone. Just thought i’d recheck, and if the answers were fresh and standing, maybe a mod would acquiesce 🙂


    MP, I haven’t been posting too much but I’m still here.

    mods, anything you can do about the email?



    sighhhh, why am i in such a bad mood??? It’s adar. Its almost purim! And i am just feeling sad and not excited even a bit :(. Mishenichnas adar marbim b’simcha? Well, i’m not doing very good this year. Not very good at all… I want a happiness boost!



    You don’t have to force yourself to be continuously happy all day long, try to find small things that make you happy (Even if it’s just snagging the last slice of pizza :P)

    One step at a time, right?

    Feel Better 🙂


    i know but i feel like my heads stuck in a storm cloud and everythings so dark those little things are immediately blown away. And i WANT to have a happy, positive, smile-filled purim.


    SaysMe, i’m sorry you’re feeling so down ;( if you want the email addresses, perhaps go to soundcloud and type in middlepath for his email address and he has ours (some of ours anyway!)

    Is there something you can do to cheer you up? Like listening to music (there’s some great ones on youtube if you listen there) , or draw, or bake, (or write?!) … perhaps you can give in some way, do something for someone else (babysit, visit, help out) , that gives MEANING and can be very worth it.

    Perhaps you can try to lessen the PRESSURE of having an upbeat purim, as in, you try your best to do what you can to keep yourself cheerful, but if not – than that’s okay too. It’s very normal, we all have those sorts of times, (whether its purim, pesech, yom kipper, etc)

    i’m thinking of you from my end (of the screen lol) and hoping you’re okay!

    Remember: You can do it!!! You’ll get through this time, it WILL pass and you’ll hopefully be a better, happier, healthier person for it. Keep holding on!!!!


    SaysMe- I know the feeling (sort of, anyway) :-/. Hope things get easier soon. *Hugs*



    kapusta, jealous!

    i want a hug too!


    You guys are all so AMAZING!! really and truly! And i appreciate the support and advice so much. I just wish i knew WHY i was down today so i could try changing my thought process. Its just a combo of lots of very little things… I feel like such a kvetch on here this week :-P. Sorry about that.

    No One Mourns The Wicked- thanks for the encouragement and practical advice!

    kapusta- thanks for the hugs. even if they are virtual. And all the rest. My request is pending, so i’m staying hopeful!

    MiddlePath- thanks for all those things i said, and being so inspiring.

    And the same to Goq.

    Think first-for your amazing and POSITIVE poetry

    Syag- for being a special person and giving us a glimpse

    bygirl93- welcome back, and thanks for reminding me what this thread was for 🙂

    ICOT- for ‘The Club’

    blabla- for staying strong and showing me how to be too. For overcoming the pain to find that positive twist. How are you??

    PE- I did! coming soon maybe.You’re right, i’m going to go blast some music and relax for a bit. Writing’s still out of my mood’s realm, unless i get a sudden inspiration. Meaning and purpose is definitely what i need right now. i really should find myself a chesed or place to help for an hour. It’s coming with my mood i fear. Babysitting i do all the time tho :).

    Thanks for your encouragement, advice, support, and ideas!


    Lol, thanks, RedNails. I needed that. 🙂 I’ll give you a credit for a real life hug but until then, *hugs*. That better?

    Oh, welcome to this thread.


    Shticky Guy

    SaysMe: Here is a purim poem/song I made to cheer you up a little, put you in the purim mood and give you a happy, smile filled purim.

    To the tune of ‘Shavuos is coming nearer and nearer’:

    Purim is coming nearer and nearer,

    Its a holy and a party day – thats no steera,

    Hashem gave us a present on this great day,

    It is Tefilla – dont throw it away.

    Around the neighborhood dancing the hora,

    There’s bochurim and boys who instead of learning torah,

    Are celebrating in a torah way,

    their dancing skills they sure like to display.

    The sounds of the spielers come nearer and nearer,

    their songs are becoming ever clearer,

    they come in collecting for all worthy causes,

    without any breaks or even pauses,

    around our table asking for donations,

    while singing cute graaman and various compilations,

    oh how we love the purim atmosphere,

    especially with a whisky, wine or beer!



    Shticky Guy, nice poem! And glad to see you here!

    SaysMe, thanks, and I’m glad there are so many people here to give support and encouragement. Hope you got in touch with PE.

    kapusta, your hugs definitely go a long way! Keep them coming.

    blabla, Think first, hope all’s well.


    I could use one myself now :-/



    Shticky- 🙂 thanks for that

    kapusta- Then i’m first in line to send one back.

    Sending a ((((((((warm, tight hug)))))))))) ur way, and many more where that came from!


    kapusta, I second SaysMe’s hug!


    anyone care to join me for a cocoa with tears?

    Think first

    Thanks middle path, I’m BH great. I’ve been busy studying for a sate exam I have coming up a requirement for my new employment.

    I just want to remind all my poetry friends that on purim there’s a special power that is exclusive for purim only. That is “kol haposhet yad nosnim lo” ” whoever extends their hand you are supposed to give” this is reffering to tzedaka. However chazal have taught us that there’s a higher meaning too. On purim whoever asks from Hashem, is given his request. A gadol once said that, its interesting that on the day that has this power of kol haposhet we also have a mitzva to get drunk and that’s because there has to a protection for this power, people get drunk and forget to ask.

    So this purim whether ur drunk or running around giving out mishloach manos or matanos la’evyonim, don’t forget to daven for all that you need and want and nothing is too trivial to ask for.

    Daven,Daven and Daven some more!! And just like in the story of purim it seemed like all odds were against us and Hashem sent us a yeshua, we can see personal and klal yeshuos just beacause we asked for it.

    May we all be zoche to use the day well, and may Hashem answer our tefillos and give us health happiness and success in all that we do.

    Says me- if when ur davening for yourslef you hear a voice say “you need this? Says who? Just says Says me.


    Thank you SaysMe, MP. After a hard night today is better B”H.

    SaysMe, sorry you had a hard night. Sending a bunch of hugs your way. I hope Purim is the beginning of Simcha and Bracha in everything! Hang in there 🙂

    Wishing everyone a freilechen Purim and hoping that it bring all the Yeshuos needed, in every area.


    Think first

    Hduijkbvjk bfjekbd dksijbdvhjejhbdv dnjuiejhbgjd djuijhjnbvfkppoiuytyujbvd hjbhjksytryujhfduhgueijh djhuihbduwnjkdjfheiwytrtyuxjbhjd ejiodjuyidjhgui dsui

    -Drink First


    think first- amen! and thanks for the smile i got :). I wanted to tell you you are an eloquent speaker/writer, but after your purim post….? 😀

    A Freilichen Purim to all, and may Hashem answer all your tefillos l’tova!


    I felt so cold,

    on this purim morning,

    everyone was partying,

    in jewelry adorning.

    I felt so alone,

    as I listened to the tune,

    of the megilla resounding,

    at a time so opportune.

    So I silently pleaded,

    thought in my own prayer,

    and hoped hashem accepted,

    to spoken didn’t compare.

    Hashem I raise my voice up,

    turn my face towards heaven,

    beg for your redemption,

    break through the skies of seven.

    Don’t ignore my plea,

    don’t turn my cries away,

    listen to my tears,

    on this special prayers day


    Those cruel words,

    Those snobby looks

    Do you know what they do?

    They extinguish the fire in my soul,

    They gnaw at my ruined heart,

    They scorch my once-had confidence,

    They wash away my forgotten smile,

    They tear apart my tumultuous mind,

    They entrench my inner vibrance,

    The fade away my youthful innocence,

    Of the days once before,

    Of the times when I was free,

    Of my years of my bliss,

    Of my moments of normality,

    And now my skeleton remains,

    Bones left cold and barren,

    Being crushed by every move,

    Trampled on by cruelty,

    And nobody seems to care.


    with such a heartfelt, beautiful tefillah and poem, so clearly emanating from a place deep inside that resounds with ur inner kedushah, i know you have much more left than a skeleton. Your neshoma shines so brightly, waiting to beak through and brighten ur world in a way that u will see. Though words and looks may dim ur light, you immediately grow and shine ever brighter than before. You will come out so much greater than u imagined u would be, and will be able to illuminate others lives with ur sensitivity, care, and understanding. A freilichen purim and may Hashem answer your tefillos l’tovah, bimheira!!


    blabla, may G-d answer your heartfelt prayer on this special day. SaysMe’s reply is absolutely beautiful. Please know that you are not alone on this day, we are all with you in spirit, and care about you very much. I actually had a very rough day today, physically and emotionally, but I am thankful that I came out of it okay, and I know that it was for the best.

    Hope that everyone had an inspiring Purim, and wishing everyone a great shabbos.

    Think first

    Gave mishloach manos to a couple of friends

    Matanos la’aniim to those who can’t meet ends

    Collected a few hundred for the needy and poor

    The purim avoda was is full roar

    Was looking forward to be makayaim

    Ad di lo yada on whisky or yayin

    Then the phone rings so and so is in the emergency room

    Can you stay with them can you be there soon

    Sure I’m coming right over I can stay with them

    This was my personal mitzvah sent from Hashem

    Well let’s take a look and what getting drunk is all about

    Is it running around with a yell and a shout

    Not at all, its taking control away from the guf and being all Neshama

    And that’s how we connect straight to Rachmana

    Well this year it was different sober I was but not torn

    Giving myself away for another in the highest form

    I hope you all had a great purim this year will be great

    And I gotta go to sleep cuz its getting late

    A freilichin Shushan purim to all my Poetry friends!



    RedNails – hope you’re okay!!!

    Shticky Guy, cute song!

    Kapusta!!! 🙁 ;( How are you today?? Hope it’s still “better”!

    T/Drink First, lol to your akdjfahdfadnfl ! yup, like saysme and the rest say, you write so nicely!

    Blabla, i third saysme post… you can do this, you can get out of here, this time too will pass! Keep holding on, keep hoping, this time of year is so appropriate to hope, first purim, and now coming up to pesach (!!!). Did you ever learn that the hasboas that happened than come down every year again? Because time is like a circle, so every year we tap into those same attributes that G-d send than. Keep hoping for a better tomorrow!!!! You’re a wonderful person because you’re created in the image of G-d Himself!!!!

    Middlepath!! I’m sorry you had a rough day ;( are you feeling any better today? Very impressed how you’re taking it so positively.

    SaysMe – how are you, how was purim????? Been thinking / praying for you!!!!!!


    Kapusta and PE- thanks!!

    i not much of a poet- i usually write random stuff and i usually makes people laugh…


    aright- here goes one very embarrassing one-

    you can close your eyes and ears if you dont wanna be traumatized by a bad poet

    When your feeling low ,

    lower than the floor.

    And you feel like you ain’t got a chance.

    Don’t make a move till your in the groove.

    And do the Peter Panda dance.

    Just hop 3 times like a kangeroo.

    Side step twice just like those crabs do.

    3 Steps forward, one step back.

    Quick like a turtle lie on your back.

    Roll like a log till you can’t roll no more.

    Better jump quick like there ain’t no floor. …

    Hold your breath and jump to the left.

    And that’s the Peter,

    I swear that’s the Peter.

    Thats the Peter Panda Dance.

    —…i didnt make that up-

    although i wish i did!

    Good Shabbos all!!


    Think First- Yasher koach!

    MiddlePath- hope ur okay and that today was better. I’m sorry your Purim had a hard twist in it :(.

    PE- thanks for that. my purim b”H actually turned out very well considering my expectations! Started out with me rushed, but a quiet day, then later i went delivering and enjoyed myself a lot. Later on i went to visit someone and the geshmak there really uplifted me a lot, and i truly felt myself hit simcha on Purim. I even saw myself more resilient and calm to negative parts afterwards, able to deflect them more. I am so so thankful that Hashem gave me this chance to reconnect with myself and in tefilla, in this long dark stretch. IY”H it sshould be the first step back in the right direction. Thank you all for your support, especially this week. I couldn’t have gotten there without each of you! Have a great shabbos!


    Think first, that is a lovely poem, and that is a wonderful thing you did. May it be a merit for you to have success in whatever you do.

    RedNails, glad to see you here! Very cute poem, even if it’s not your own.

    PE, SaysMe, thanks for the support. I had a very difficult shabbos, unfortunately. Loneliness can be a hard thing to deal with sometimes. I hope this week will be better.

    SaysMe, that’s so terrific you felt true happiness on Purim, and the positive outlook you have about it is inspiring. May that happiness and calmness you felt carry over to the rest of the year, as well, and may your prayers all be answered for the best.

    blabla, kapusta, hope your Purims were both nice.


    Think first-


    PE, MP, thanks so much for asking. It was a hard week but I hope Be’H I’m on steadier ground now.

    RedNails, lol. And one person here who would love to see your writing.

    SaysMe, it’s great to hear that! I hope things continue to get better. (And your earlier post was amazing!)

    MP, lots of Hatzlacha with everything. I hope things get better soon.

    blabla, hang in there! *hug*



    there went the last bit of that happiness and resilience. That didn’t last as long as i hoped… And out w a bang-or a pool of tears at least 🙁

    Think first

    Says me- I feel for you, I hope ur day gets happier and mucj better.






    Rednails, that’s cute, thanks for sharing!!!!

    Middlepath, SaysMe, Kapusta, Blabla etc, there’s so much pain recently here, and this is for all of us!!

    Everybody goes through times,

    When the light is not clear,

    Fazed, or not seen at all,

    Better times seem not near.

    The hurt and pain lie heavy,

    The cloud, a confused haze.

    Direction, there may not be,

    Perhaps losing a mind to craze.

    Emotions may be twirling around,

    Its depth too deep to feel,

    Too many, and all at once,

    Wonder…will it ever heal?

    Each person, with no exception,

    Goes through times of doubt,

    Of trail, of struggle, of hurt,

    A battle to be fought out.

    And at times like these,

    There’s one thing to cope,

    Till this time will pass,


    Tomorrow just may be better,

    Hold on, don’t ever let go,

    You can get past this time,

    For G-d is running the show.

    Try to have some faith in G-d,

    And in the faith he has in you,

    He can turn the tide in a sec,

    And believes in what you can do.

    “Modeh Ani” we say each morning,

    Reminding of his faith each day,

    So please hold on to the hope,

    (And yes, don’t forget to pray!)

    It’s a wonderful gift from G-d,

    That things can come our way,

    Just by hoping and holding on,

    …Tomorrow may be a better day.


    Wow, that was really something. Thank you for the encouraging reminder PE. And 🙂 for bringing it back in rhyme.


    PE, that was amazing!!



    kapusta, thanks so much.

    PE, thanks so much for that beautiful poem, it was really helpful.

    I just typed this up, hope it doesn’t come across as too depressing:

    With pesach coming up

    my heart sinks yet again

    knowing what’s in store for me

    knowing exactly when

    Cleaning doesn’t bother me

    shopping is fine, too

    even though I barely have time

    with all my school work to do

    When the family comes to town

    each sibling with a spouse

    I find myself with no one else

    I feel alone in the house

    I set the table, and clean it up

    smiling all the way

    but the smile is a mask

    true feelings it doesn’t convey

    it’s an automatic reply

    then I find myself on my own

    and that is when I cry

    I know this occurs to many

    I’m not the only one

    but when family is all one’s got

    then there’s no where else to run

    You may all think I’m so strong

    giving support and care

    but I’m struggling just like anyone

    and I find it difficult to bear

    But even when my family

    makes me feel alone

    I can always come to this thread

    and feel right at home

    You are all my family

    You’re on my mind so much

    I’m thankful that I have you all

    my heart you all do touch



    Lips whispering,

    the candle flickering,

    the kever standing still,




    eyebrows furrowed in concentration,

    I stood and davened,

    prayer emanating,

    my heart opened,

    warmth overtaking me,

    as I felt hashem’s shchina,

    I prayed for emunah,

    I prayed for bitachon,

    I prayed for closeness to my creator.

    And then the miracle came.

    In one night i felt his love,

    in one night I felt the heartwarming feeling of my creator caring,

    I sensed his presence in me,

    it inspired me,

    to daven more,

    to pull forth,

    to keep praying,

    cuz there WILL be a light at the end of the tunnel

    Think first

    PE- how encouraging! And beautifuly written. When we realize that “its normal and part of life” we can get through it. Tx

    MP- I’m feel ur pain, and I hope u find ur zivug soon. I pray for you and you pray for me, deal? Oh about the names? Hashem knows who MP and Think First are. MP I’m so happy to see that we mean so much to you, I thinks its because you give so much to us….

    Blabla- this poem really touched me and I’m excited that ur feeling this from ur creator. Remember, its always there, just harder to feel sometimes.

    (State exam tomorrow, why am I still up? Family first I guess)



    How was your Purim at the end?

    Just checking in..

    Think first

    Congratulations!! I passed my exam! Thank you Hashem.


    nomtw- scroll up, i posted after purim :). Thanks so much for asking. Itturned out really nice in the end though it had a slow, late start. If i’m still here next yr, i wanna go visit that someone earlier and longer to get that geshmak for longer. How was yours???

    Rednails-welcome :)!

    MP-i’m sorry for your pain :(. And i hope you find your zivug very soon! (btw, i DO know a lot of girls……) If there’s one thing i’ve been trying to intenalize this yr, its that worrying about things before they happen only adds to the dread/hurt. Its unproductive and just gets me stuck on something longer, and often on something that might not be as bad as i think, or my worrying can even make it worse sometimes…. I’m working on approaching things positively and hoping for the best. Or at least pushing off worrying til it gets close!

    Think first- hazlacha rabba!!

    Blabla- yay!! B”H!! I’m so glad you connected! And i’m yearning for the days i’ll feel that again too. And for more than an hour. I hope that feeling will last for you,and continue only to get stronger! Hold on to that hope and warmth!!

    Kapusta- how are you?? :-/…

    Think first

    A sense of family somehow feeling close

    To people you’ve “written to” at most

    A poem here a hello there

    This thread has made me aware

    Of the greatness of the human spirit

    That’s larger than we think

    How it connects to another

    With an invisible link

    Showing support and caring

    Is by far the greatest thing one can do for a friend

    Yes simply allowing them to vent to you

    With an ear that you’ll lend

    So for those of you that have spouces try it out

    That’s what love is really all about

    You’re marriage will blossom like it never has before

    Ur spouces face will shine bright when you walk through the door

    And for us that are still on the search for that special one

    From the poetry thread, better future spouces we’ve become

    When u find him or her,show support and care for them

    You’ll never write a non-possitive poem ever again

    I wish for all of us the best of the best and may we live life full of zest.

    Thank you to all you guys, I really feel that I’ve become a better person from this thread. I can’t believe it.


    Wow, this thread was busy today!

    MP, that poem was so well done. I hope IY”H soon the right (and very lucky!) one comes along.

    Think first, same to you. Mazal tov on the exam and the poem was great!

    blabla, that was amazing!

    SaysMe, thanks for asking. A lot going on but I’m trying to focus on the good stuff (three really good/big things between yesterday and today). And sooo much better than last week B”H. Hows everything by you?

    Syag, you still around?



    Hey, thanks for your replies on my post!! Appreciated 😉

    MiddlePath – i’m so sorry!!! i really hope it all gets easier for you. Yup, thinkin’ of you!!

    Blabla, i’m so happy to see your poem, keep going!! It’s kind of you to share with us your good times too !!!

    Think First – amein!!!!!! And may it be quick, for all of us!!!!

    NoOneMournsTheWicked – hi ;)!

    SaysMe, how are you?! Good point you mention about not dwelling on things that we fear ….


    blabla, that’s so beautiful! I’m so glad you reached that point in your prayers, keep it up, and things will continue to get better!

    Think first, thanks so much, that means a lot. And yes, I will definitely pray for you. Your poem was so beautiful. It’s so great to hear how this thread has helped you become a better person.

    SaysMe, thanks so much. You are definitely right, it isn’t healthy to worry or dread things too much before they ever happen. That would just make it worse. We should try to stay positive while we can, and whatever happens, happens. Thanks for the help.

    kapusta and PE, thanks so much.


    Hi everybody. I just need to tell you each and every one of your posts are amazing. For so many reasons. If only I could rhyme..


    s2021, I know the feeling! Welcome back 🙂

    MP, on the subject, if you don’t mind (and I understand if you prefer not) could you just give a little description of yourself and what you’re looking for? Thanks.



    the rain is falling steadily

    it drums a constant beat

    keeping time with my teardops

    of feelings of defeat

    my heart it pounding loudly

    echoing in my ears

    as violent shivers rack my body

    hoping noone hears

    my sobs or moans of sadness

    my cries for help, for love

    to feel connected to my Father

    and His watching from above

    the loneliness envelopes me

    apart from G-d and man

    long to feel anothers care

    a hug, a squeeze, a hand

    oh what would i give

    for a shoulder to cry on

    someone to hush me, crush me

    in embrace, to point out dawn

    to give me empathy,

    then show me there is light

    to have the time to talk to me

    when i feel down at night.

    For me to GIVE to, care about

    we’d both vent to the other

    to be supportive when i can

    a friend closer than brother

    to share my day, to hear of yours

    to problem solve together

    encourage, uplift, motivate

    a connection for forever

    i want a friend, but even more

    to be a friend, connect

    i want better relationships

    work and try to perfect

    i want to once more to feel

    the warmth of His embrace

    to daven and feel connection

    not ashamed to lift my face

    i want to grow and rise

    to mend and fix my ways

    i want the help, the gentle push

    to burst forth in heartfelt praise

    i want the void i feel or make

    of relationships weak or lacking

    to reignite, burst forth in warmth

    send cold depression packing

    Shticky Guy

    This is post #1000 from what I can see

    So I share this milestone with everybody

    But I think this thread it needs a new name

    This will change it a lot, which is a great shame

    For though on this thread the poetry is the best

    But it has been of late just of people depressed

    So please can we change it to one full of cheer

    Which is the main reason why people come here

    Is is easier to express one’s feelings in verse

    But reading your stories made me very terse

    So please post some poetry that is complete

    With amusing anecdotes and something upbeat

    For otherwise this thread it should be called

    ‘Att DEPRESSED People’ so lets get it overhauled

    With poems of simcha or of the world situation

    And not just somewhere to vent your frustration

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