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    these are not as pure (de- dis-) as ICOT’s wonderful list, but I hope you will enjoy them:

    1) electrician

    a) denoted

    2) musician

    b) debarked

    3) cowboy

    c) delighted

    4) tree surgeon —- d) depressed

    5) blackjack dealer — e) disgusted

    6) dry cleaner

    f) deranged

    7) veil maker

    g) disgusted

    8) fruit sellers

    h) impeached

    9) baseball players – i) decapitated

    10) hatmakers

    j) defiled

    11) yoga teachers — k) bereft

    12) Nuns

    l) unavailable

    13) Filing clerks

    m) distressed

    14) apiarist

    n) uninhabited

    15) meteorologist —- o) disjointed

    16) marijuana


    p) discarded


    Dr. Pepper

    What bracha in the regular weekday shemona esrei mentions a person and his grandson but not his son?

    Ata Chonain mentions Adam and Enosh (not in the proper noun form, though).


    whats the difference between a jeweler and a jailer?

    I haven’t heard that one in more than 30 years. Since I did hear it, I’ll leave it for someone else.


    what is the difference between a woman and a postage stamp?

    Postage stamps on letters make the mail go.

    A woman doesn’t let’er male go.

    Thank you for the kind words, but while your “before and after” list is great, mine was copied.

    I’ll leave the solutions to “blinky”, but one point – unless the “baseball players” and “hatmakers” share a common solution, I couldn’t figure them all out. “Disgusted” was listed twice, but I only found one fit.


    Thanx ICOT for leaving the riddle for me:) and ronrsr for posting it! ok heres this for now

    #1 is C

    #2 is A

    #5 is P

    #6 is D

    #8 is H

    #10 is I

    #12 is N

    #13 is J

    #15 is E

    ill come back for the rest later


    #16 is O

    #11 is M

    #4 is B

    Im left with:


    veil maker

    baseball players


    This one is hard! Any ideas?


    i don’t want to end the day without finish this riddle so can any one help me out?


    cowboy = de-ranged

    baseball player = be “reffed”

    veil maker = una”veil”able

    apiarist = dis”gust”ed


    Cowboy = deranged

    Veil Maker – unavailable.

    Apiarist – bereft.

    Baseball player – debased.

    1) electrician       c) delighted
    2) musician a) denoted
    3) cowboy f) deranged
    4) tree surgeon b) debarked
    5) blackjack dealer p) discarded
    6) dry cleaner d) depressed
    7) veil maker l) unavailable
    8) fruit sellers h) impeached
    9) baseball players *
    10) hatmakers i) decapitated
    11) yoga teachers m) distressed
    12) Nuns n) uninhabited
    13) Filing clerks j) defiled
    14) apiarist** k) bereft
    15) meteorologist e) disgusted
    16) marijuana
    salesperson o) disjointed

    *can be “decapitated” (lose their cap) or “discarded” (no longer appear on a card).

    There is a second “disgusted” that I can’t figure out where to put.

    **a beekeeper, hence “bee-reft”


    Just a few things:

    – ICOT- the 2nd disgusted was supposed to be debased

    – Bereft- is very far fetched, it doesn’t follow the pattern

    – I cant believe i didn’t get the veil one!

    – I dont understand the how cowboy is deranged

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!


    ICOT, I like your answer, too, but the answer I had in mind for the riddle:

    “What is the difference between a woman and a postage stamp?”

    is one I remembered from “Highlights for Children,” which I read about 1964.

    A: One is a female, and the other is a mail fee.


    blinky: Cowboys are home on the range. Take away their home, they are deranged.

    bereft: has the connotation of losing something. Take away an apiarist’s (beekeeper’s) bees, and he is bee-reft.

    baron fritz

    I have 3 lives. I am hard enough to split a rock, yet I am light enough to float above the treetops. I can also be used for healing. What am I?


    3 lives. Light. Split Rock? Healing? are you MosheRose?


    from various places around the WWW:

    1) Pigs

    a) delivered

    2) Mattress makers — b) unwrapped

    3) Organ donors

    c) debriefed

    4) Underwear Makers d) discounted

    5) Accountants

    — e) detoured

    6) Rap singers

    f) deluged

    7) Bobsledders

    g) written off

    8) Tour Guides

    h) debunked

    9) Writers

    i) debugged

    10) Exterminators —- j) disgruntled


    1) Excorcists

    a) dysfunctional

    2) Florists

    b) deviated

    3) Vegetable Juice Manufacturers — c) displaced

    4) Skunks

    e) disconsolate

    5) Diplomats

    f) debugged

    6) Assemblers

    g) disassembled

    7) Event Planners

    h) dissolved

    8) Entomologists

    i) displaced

    9) East Asia Watchers —-j) deposited

    10) Logicians

    k) dispersed

    11) Brides

    l) dismissed

    12) Divorcees

    m) deflowered

    13) Poll Watchers

    n) dispossessed

    14) Handbag makers —- o) distinct or extinct

    15) Mapmakers

    p) remiss

    16) Detectives

    q) disoriented



    I think my solution was the “Goofus” one, while yours was “Gallant”s (I used to read them in the doctors waiting room). I had a feeling it wasn’t quite right since it wasn’t a “neat fit”.

    Great words!

    The third one in the first puzzle and the third one in the second puzzle literally had me laughing – 3 in the second is quite imaginative. I suppose “disheartened” might also be a fit in the first 🙂

    Do 13 and 15 in the second puzzle share a solution? I wasn’t sure about those two.

    baron fritz

    I have 3 lives. I am hard enough to split a rock, yet I am light enough to float above the treetops. I can also be used for healing. What am I?


    Three lives: vapor (steam/mist), liquid (water), solid (ice)

    Split rock: ice can do that

    Float above the treetops: clouds, fog

    Also used for healing: We don’t believe in lourdes


    Looks like “ronrsr” prepared a double portion for you today.

    Unless, of course, someone else grabs them first.


    This ones easy:

    1) Pigs- disgruntled

    2) Mattress makers- debunked

    3) Organ donors- delivered

    4) Underwear Makers- debriefed (i like this one!)

    5) Accountants- discounted

    6) Rap singers- unwrapped

    7) Bobsledders- deluged

    8) Tour Guides- detoured

    9) Writers- written off

    10) Exterminators- debugged

    Ill have to come back for the second one- thanx a lot ICOT and ronrsr:)


    What do Kermit the Frog, Atilla the Hun, Winnie the Pooh and Smokey the Bear have in common?


    their middle name


    ronrsr ill get to your second riddle I”H soon

    ICOT i made up one of my own (hope it makes sense) feel free to do it:)



    C)cleaners employee___3)demean



    F)huge man____________6)display

    G)credit card owner___7)district



    J)kind person_________10)define






    mathematics fans:

    what is the recipe for fibonacci salad?


    orator – bespeak

    actor – display

    cleaner – despot

    landlord – disown



    Thank you.

    Please include “ronrsr” in the invites to puzzles like this – I think he enjoys solving as well as writing them.

    On to the puzzle! (I’m not sure about all of them.)

    C)cleaners employee___9)despot
    F)huge man____________8)demote
    G)credit card owner___1)discharge
    J)kind person_________10)define

    baron fritz

    NICE ICOT and i got the riddle off a website and forgot to take that out but it could mean heals dehydration


    I have a neighbor who has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and is a visiting scholar in mathematics. She has won a gold medal at the International Math Olympics. She is a lover and popularizer of mathematics, and loves a good puzzle.

    She has a math blog which contains many inventive puzzles, some statistical, some arithmetical, some word puzzles, etc. They are all very challenging and good. Many are sent in by other learned mathematicians. Click on the link, PUZZLES.

    I will put the URL at the bottom of this post, and ask the Moderator to please post it if it complies with Coffee Room rules.

    Here is a small sample of her puzzles:

    Problem: Cigarette Butts

    A certain hobo who is skilled at making cigarettes can turn any 4 cigarette butts into a single cigarette. Today, this hobo has found 24 cigarette butts on the street. Assuming he smokes every cigarette he can, how many cigarettes will he smoke today?

    Problem: Two Fuses

    You have two fuses that both last one hour, and you have no other ways of telling time. The fuses may be thicker at some points, so in half an hour, the amount of fuse that has burned may or may not be half the length of the whole fuse. How do you measure 45 minutes worth of time?

    Problem: A Rabbit (submitted by Gabe)

    On average, a rabbit produces 4 offspring every month. If I put a rabbit in a cage for 6 months, how many offspring will it produce?

    and her math jokes:

    Birthdays are beneficial for your health. A new breakthrough statistical study unequivocally proved that the more birthdays one has the longer one lives.

    The only reliable statistics are those you faked yourself.

    The number of statistics that either make no sense or use ridiculous timescales has dropped over 164% in the last 5.62474396842 years.

    She also has many interesting math-related essays.

    Dear Moderator, the URL is:

    puzzle page:


    ICOT- 100 percent right! Great job! I meant to do instead of ogre-an average person bec. its confusing with tormentor but i must have forgotten to change it! But you got it right! So whats my rating on that one?

    ronrsr- i meant both of you can do them i guess i wasn’t clear- of course you were invited to do them! After all you helped me with the other ones:)- and i still have to get to your second riddle its hard!!!


    ronrsr- is the answer to the ciggaretes 7?

    the answer i got to the rabbit one was 24 but there is a catch somewhere so its probably not it.

    now for your word riddle here are mine so far:

    2)Florists- deflowered

    6) Assemblers- disassembled

    10) Logicians-dissolved

    11) Brides-dismissed

    12) Divorcees- remiss

    14) Handbag makers- dispersed


    I think those were from the (particularly cruel) trick question section:

    It is a brave new world out there, but it still requires at least two rabbits to make more bunnies. If you have a male rabbit, there will be zero or one rabbits. If you have a female, it can range from zero to 5, or even more, depending on how long it takes bunnies to reach reproductive maturity.


    Two fuses: Light one fuse at both ends, and the other fuse at one end. The first fuse will burn out completely in half an hour (since it is burning from two ends, it burns out at twice the rate).

    Once the first one is out, light the other end of the second fuse. There are 30 minutes remaining on the fuse, and it will now start burning out at 2x, making it exactly 45 minutes from when you started (plus or minus human error due to less than instantaneous reaction time).


    Cigarettes: Impossible to know, since we have no way to predict how many more butts he will find in the day (he doesn’t have any leftovers from the previous day because he smokes everything right away).


    answer to Fibonacci Salad:


    Take yesterday’s leftovers, and add them to the leftovers from two days ago!


    Freshly Minted – Answer

    A bowl contains between 50 and 100 mints.

    When you divide all the mints into groups of five, there are four left over (which you eat).

    You then take all the mints, put them back into the bowl, and divide them into groups of four. Three are left over (which you eat).

    You now take all the mints, put them back into the bowl, and divide them into groups of three. Two are left over (guess what happens to them – hint: chomp, chomp).

    Yet again, you take all the mints and put them back into the bowl. Now, you divide them into groups of two. None are left over (you already ate enough).

    How many mints were originally in the bowl?

    (from a puzzle magazine)

    answer: 99

    a) 99 / 5 = 19 remainder 4 (four left over)

    b) 95 / 4 = 23 remainder 3 (three left over)

    c) 92 / 3 = 30 remainder 2 (two left over)

    d) 90 / 2 = 45 remainder 0 (zero left over)


    whats the difference between a jeweler and a jailer?

    A jeweler sells watches, a jailer watches cells.

    baron fritz


    Thanks for the puzzle site info.

    As far as the cigarette puzzle:

    c) 3 cigarette butts + 1 hobo searching for a fourth butt.


    more from Tanya:

    Once upon a time there was a land where the only antidote to a poison was a stronger poison. In this land, a dragon challenges a king to a duel and the king accepts. The rules of the duel are as follows: Each dueler has a cup of poison. First, they exchange cups. Then, each dueler drinks half of the poison in front of them. After that, they exchange again and drink their own poisons. The survivor wins. The king knows that the dragon will use a stronger poison than any the king will ever make.

    How can the king win the duel?



    switch the cups around


    or bring water to the challenge, take a weak poison at home and bang, the king wins


    what characteristic do all the first things have that is not shared by the “not” group?

    pillow but not bed

    kitten but not cat

    puppy but not dog

    lilly but not rose

    seeing but not hearing

    summer but not winter

    jelly but not jam

    sweet but not sour


    Mod 80, double letters.


    double letters


    double letters is an OLD OLD game


    More from Tanya:

    Problem: Davidsons

    The Davidsons have five sons. Each son has one sister. How many children are there in the family?

    Problem: A Stick

    A stick has two ends. If you cut off one end, how many ends will the stick have left?

    Problem: A Square

    A square has four corners. If we cut one corner off, how many corners will the remaining figure have?


    The Davidsons have five sons. Each son has one sister. How many children are there in the family?

    Possible answers:

    1) Six – five brothers, one sister.

    2) If half-siblings are allowed it can be a variety of numbers.

    3) None – they are all adults.

    A stick has two ends. If you cut off one end, how many ends will the stick have left?

    Possible answers:

    1) Four – the two original ends and the two new ends.

    2) Two – two are “left” from before. The other two are new.

    3) One – we’re only looking at the original end (the one left) on the bigger part of the broken stick.

    A square has four corners. If we cut one corner off, how many corners will the remaining figure have?

    If the cut is straight, here are the possible answers:

    1) Five – three 90 degree corners, and two corners with a total of 180 degrees.

    2) Three – if you removed one corner by cutting diagonally from its adjacent opposing corners.


    Clean-Up in Aisle #168996

    Who can catch the glaringly egregious geometrical error made by yours truly in the prior post?


    im guessing here

    Five – three 90 degree corners, and two corners with a total of 180 degrees.

    it seems the total would be more than 180

    i dont know the math though



    Pretty good guess.

    Adding a side to any geometric shape from a triangle upward adds 180 degrees.

    Changing a shape from a square to five sides by trimming off a corner would result in three 90 degree corners, and two corners with a total of 270 degrees.



    if you post questions, please posts answers. this really goes for everyone.


    dear chesedname, I would post the answers if there were a single correct answer. I think the gang here got the idea right, these are very tricky and ambiguous questions, for which there can be any number of answers, depending on how you look at the problem.


    I have not been keeping up with the riddle page so I don’t know if this one was said…

    A sign on a barber’s shop says “I only shave those who do not shave themselves”. Does the barber shave himself?


    A: No answer. I recalled this one when I saw the previous riddle… its a paradox and there is no real way to answer it.


    What date of the year do you sometimes say Hallel and sometimes say tachanun?


    Could it be 3 Teves?

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