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    In my school my principle goes through all the tests after the teacher marks them and gives her own comments. They’re usually like “great job” that type of stuff. but I’m really bad at math and on one test, I barely passed, she gave me an “ouch”-for real!!

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    first of all 7 times is only on hoshana raba, not the whole yt just making that clear. second, mishna brurah doesnt say anyting about holding the lulav with 2 hands (all this said by my bro, just sayin i dont learn mishna brurah :P)

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    used to be rabbi kulik, he is unbelievable. not so sure what happened. now the have rabbi yair adler and they love him! dont know anything else. sorry.

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    kol berama by simcha leiner. STUNNING!!

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    i searched my subtitles and Toi’s. turns out we’re both dragons!!! lol

    iBump 2.0–ur rly smart u know??

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    k so its like some sort of dragon. random???? i think so. sooo how do i remind all of u as a dragon???

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    LETS GO, BLUE JAYS, LETS PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    yes they do know.

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    WHAT?!?!?!?! for real?? lol!!!! i should have known!! ur the exact same in real life. lol 😀 i knew i shouldnt have told u my screen name!!!

    oneofmany-howd u know?? ur soo smart!

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    so my brother told me that he posts regularly, im soooooooo curious!!!!!!!

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    hie- im rly just trying to figure out what exactly u do. like what does “directing” mean??

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    whats there to do for pesach besides cook and clean??. hie-girls win this convo 🙂 we’re just cool like that.

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    hie-tell me ur not for real? so ur the one in the house the fries the shnitzel and peals the apples and bakes the cakes and seperates dozens and dozens and dozens of eggs and makes all the deserts and peals vegtables for kugels/soups/salads. u must b a very busy boy.

    and for cleaing-ur probably the one in the house that also starts a month before pesach when you vacuum every room in the house and scrub down ever cabinet and cupboard and go through every room decluttering whatever is in your path. ur probably the one in the house thats gets down on his hands and knees and lines every shelf fridge and freezer. also u go through all the food in the fridge and freezer that n/o touched in like 6 months that just to make its way all the way to the back of the fridge and throw it out.

    i would totally want u as a brother 😀

    but seriously, what seminary did u go to that they taught u to cook so much?

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    Toi-we both know they’re not. imagine not having any girls to do a/t on pesach. how do u think that would work out?? not so good if u ask me.

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    no. ur just saying that cuz ur a boy.

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    in general: u cant compare what boys and girls do cuz they both do completely diff things. period.

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    toi-in my house, even when this brother is home he still doesnt do as much. probably b/c he doesnt drive, but still. and the girls do soo much like all baking and most cooking but i dont, cuz my mother doesnt trust me in the kitchen. lol!! so i line shelves all day!!! my peasach prep revolves around lining shelves fridges and freezes.

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    in my house only 2 of my older brothers help and do tonz of things that are really important. the other one seems to get away w/ doing not as much. lol. but i think bein hazmanim is very important for boys.

    in reply to: Why dont high school girls no how to spell and right ? #866166

    its really not that texting is to blame. if they wrote an exam that they would be marked on, they wouldnt write like that. its just that this is how they type when they are bored. like when im emailing a friend i would write frend, skwl, rite, nite ect. but if i was writing an exam i know that thats not the proper way to spell. its just a difference of who you’re spelling to.

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    wow!!!!! sinas chinam brought it down………

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    Toi is a mad chiller!! hes the bomb (im assuming its a he)

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    no snow in Toronto!!!!! i love global warming 🙂

    in reply to: What Mesivta is extremely warm and easy going, which you would recommend? #840890

    I agree with Toi, darchei torah is very warm and the bochrim are very close with their rebbeim. they are known for their excellent rebbeim in toronto.

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    local orthadox rabbi

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    the one in toronto is more yeshivish and more to the right. both though are very good.

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    nothing beats forever 21!!!!!

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    the point of zionism was to get rid of anti-semitsm and to do that, the secular jews decided that we should be more like the goyim by making a Jewish homeland. clearly it didnt work. you dont know that if there would be no state then there would be no intermarrige u cant gernalize. if the point of zionism was to become more like the goyim than there would and is intermarrige, and we c that today.

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