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    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I am not sure that a girl needs 1 outstanding quality. Wouldn’t a bunch of awesome qualities be better? Don’t get nuts about the dating. Here’s what our insecure brains do to us: we go on a date with a boy and we want them to love us to prove our worth to ourselves. When he doesn’t want to go out again, we are sure that even though he doesn’t know us from beans, and even though we didn’t like him either, he should have loved us anyway. We must be worthless. And the joke is that if we don’t want to go out again, we can rationally say that it is not about HIM at all, it is about the match. Go figure.

    (If I make it sound ridiculous enough will it help us keep it in perspective?)


    Syag, you would think….but it’s the average ones that fall through the cracks bec most are average..(just my humble opinion)

    Hey MiddlePath, post anything good on soundcloud lately? Your other stuff is great!


    How is everyone’s fast going? Right now my headache is building….the last 6 hours are not gonna be fun..

    Think first

    Just wanted to plug project inspire here after seeing an amazing presentation this afternoon. We really can do so much by just saying hello.

    Anyone here saw it?


    hey everyone!

    tf-no, i didnt make it tho i really wanted to. Still hoping to watch it online though!

    nomtw- how was? how are you feeling? AND everyone else too!!

    luna- ur license joke gets a cornyyyyyyy label from me. i snorted out loud when i read it 🙂

    AND everyone else too!! How are you doing?


    Thanks, NOMTW. I haven’t posted anything new lately as I haven’t had time. But I will try to get back on it soon. I hope the end of your fast went ok and that you’re feeling alright now.

    So glad to see you back here, Think first. I’m sorry, I haven’t seen the presentation. I hope you are doing well.

    Hi, SaysMe, I’m feeling good, thanks! Hope you’re well.

    I’d like to share something that my mom told me over shabbos. Rashi says that by the episode of the meraglim, a major problem was the way the Jewish people gave their request to Moshe Rabeinu. They all clamored over one another, pushing their way up to Moshe Rabbeinu. The young ones pushed aside the older ones, and the older ones pushed aside the officers. There was a lack of kavod, a lack of respect, for one another. A lack of proper conduct, derech eretz. And the Kli Yakar says that this disrespect we still see today (meaning, in his time), and that is what caused us to be punished with the destruction of 2 temples. Because we didn’t have respect for others.

    And if in the Kli Yakar’s time, they didn’t have proper respect, imagine how much worse the situation is today. Young children and teens being disrespectful to their parents, young adults being disrespectful to older adults, older adults being disrespectful to the elderly. In our society, we applaud the newest, freshest piece of technology and discard the old without a thought, and that unfortunately creeps into our mindset regrading people too.





    It went great until my POST fast migraine kicked in..

    How bout you?

    Good timing on that post from your mom! I’ve just been placed as a student clinician at a rehab facility for geriatric adults. My first (ok first 20) thoughts was “ugh old folks”…

    Thank you for this fresh perspective on respecting my elders (who I’m pretty sure are 3-4 times my age to be precise)

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    NOMTW – Here’s some unsolicited info regarding a geriatric placement (I did one too with the same initial thoughts). (Adapted from Dr. Twerski, again) I don’t know if you do this but do you know how some people will get grumpy and distant before camp ends, or before leaving a situation in order to make the separation easier for themselves? Some older people do that too. They know they are leaving this world sooner than later, and they feel that leaving an unpleasant world will be easier than leaving a pleasant one so this is a defense mechanism they have in place.

    It helped me thru some tough clients, hope it helps.


    Checking in to say hi 🙂



    The morning was quiet, the air clear and still

    A great day to sleep late in the winter chill

    Sometimes it steps softly, in shoes made of felt

    Or loud crashing brass boots, held with a steel belt

    All they do is march on, all day and all night

    Each footstep is even and perfectly timed

    The same distance travelled for each hour chimed

    Billions of marchers, each stepping in sync,

    Not stopping to rest, not pausing to drink

    But none can speed up and none can go slow

    Each marcher steps off our allotment of time

    Though tempted to sleep on, I quit my sweet slumber

    Before the soft footsteps were booming like thunder

    We age with its passage, no shame and no crime

    Some change their appearance, look younger by far

    Splashing some new paint on the same old car

    Whether time is spent wisely or frittered away

    Tomorrow will come, and it may look the same

    But before we know it, the decades have passed

    Our long march begins at the moment of birth

    march, march, march

    March, March, March



    Luna Lovegood

    ICOT- very nice

    we stood together one heart, one soul

    each person shared a common goal

    we stood together in achdus, in unity

    we stood together in friendship and camaraderie

    united we stand now and forever

    in a sacred bond that shall never severe

    chasiddish, litvish it did’t matter

    baseball cap or black hatter

    we all share one father up above

    and each of us He does truly love

    I was so inspired at the siyum hashas yesterday. 90,000 people stood together (and danced together) in complete unity. It was amazing! One of the speakers said that the Daf Yomi made us brothers and I thought that the statement couldn’t be more true.


    Luna Lovegood

    Thank you.

    I enjoyed yours about an event that gave chizuk to hundreds of thousands of people, whether they personally attended or not.

    Syag Lchochma-





    Too Cool-

    Think first-

    Song of Blessing-


    No One Mourns The Wicked-



    ICOT: Seems like ever since the incident with the short circuit, you’re avoiding me li<<ZZZAP>>



    The only folks who I avoid

    Your efforts have all been umzist

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    ICOT – That was great! Ever since losing both parents I have had such a different outlook on my mortality and my time in this Olam HaSheker. It is amazing how having these lenses has given me the ability to see things as more valuable and to thank Hashem for every bit of time I have to do things, be with people and try so hard to do what He wants from me. It is almost as if seeing an “end” (though not ch”v soon) helps me persist thru the tough spots, knowing they are just “temporary”. You have a real wisdom and heart that is not common enough and I appreciate that which you share with us.


    NOMTW, sorry I didn’t get back to you till now. My fast was good, thanks. So glad that the piece from my mom can help with that! How are things going?

    Hi, kapusta! How are you?

    ICOT, really great poem. It shows how all too often we can get swept away with living our lives without any thought of how to get the most purpose and meaning out of it. We are only here for a certain amount of time, and since we know it is meant to be a preparation for the next world, we’d do well to prepare by living with meaning. Thanks for posting!

    Hi Luna, glad you were inspired. Hope you’re doing well.

    Syag, I agree with you on that outlook. I’d just like to add that since we know this is a “temporary” world, and a preparation for the next world, going through difficulties now will certainly help us appreciate the serenity of the next world even more.

    I’m in the process of making a new song, hope to put it up soon!


    Syag Lchochma-



    Thank you, too.

    I hope you’re doing well – good luck with your new song.


    Thanks, ICOT. I’m doing alright, hope you are too.

    I finished my new song! Just put it on Soundcloud. It’s called “Inner Peace”, and it’s an instrumental. Hope you all enjoy.

    Bar Shattya

    Three dead mice,

    three dead mice.

    See how they dead,

    see how they dead.

    See how they don’t breathe no more,

    see them helpless on the floor,

    you think they sleeping but they don’t snore,

    three dead mice!


    Oh dear lord.


    OOM thinks BS should have posted that here:


    Bar Shattya and popa on the Poetry thread…the apocalypse must be at hand…



    Shopping613 🌠

    Lol, BS but that did make me feel a little better well except that I’m too afraid to kill the dumb bug…..

    Bar Shattya

    It may be noted that this poem was mostly written after i killed a couple mice but i dont think i had the entire thing until after i killed the third



    MP- i think i just got a new favorite from your songs. I really like it! nice job and keep ’em up


    Did you notice that everybody reads this thread but never posted till bar Shattya did?


    Lol so true.


    I’ll read any thread that has BS listed as the last post.


    Sorry Popa that didn’t rhyme.



    “I finished my new song! Just put it on Soundcloud. It’s called “Inner Peace”, and it’s an instrumental. Hope you all enjoy.”

    Love it! Is that electric guitar with some bass I hear? Has this song brought you any peace/closure? How you feeling about that?

    Keeping you all in my thoughts, enjoy the last few lazy days of summer 🙂

    (Cannot believe school is starting up again lol)


    Thanks, SaysMe and NOMTW. Yep, that’s electric guitar and bass. Composing this song has definitely helped with easing stress that I’ve been dealing with. Thank G-d I’m doing much better. Hope you’re doing alright and are enjoying the end of your break, and good luck with the start of the new semester.

    Think first

    Just wanted to let my poetry friends know that I got engaged, mazal tov! I wish all of you the same if your still looking for that special mate and to those who have found him/her may you be happy with one another forever.

    Luna Lovegood

    Think first-MAZAL TOV!!!!!


    Think first, mazal tov! That is amazing news, thanks for letting us know! I hope she knows what a special guy she is getting. Wishing the both of you much happiness together.

    Hope everyone is doing alright.


    mazel tov think first!! And amein! May you build a bayis neeman b’yisroel, with brocha and simcha!


    Think first-

    Mazel tov!

    (sorry if I got the choson/kalah wrong on the “Mazel Tov” thread – it wouldn’t be the first time 😛 )


    I’d like to share something I thought of, though it isn’t poetry.

    I once posted a small essay about how having faith is related to being a positive person. Here’s the link to it:

    I’d like to add to that, and say that raising our level of faith also helps make us less selfish, and more perceptive of other people. How does it do that?

    Well, by having faith, we are essentially focusing on a “bigger picture” than what we actually see in reality. We are letting ourselves acknowledge that there is “more to the story”, and that goodness will prevail, even though things may seem bad. So we are making ourselves more accustomed to understanding that what we see now, in front of us, is not necessarily an accurate representation of what is actually meant to be, through G-d’s plan.

    Now, let’s take a look at what being selfish means. Being selfish means looking only at ourselves, our needs, and not seeing outside of that. Refusing to think that others may come before us, or deserve something more than us. Essentially, the mindset of a selfish person is the opposite of the mindset of a person who has faith. Because having faith allows us to look beyond our current situation, and see the bigger picture. Likewise, someone who is UNselfish looks beyond themselves, and sees the needs of other people, and has a more accurate understanding of the bigger picture. So, the two work together, and use the same basic principle of seeing beyond that which is directly pertaining to us in our current situation.

    So, with this understanding, I think it is safe to assume that if someone wants to achieve a higher level of faith, he can start by working on becoming more attuned to other people’s needs, and less selfish. Because that will get him used to the mindset of seeing beyond himself, and his current situation. And vice versa, someone who wants to become less selfish can do so by working on his faith.

    I actually find it incredible, yet so perfectly understandable, that G-d created us in such a way that by working on one area to better ourselves, we automatically attain the tools to become better in other areas as well. It is remarkable, and a true blessing, that G-d made us that way. May we grow in all these areas.



    I finally heard what you posted on soundcloud.

    It sounds good, but one thing that I noticed is that all of your music is solo – is there such a thing as a “garage band” or the like in the frum community? It seems (to me, anyway) that getting together with other music hobbyists and working together could be a lot of fun.


    Thanks for listening to it, ICOT. I was part of a band in high school, but since then I haven’t really found a group of people my age that would be interested in playing together regularly. Though I do jam with one or two people occasionally. I actually enjoy composing my own songs because it gives me free reign to explore different types of musical styles without being tied down to try to fit it all in with what others can play. But in terms of just playing together for fun, I would definitely enjoy having that if I could.


    How’s everyone doing? It’s been a while since there’s been some poetry here. SaysMe, blabla, ICOT, NOMTW, Think first, Luna, hope you’re all ok.


    hi everyone.

    heres a poem by my favorite poet Emily Dickinson

    We never know how high we are

    Till we are asked to rise

    And then if we are true to plan

    Our statures touch the skies –

    The Heroism we recite

    Would be a normal thing

    Did not ourselves the Cubits warp

    For fear to be a King –


    That is beautiful, puppy, thank you 🙂


    welcome back puppy!! How are you? oh no, you too with Emily Dickinson :D? My mother’s fav, and she knows a whole bunch by heart! i still think i like your original poems better though. any chance? 🙂

    thanks for bumping MP. Its back to school, and not so thrilled about that. But yomtov is coming!!


    A Precious clothe

    You look at things and see them as bad,

    So the rest of your day seems bleak and sad.

    Your friend looks at everything with a smile,

    So everything looks good for miles.

    You look around and see the bad,

    You question it with a frown.

    How could he let these bad things happen to us?

    You answer He must not be around.

    These thoughts are not uncommon,

    I will answer your question for I know,

    He loves us each and wants us to grow.

    Even though you may not see,

    It is good for both you and me.

    Our lives are hand stitched for each of us,

    He truly cares and makes a fuss.

    A cloth filled with knots is in front of you,

    It looks mighty messy like the artist should have used glue.

    You wonder why would someone make something so ugly and grotesque,

    But you will see it is your life filled with tests.

    Yes it is true the cloth is your life,

    The knots that are there have helped you though strife.

    They made you stronger and what you are today,

    For when you turn over your piece of clothe,

    You will see there is no knot for naught.

    They hold the thread nice and tight in place for you,

    Making a masterpiece of your life and what you do.

    The picture is truly stunning all would agree,

    And now you know it is all meant to be.

    Whether you admit it to yourself now or at the end of your life,

    The reflection in the mirror will look back and say nice.

    So now with what you know,

    You will pass your test for sure.

    A smile you will give to all you see,

    A wonderful day it is bound to be.







    Thanks for posting that poem, puppy! It’s really nice. The first two lines are so true, especially in reference to our potential. We sometimes convince ourselves that we don’t have what it takes to do something, when really, if we tried, and believed in ourselves, we can accomplish so much more than what we think.

    Aurora, welcome to this thread! I’ve read some posts of yours in other threads and I am completely inspired by your outlook and dedication to grow in Judaism. Wishing you only success in your journey.

    No problem, SaysMe. Hope school goes well for you. Yom tov is around the corner.

    ym613, that is really a beautifully written poem with a wonderful message. Did you write it? Using the woven cloth as a metaphor for the true meaning of life’s ups and downs fits so well, because it shows how things that seem to bad (knots), are really, in the bigger picture, for our good. Thanks for posting!

    Thanks for posting, ICOT, good to see you back here.


    MiddlePath- Yes I did write it and thank you so much, I am really glad that you enjoyed it. I will hopefully post some more poems another time.

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