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    Me and my father would have the same response.

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    Thank you, tzippi.

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    dogo – masculine, not mascular.

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    Your view is quite slanted

    Ans with your rhymes I’m enchanted

    But you must excuse

    A frum person’s muse

    And poetic license might be granted

    Your spelling is off, I might add

    It leaves me wanting just a tad

    Spelling rules are set in stone

    While rhymes are more of tone

    So some humility is to be had

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    Hi, I’m DrinkingoutofCups and I’ve been reading the Coffee Room casually for the past few years. There have been some very entertaining topics.

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    Please, I don’t usually like Jack and I never deal with Jim.

    Shnitzel days I just ended up making my own shnitzel and selling.

    How old are most of the men here anyway?

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    As a guy, I’ll be pleasantly surprised to meet a girl who leaves her hair curly. Almost as happy as if she wasn’t wearing black.

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