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    I know someone who once said:

    I’m not mean, I just know how to say no.

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    There are no women in Major League Baseball yet there are in Minor League Baseball.

    Draw your own conclusions.

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    TorahMom was inquiring about frum seminaries…

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    You repeatedly talk about your wife not caring about the “state of affairs” of the house.

    Could you please elaborate on what this means and how not caring about the cleanliness of a house translates into being a lazy mommy?

    I don’t think you’re using the right words to express your concerns.

    Please try to articulate your concerns in a clearer way.

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    It depends on the standards of the community.

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    Perhaps, ask your Rav.

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    Need Seminary Help:

    “The Be’er Heitev wrote that Scripture (including Tehillim) shouldn’t be read at night, and from the Pri Megadim’s words we can derive that you are allowed to read Scripture [at night]. It seems that even to the stringent authorities there is no prohibition to do so, rather one should ideally read Scripture during the day, and the

    source for this is a Midrash where it says that Hashem learns with Scripture with Moshe by day and Mishna at night.”

    I hope that you’ll find this to be helpful.

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    There you have it.

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    I checked and didn’t see it.

    Where is he from on the States?

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    I still have three unanswered ones…

    Let’s see who really knows heir stuff

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    It’s an amazing novel. I don’t know if you realized that nobody had anything negative to say about it, nothing. That says quite a bit about any book.

    I suggest that you read it. Let me know what you’re impressions were,

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    I don’t know about an English version, it’s in Hebrew.

    But even if you don’t know Hebrew, the tunes are amazing.

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    Writersoul & Golfer:

    I already put a hold on The Dawning of the Day at my library and am looking forward to reading it. I read The Gordian Knot more than once and although it was pretty good, I don’t think it can compare to Sun Inside Rain. I think that the reason I like it so much is that in addition to the original plot and perfectly developed characters it addresses alot of hashkafa and emuna issues plus worldly issues such as eliteism and bigotry etc.

    All that adds incredible depth to the book.

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    Try Melatonum

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    How about these…..

    1- …we hear you’re voices loud and clear…

    2 – …from my comfy soft bed to the ice cold street…

    3 – Hashem knows just what happened there’s no reason to deny…

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    I’m curious if any of you can give me the name of a book that’s on the same standard as Sun Inside Rain – an original plot, a lot of philosophy and introspection, a heimishe flavor.

    Veltz Meshugener – Are you the guy that claims to know everything? Maybe Ms. Bassara ought to pay me for the great review (that she actually deserves), but I’m sure as you’re true to your name not M. Bassara.

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    Here’s a couple:

    1 – …to enrichen the lives of this wasteland is his goal…

    2 – … they were crying – their tears hit the floor…

    3 – … the prime minister’s awakend, a Russian Mig has been seen…

    Let’s see who really knows hisher stuff

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    A bottle of Glenlivet 25 would probably be appreciated.

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    Let’s start with heimishe music:

    1 – Da’ati Alieha by Aaron Razel (btw, his latest album ????? is probably one of the ten best frum albums ever released).

    2 – The Man from Vilna – Journeys 4

    3 – Der Rebbe’s Niggun – Ein Oid Milvado

    4 – Shimu U’tchi Nafshichem – Yeedle IV

    5 – The Forgotten Princess – Yigal Calek

    6 – Aleh Katan Sheli – Avraham Fried

    7 – Oid Yeishvu – The Double Album

    8 – Omnum – Dedi

    9 – Essa Einei – Moshe Koussevitzky

    10 – Hineni HeUni MiMaas – Yossele Rosenblatt

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    I’m in NY.

    Could you please post links to websites where I can get more information?

    Thank You.

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    Avraham Fried released a brand new Yiddish album. The word on the street is that it’s beautiful.

    Yeedle Werdyger released A Verdiger Yid a few months ago. It is a classic album.

    Aaron Razel released Kovati Et Moshavi some time ago. It’s one of the best albums that was released in recent years.

    Chaim Yisroel released Kesem Neurei a while ago. It is a brilliant album – especially the slow songs.

    There may have not been so many albums but the four that I mentioned are amazing. It’s comforting to see that some of the albums released today are still really original and beautiful.

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    I have realized that whoever has the tissuebox or the new book, magazine, newspaper etc. always gets to have it the least. Here’s why, everybody comes over and just wants to take one (in the tissue case) or just take a quick look – because I have it, right? So I decided to give it to someone else and then to just take one or take a look.

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