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    Think first

    A post here so I can go one page back to see mp’s wisdom.


    Think first, I really wouldn’t consider my posts “wisdom”. But thank you. Also, there is a way to see the previous page: At the end of the URL, where it says right now “page/22”, erase “22” and type in “21”, and click. That will take you to the previous page.

    Think first

    MP- kool! Thanks.



    “No One Mourns, that’s great you’re in the home stretch! I’ve still got at least another year and a half.”

    There’s graduate school looming in the fall lol.


    Think first, no problem.

    No One Mourns, wishing you continued success in your schooling. Take it one step at a time! How many years is your grad program?

    Hope everyone else here is doing alright..PE, blabla, kapusta, SaysMe.


    That was such a hard time

    And a very hard task

    And she bentched me for koach

    Until it would pass

    And Hashem gave me strength

    When she walked through the door

    And I davened for her

    Like never before

    With my tears freely streaming

    Soaking tehillim and dress

    My emotions so raw

    Clear to all to impress

    The difficult feelings

    I was going through

    As she walked down the aisle

    To a life fresh and new

    I poured out my soul

    To our Father above

    To remove my sadness

    Make me only feel love

    To rejoice in her simcha

    With a full, complete heart

    To dance and to show her

    But was so overjoyed

    And wishing her the best

    With her chosson, her husband

    In building their nest

    I hoped she could see

    My happiness inside

    Behind the wet tears

    That I could not hide

    Her brocha to me

    Touched me deep and hit hard

    She knows just what I need

    Where I have been scarred

    And I cried as I pleaded

    That her tefilla be heard

    For a kallah so pure

    Has koach in her word

    And I hope that my thoughts

    Could reach out to touch her

    With the feelings they stir


    SaysMe, what a heartfelt poem. It must have been a real battle of emotions, and it is so sensitive of you to try to bring out your happiness for your friend on her big day. That is so special. May G-d fulfill her blessings to you, and may your prayers for her be fulfilled as well.


    omein! Thank you. It is an ongoing battle of emotions, but we’re trying one minute at a time…

    Shticky Guy

    Sensational talent being shown here. These poems are oustanding!

    Thanks to middlepath, the goq, princesseagle etc for your compliments – I havent checked this thread for a while.

    Saysme your posts are amazing. I can see why you and others express yourselves in poetry. And thanks for the happy poem you wrote!!

    Lets cheer things up a little with a Pesach poem:


    In order for this questionnaire

    To work the way it should,

    You must be very honest

    As I know you would.

    Go through the questions-

    One, two and three,

    Think each one through

    Very thoroughly.

    1. How many times

    In the past year

    Have you served supper

    In the chandelier?

    An easy task

    Seating the whole family

    On the fixture all around

    Making sure that place up there

    For every kid was found.

    The serving must have also been

    Not an easy feat;

    Getting portions up on top

    For every child to eat.

    In the end, when all was done

    So now for Pesach you must start

    Scrubbing your chandelier!


    2. How often have you served

    Your guests some food and drink

    In the mirrored cupboard

    Above your bathroom sink?

    It must have been embarrassing

    Trying to fit in,

    Especially if the guest you had

    Were not really that thin!

    In the end, I hope they liked

    Your hosting, nonetheless,

    But now you found the leftovers

    And must clean up the mess.


    3. Just several weeks ago

    Did you have an urgent feeling

    To serve the Seuda on Purim

    Upon the kitchen ceiling?

    You must have used electric tape

    Or maybe crazy glue

    For everything to stick up there,

    A real venahapoch hu!

    In the end you all jumped down

    And the ceiling you must clean!

    If you have answered ‘yes’

    To any of these three,

    Then go ahead and puff and pant

    And be as busy as you can be!

    But if you answered negative

    Then stop fooling around,

    And look for chametz only

    Where it really can be found!!!




    Shticky Guy, no problem. And wow, I loved your poem! It was definitely a good, humorous read. Thanks for posting!


    sg- 😀 that was really great! I gotta read that out at supper one night! Thanks for the pesach cheer


    sg- 😀 that was really great! I got

    Think first

    Wishing all my poetry friedns a good shabbos and, hatzlacha on the mega million tonight.


    hey everyone! im a big fan of this thread and i read it all the time (i dont really post often). i was just curious, have any of you ever thought of getting some of your poems published? has anyone already got theirs published? im sure you can make some money off it! you should really look into it!! enjoy!


    hey everyone! im a big fan of this thread and i read it all the time (i dont really post often). i was just curious, have any of you ever thought of getting some of your poems published? has anyone already got theirs published? im sure you can make some money off it! you should really look into it!! enjoy!

    Think first

    2facer- Glad we the peotry can offer u entertainment, any specific poems u really enjoyed?

    Personally, I never published any or thought of it.

    write or wrong

    Liked your poem Shticky Guy!

    Here’s a poem I wrote that should be sung to “I’ve been working on the Railroad”:

    I’ve been cleaning up the kitchen, all the live long day.

    I’ve been getting rid of chometz, Pesach’s just a week away.

    Can’t you hear your conscience saying,

    “Rise up so early in the ‘morn,

    Clean the closets and the bedroom, start again at dawn”.

    Don’t forget to look!

    Shake out every book,

    Careful when you cook and e-e-eat!

    Soon you will be done,

    Seder night will come

    Then you’ll sit and rest your feet.

    Someone’s in the kitchen with chometz….

    Someone’s in the kitchen I know-ow-ow-ow.

    Quickly get the broom and the dust pan

    And tell them that it’s no, no, no!!


    Shticky- a belated thank you for the compliment. Its a special, different way of expression for me… when it comes.

    write or wrong- Welcome! and thumbs up on your song! 😀

    Think first

    Can’t fall asleep, what do I do

    Should I get a drink or something to chew

    My mind is wandering in many a different way

    But awake it seems to stay

    I’ve been sitting at the beach with a beautiful sunset

    I was handeling with a client and his goals I’ve met

    I was skiing the alps how mighty indeed

    But sleep is really what I need

    I see myself at the seder one week in advance

    I’m reading a book my memory to enhance

    I was coversing with people I don’t know

    Its almost 4 am, OH NO!

    Come on just close ur eyes

    And whisper to the conscious world my good byes

    But I’m still awake and shouldn’t be

    Tomorrow is nearing its almost Mondee

    Maybe I should just close my eyes

    And pretend to be sleeping like a disguise

    I did that already for quite some time

    In a few hours my clock will chime!


    I got it, better planning is what I have to start

    Wake up earlier Sunday morning would habe been smart

    I would have been tired by now

    O Holy Cow!

    Oh I’m getting drowsy yippie





    hope you slept well and woke up refreshed!


    write or wrong, welcome! And nice song!

    Think first, hope you got some sleep and are feeling good now!

    SaysMe, how are things going?

    blabla, kapusta, PE, No One Mourns, hope you’re all alright.


    sighhhhhhhhh, I miss my friend. I really needed that phone call last night, but alas…silence.

    I SHOULD be studying, but I’m short on sleep and patience, so i’m here entertaining my unclear mind :).

    Can’t wait for the school year to end. Whoever decided there can be finals on chol hamoed should try experiencing Pesach with guests and then he can have a say :P. I’m so gonna be stressed out majorly tonight and on, but I guess that’s whaat happens with Pesach, guests, finals, and a birth in the family coinciding! Can’t wait for summer vacation! (If i have one….)

    How are you, MP? Hatzlocha to you and NOMTW on your finals, if they’re nowish. NOMTW how’s life? Pesach plans? Home?

    PE, long time, no post 🙂

    blabla- where are you? its been too long… No vacation yet?

    kapusta- busy with pesach cleaning?? how are you doing?

    goq, s2021, puppy- you are invited to post again!!

    And in case you or I don’t come on after, wishing all an amazing, uplifting, reconnecting, inspiring, happy, enjoyable Pesach!

    Think first

    Oh yes slept great! Thanks guys.


    MP, SaysMe, thanks for the shout out(s). I’ve mostly been lurking lately but everything is good, B”H. Hope everyone else is also doing well.

    Wishing everyone Hatzlacha with the pre-Pesach stuff.



    SaysMe, thanks so much. Finals aren’t for another few weeks.

    Think first, glad you slept great. Have an easier night tonight!

    kapusta, glad things are going well for you. Good luck with the pre-Pesach stuff to you as well.


    Sometimes my efforts remain in vain.

    Sometimes people view me with disdain.

    Sometimes the pain seems too hard to endure.

    Sometimes I need someone here to assure.

    Sometimes life seems discouragingly daunting.

    Sometimes harsh memories come back haunting.

    Sometimes I want to give up and relinquish.

    Sometimes bad and good so hard to distinguish.

    Sometimes the choices we make are mistakes.

    Sometimes life’s too fast-we hit the breaks.

    Sometimes life passes seemingly senseless.

    Sometimes people are alone and defenseless.

    Life’s painful we know, there are struggles along,

    But one day I’ll have survived, been so strong.

    Hard hard day today 🙁


    blabla i’m so sorry. I hope that your week ends on a higher note than today. i’ll be thinking of you.

    Pesach is a time of geulah, yeshuah and freedom. Seder night or pick a day of pesach, try to capture the inspiration. Focus on Dayeinu- from the lowest madreiga, Hashem did more and more chessed and brought us up so high. From complete devastation and hopelessness we were lifted. Believe in it. Dont let any negative thoughts in, not during that time. Deflect the taunts and sadness, drown out the whispers, say no, not now! for this little while, i’m going to try to only be positive. Act it, but dont tell yourself its an act. walk around with a smile, hum to yourself, and for that hour, night, day, ignore any sadness or negativity. And hopefully that little time will stretch further and your Pesach will be a bit more than it was.

    as an aside that was the most amazing, powerful, flowing poem with such a positive twist that I can remember with my short term memory you writing! Recognizing the struggles, but that they’re only sometimes, and things are hard, discouraging, but not impossible, and the belief you will overcome.

    you are an amazing person, and you will pass this too. I believe in you. wishing you an uplifting Pesach will more smiles than not! Be strong!!


    blabla, I’m sorry you had a hard day. Your poem is beautifully written. SaysMe’s words of encouragement are really lovely. I just would like to point out that you began each phrase with the word “Sometimes”. I think that shows that these seemingly negative and unfortunate things do happen sometimes. But, there are other times when we see hope, happiness, and positiveness, and we should try our best to hang on to those times the most, and hope that those times can make the negative times less stressful and less hurtful. Wishing you a better day today, and know that we all believe in you, and are thinking of you.


    well i like writing poetry but i LOVE parodizing

    Think first

    Menucha12- I noticed that from ur comment on the pizza thread. Well, this thread thrives on genuine appreciation for poetry and for one another, ur welcome to try it out and see if you can uncover the appreciative side of you.


    Hey!!! How are you all doing??? I haven’t read everything in too great detail…

    blabla, once again, i’m so impressed and truly glad to see how you seem to have matured so much since we’ve first “met” you here!!! And once again, you write so well 😉

    2facer, send ’em in!

    SaysMe!!!!! How are you?? You expressed the wedding beautifully! Nice thoughts regarding seder…thanks for that!

    MiddlePath, thanks for the shout.

    Shticky Guy – you live up to your username 😉

    ThinkFirst, lol, although it can be so frustrating to lie awake in bed!!!!! Plug in music perhaps? And yeah, get up earlier (or to bed later)

    write or wrong – cute!!

    Menucha 12 – the compliments are waiting ..

    Happy Cleaning!!!

    Think first

    PrincessEagle- we always appreciate you coming by and saying hi.


    to think first:

    Personally, I never published any or thought of it.

    Of course you have.

    do you really think posting here is not publishing?

    good luck to you and your poetry.

    and may all posters on all threads realize that what they post

    is being published.


    Just wanted to peek in here and wish all you wonderful people a chag sameach!

    May this be the last pesach that anyone feels any pain or confusion. Yomim Tovim are a hard time for us singles so let’s try and keep strong..

    Saysme: I’ll be going out’ve state for the chag. Hopefully there will be no repeats of Purim (loooong story) & yes finals are approaching, Good Luck MP too!!

    MP: The Masters is 2 years, but I’m still debating whether I’m brave enough to pursue a doctorate.


    nomtw- amein! And i hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing pesach!!


    Thanks, No One Mourns. Wishing you success in whatever you decide to do.

    Hope you all have an enjoyable, inspiring chag.


    just wanted to send special greetings your way blabla: wishing you a chag kasher v’sameiach, an enjoyable, relaxed, happy, amazing pesach full of only easy, sunny days! Keep strong and keep smiling!

    Think first

    To all my poetry friedns:

    Middle path,saysme,kapusta,our favorite blabla,kapusata,puppy,NOMTW,Princesseagle,s2021,write or wrong,2facer,shtiky guy,the Goq,batseven,just_me-

    Have a wonderful Yom Tov!

    (Sorry if I missed you, I put down anyone from the last two pages)


    The Puppet

    Merely a puppet, that’s all you are

    in the hands of the puppeteer.

    He is mysterious, he is evil;

    it’s him that you must fear.

    For quietly he’s whispering,

    he’s bossing you around,

    silently manipulating you each day

    until the day you reach the ground.

    A slick and subtle presence,

    his will overcomes your own.

    He started off small but over time

    you’ve surrendered and he’s grown.

    He is always silently lurking

    waiting for your fall and your plunder…

    his cheer when you finally do fail,

    an overwhelming, silent thunder.

    Each time you cave he gets bigger

    and even bigger than before

    until finally he’s just so big

    that you can’t fight him anymore.

    Your hands are not your hands

    they move despite your will

    they rise and fall without consent

    they move with precision, skill.

    In your mind you’re shrieking,

    “Stop! No! This isn’t what I want to do!”

    Yet still they lift, they move about

    regardless of whether you want them to.

    It feels terrible, you feel dirty.

    You know that it’s not really you…

    Or is it? That voice inside your head

    Sure sounds a lot like you do…

    Then it gets confusing.

    What’s the truth? What is real?

    But the voice inside is whispering…

    “Quit thinking, would you? Just sit back and feel.”

    And feel you do… not a thought in your head

    and boy, does it feel good…

    until it’s too late… it’s over…

    if you could undo it, you would.

    Because now you feel terrible.

    You know it was wrong.

    But you listened to that voice…

    got caught up in his song.

    Next time, you say, it’ll be different.

    Next time you’ll fight back…

    but then next time rolls around

    and it’s strength that you lack.

    Fighting back takes effort

    you must firmly say “NO!”

    take a stand, walk away

    rather than sit back, caught up in the show.

    Honestly… I’m still there now.

    So I can’t really advise…

    I do think the key though

    is simply to realize

    that no matter how entrenched you are

    in the bad, the physical,

    HE is not YOU

    For you are pure. You are spiritual.

    You are so much more.

    It’s up to you to overcome…

    or add lines to his tally

    of battles he’s won.

    Don’t be a number.

    Don’t be a statistic…

    Don’t let yourself fall

    in the hands of someone so sadistic.

    Rise up and cut the strings

    the knife’s right there in your hand

    it’s up to you my dear one…

    for it’s you alone who can.

    Think first

    Bly- great poem! Really great! Welcome aboard, we hope u stay. He does get ahold of us and we do things we don’t want to, but like you wrote “rise up and cut the strings, the knife is right there in your hand” we always have the ability to break free from his grip, always.



    lying their on the pillow,

    white lace flowering the arrangement,

    his light blue ribbon adorned outfit,

    sleeping softly,

    awaiting the moment,

    the crowd gathers,

    the mother stands there glowing,

    radiant with an exausted smile,

    the mohel takes the baby,

    gives a cut ever so slight,

    a burst of tears errupts from the newborn,

    the crowd smiles,

    congratulates the proud parents,

    the bris,

    their baby boy

    Too Cool

    This is not exactly like what everyone else posted but close enough. This is a song that I wrote in Camp Chaviva! To the tune of, “Be Proud That Your A Jew”.

    Listen well as I tell you a story

    Of a girl that is fatter than fat

    Every pound on the scale was gained by her mouth

    That is why this girl is so fat

    You and I are the girl that is heavy

    And together we link food with us

    And the more we eat

    The more we will expand

    As it protects us from being skinny and frail

    Be proud that you are fat

    The world looks up to that

    For your plumpness and you weight

    As you with stand every diet

    Being skinny is but a dream

    But remember just one thing

    It’s not your life it’s just your weight

    For generations our plumpness has survived

    With our diets to keep us alive

    And if we eat while we stand

    The more we will expand

    And serve ourselves with food

    Be proud that you are fat

    The world looks up to that

    For your plumpness and you weight

    As you with stand every diet

    Being skinny is but a dream

    But remember just one thing

    It’s not your life it’s just your weight

    Be proud that you are fat

    The world looks up to that

    Let’s repeat it so we mean it

    i am fat, you are fat, we are fat!

    Too Cool

    Is there anyone else out there that writes songs? If so I’d love to read them.


    The tears well within me,

    I moarn over what I’ve seen,

    I succumbed to the temptation,

    I now want to break the screen.

    Oh why did it work?

    why did you leave me here?

    with a laptop at my disposal,

    my cries you just don’t hear.

    I’m crying out for help,

    I want to stop this trash,

    watching grosser things than gross,

    myself I just abash.

    Shameful miserable things,

    enter a once pure mind,

    destroy its pure neshama,

    once blissful and refined.

    HELP Hashem please allow me to stop watching this stuff!

    Think first

    Too cool- welcome aboad the poetry wagon, where we strive to appreciate everyones talents which you def have.

    I’ve written some camp songs, if I can find them ill be glad to post them.

    write or wrong

    Blabla-you can stop if you want! Just go cold turkey, and fill the time you would have spent on the computer doing something else. Or you could make rules for yourself, like only using the computer when someone is in the room with you. You can do it!


    MODS-was that on purpose or mistake? Can you please not just ignore my post but email me a reply? Thanks

    It wasn’t me, but I’ll look at it. We are usually unable to respond to posts by email. Sorry.


    K thanks i just don’t wanna have to type up the entire thing again


    welcome too cool and bly! bly- i really like the puppet! so well written, message so true. too cool- the rhyme and flow of your piece is great! keep them coming!

    blabla- sry for the slow reply. i wasnt posting on chol hamoed. but i was reading. Wanted to compliment you on your bris poem! read it after i went to a bris and really captured the moment…

    As for the other one, I’m sorry you’re struggling with that. Been there, done that. and yet, as impossible as it seems, escapable! I wish i knew what or when it just clicked, but i dont. But keep fighting it! every cry and tefillah you send up, every regret you feel, every time you hold back for 1 minute, it all builds up your defense and makes you stronger against it. I feel for you, and know the pain of feeling like ur dirtying your neshama. But that’s what teshuva is all about- the special gift to erase like it was never ever there before… Thinking of you :(. Be strong! you can overcome!


    Hello all! Hope you had a great Pesach and are getting back into everyday life easily!

    blabla- how was the yomtov part of yomtov? was it enjoyable? How did it go?

    NOMTW- how was your out of town experience? 😀

    MP- how did it work out? Sorry again… Thinking abt you

    kapusta, PE, shticky, theGoq, think first, and all the rest- How was?? How are you?

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