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    What is the point of this thread? This zionism vs satmar/antizionism debate keeps getting replayed over and over again in the CR. Everybody keeps making the same old points pro and con. It gets very tiring after a while.

    This thread seems to have been created for the sole purpose of instigating more of the same tired old discussion. The question that started the thread is pointless – obviously, whichever view is closer to the emes will ultimately outlast the other, so really the question is just asking which point of view people think is emes, which leads back to the same futile discussion that appears in so many other threads.

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    PAA asks “what inherent value there is in doing the “right thing”. If the response to that will be “because G-d said so” then I will question what the inherent value of listening to G-d is.”

    The point is that we are supposed to relate to Hashem both as avadim and as banim (and the Torah describes us with both terms). From the perspective of avadim, it makes sense to ask why one should try to make one’s master happy if those efforts will not be acknowledged through a reward or a lack of punishment. But from the perspective of a parent-child relationship, this is not a question, because in a normal healthy situation, parents and children want to make each other happy out of love for one another, even without considering reward and punishment. Now, obviously, feeling love for Hashem the same way we do for our close family members is not always easy or simple, but that’s exactly why doing a mitzvah shelo al menas lekabel pras is considered a big madreiga.

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    So in this letter, this Grandpa condescendingly talks down to his grandaughter and belittles her views and beliefs. As a result, she dismisses everything he says and continues to hold fast to her political views, even when she grows older and more mature. Meanwhile, Grandpa eventually gets old and passes away, having failed to pass his own political views on to the next generation, since he couldn’t respectfully communicate with any of his offspring. Therefore, if enough grandparents would write enough letters like this one, the Democrats would be guaranteed success for years to come.

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)