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    The ten commandments are not multiple choice

    I don’t know what makes you so dumb, but it really works

    For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe

    Square meals often make round people

    Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away

    G-d put me into this world to accomplish a certain number of things; right now, I’m so far behind, that I’ll never die!

    Flying is the second greatest thrill to man;landing is the first

    Criticism is what you get when you have everything else

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    Goldenkint, I meant to say that all these newlyweds are so, ummmm blind to see something else other than their wife. What about their parents? what about their younger siblings? I could say so, cuz i have a married sis that was totally flying until she had her second child. Only then did she land and came back to reality! What kind of life is this? To pretend nothing but your spouse exists? And just because you want to impress your spouse it duz not give you permission to speak against other pp just because you wana have a good time together… sorry if i sound so upset, but i basically see married pp as selfish! not to their spouse of course, but to all others around them! Not e/o is like this, but i know a good few that are. It is just so sickening to see how pp could forget about the existing world and fly in a dream of never-never land! I feel like saying “c’mon, just wake up,stop flying and land!”

    i dunno, maybe it’s supposed to be this way…. But i could say one thing…. it’s good to see how other pp behave so you know what not to copy

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    Ive read all of Yair Weinstock’s. they’re all a bunch of nonsense, nothing realistic.They might be somewhat interesting, but nothing really GOOD! i prefer those like Mexico File, Optical Illusions, Lone star and such. Any other?

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    i say, optical illusions beats ’em all! Mexico file, Lone star, invisible me, freedom to be are also great! depends if u like the espionage ones.

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    oneofmany, there is a mitzva to get married as well as having children. and the only way u could do the second mitzvah is by completing the first.I did not intend any objections against just getting married….

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    Dont laugh, soliek, and im not quite interested in secular novels either! What about some good jewish one?

    in reply to: Zos chanukah segulos #1049488

    sorry macherish, but segulas are not halachas and probably dont need any source, if that’s what u meant..

    in reply to: So you're married…THEN WHAT?! #838829

    The purpose of marriage is solely to build new generations and continue the chain of klal yisroel….

    nice pshat…im basically talking to myself here cuz i’m also petrified of getting married and i cant seem to understand why such a thing was ever invented. like you become drunk and forget about the whole world around you. i see married pp basically living in oblivion! duz not seem to enticing…. i wud rather stay away..

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    WHOAAAAAAA! GREAT JOB, BUT very sad!!! shom me something positive…. i know u cud do it…

    in reply to: The YWN Coffee Room Welcome Wagon #1064327

    Hmmmm this CR smells goooood! sounds kinda mikvah schmoozing…

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    The weather is so nasty

    It is such a bore

    Everything is done so hasty

    With mistakes galore.

    From when I open my eyes

    Thirteen minutes late

    I start of with the “why’s”

    In this morning fate.

    Why am I always lazy

    And can’t handle a time frame

    It’s really crazy

    But I accept the blame.

    Why am I always tired

    Why am I such a sh’lemiel

    In job I would definitely be fire

    If I don’t stop this Kinder Shpiel.

    Why did I trip on my negel vasser

    And then didn’t find a bobby pin for my hair

    I say “the green is always grasser”

    Because I can’t even think it clear.

    Why is there no water drink

    For me to keep cool?

    Where is the Cross word puzzle

    To keep me busy in school?

    And so the “why’s”

    Go on and on

    But let me open my eyes

    And see what has been done.

    Out of bed we roll

    Fresh and healthy

    With a pure clean soul

    Aren’t we wealthy?!

    Our hearts beat

    Our brains work well

    We have two healthy feet

    And noses that smell.

    Each and every sense

    Is a wonderful treasure

    Our gratitude to Hashem is immense

    For they give us so much pleasure.

    Let us open our eyes wide

    And see the wonders of Hashem

    To view the world on the rosy side

    And see the miracles in them!!

    in reply to: ATT POETRY PEOPLE #1167656

    thanks for your encouraging words, middlepath. ill post more….

    Happy Chanukah

    in reply to: let's make the longest thread possible!! #837460

    takes too much time to scroll thru….

    in reply to: Favorite flavor donut #1204664

    caramel is just awesome!

    in reply to: ATT POETRY PEOPLE #1167654

    Blabla, ur poems are amazing, keep them coming!


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    You are so blind

    Shallow as can be

    You see your daughter

    But that’s not me.

    I have a problem

    I cannot articulate

    But does it justify

    My miserable fate?!

    I am what I am

    And not what you see

    Look beyond my outer self

    And find the real me.

    Wake up to reality

    Open your eyes

    See how I try

    To grow and rise.

    My feelings and emotions

    Are difficult to express

    But why destroy

    Shatter and suppress?!

    I am a person

    Just like you

    I have feelings

    And I’m sensitive too.

    I’m not my sister

    Not my friend

    I am I

    A different beginning, a different end.

    I am unique

    Don’t compare

    I have a distinct personality

    A different flair.

    If you acknowledge

    That I am I

    You’ll easily see the real me

    Eye to Eye!

    in reply to: ATT POETRY PEOPLE #1167648

    Hi I’m new… i luv poetry…i cud share my stash if ne1 is intrsd

    The pen is my best friend

    I know how to start but I don’t know how to end

    I could write day and night

    I release energy with all my might

    It’s a one sided conversation no one could fight

    All thoughts and feelings are brought to light

    The words don’t just tumble out of my mouth easily

    It’s on paper and no one could argue with me

    The written word is clear and bold

    It could sometimes be ruthless and cold

    Black on white; no one can deny

    It’s good proof when someone wants to lie

    Always there to look back

    For reference, to keep track

    “The pen is mightier than the sword”

    That is the written word

    But the pen is neuter, it takes no side

    To good or bad it’s not tied

    Write only good; you’re the boss

    Kind words are never at loss

    Use words that are soft and gentle

    Heartwarming and sentimental

    Let them penetrate, Let the rewarding cycle start

    Find the needy souls and the broken hearts

    It’s an easy way

    To brighten one’s day

    You have a gift, don’t abuse

    So don’t waste your words, make good use!!

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