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    See the first post.

    Seriously, a little help here?

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    Yes, yes… but could you guys please suggest places for me to enjoy?

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    Fine. If you want, I’ll say this:

    “I’m a heretic.”

    Happy? I don’t know why you insist that it must be true, but if you say so…

    Anyways, mid-winter VaK starts Friday, so please find me a place to go!

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    Who said I don’t believe in God? It’s possible to believe in evolution and God, y’know!

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    Yes, because I lost the password to my other screen name.


    I’m asking for suggestions about zoological parks and aquaria to know where to go during VaK.



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    I have a different name – Give Me a Break. And I chose that name for the very reason that you showed – what does it matter if I have different hashkafos than you?

    Seriously, midwinter coming up very soon – please help!

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    Seriously, people, please help…

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    Who’s “jinglebells”?

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    I already said that I’, Give Me a Break – so what are you saying?

    P.S. I think that you, too, are a teenager – or at least an early-20’er.

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    The zoos in my list are the zoos I’ve been to – not necessarily do I approve of all of them.

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    Guys! You’re not helping… I need to know where to go – and if you can provide me with the website when you give the place, that’d be great.

    And I’m not 16 – I’m nearly 18 (so I didn’t even vote for Obama… hehe :)).

    P.S. Listen. I believe in evolution, some of you don’t. But let’s not argue about it.

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    Guys! I’m asking a simple question! I need help finding somewhere to go during my vacations – let’s not turn this into a discussion about leitzanus! Any suggestions?

    Anyway, here’s an updated list of the places I’ve been:

    1)Miami MetroZoo –

    2)Smithsonian National Zoological Park –

    3)Cape May County Zoo –

    4)Wildlife Conservation Society Parks –

    a)Bronx Zoo –

    b)New York Aquarium –

    c)Central Park Zoo –

    d)Prospect Park Zoo –

    e)Queens Zoo –

    5)Lion Country Safari –

    6)Wild Safari -

    7)Parrot Jungle Island – or

    8)Claws ‘n’ Paws –


    I, unlike you, hold of the Theory of Evolution, so I have no problem with calling myself that.


    I hear your problem, and that’s why Claws ‘n’ Paws is on the bottom of my list. But I don’t agree with PETA on the issue of zoos.

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    Do you mean Lion Country Safari []? Yes, and it would rate as #5 on my list.


    I live in Midwood, but I used to live in NMB with my grandparents, and they’re still there. Whenever I go to visit them I go on a Floridian trip with my family.

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    Because I am a proponent of the Theory of Evolution.



    I’m 17, nearly 18, and I live in NY. You know me under a different screen name – one that has left the Coffee Room. Hint: I’m met with emplenty/em of opposition.

    P.P.S. What on Earth is that Microsoft Live Search ad, with pictures of immodest personalities, doing on the bottom of this page?!


    I thought you went out with Yonasan!

    …when you keep referring to “Give Me a Break” and his bar plugta, “Joseph.”

    Edited: Use < and > to surround code.

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    Let’s just say I would make an good shidduch for “jewishfeminist02” (I agree with nearly all of her views). I’m not saying if I’m younger or older, though. But we’re very close in age.

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    “Al tihyeh tzaddik harbeh…”

    “Heshy,” don’t push it.

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    “My fellow citizens! Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country.”

    – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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