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    You have no right to judge Matisyahu. You do not know what he keeps and what he doesn’t

    He is as Jewish as you are.

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    I’d love to draw on the sidewalk with chalk:)

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    Zeeskite- well i guess that would depend on WHY its colored- if he’s an artsy guy and dyed it himself then thats great but if he’s been wearing the same one for years and thats why its colored then…. well… finish my sentence

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    Forgive me for being naive but why do daughters get nothing?

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    Chrome definitely

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    Why does the color of his shirt matter?

    Thats what I call close-minded

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    if you are able to exersize when you feel that way it often helps.

    Also deep breathing, 4 seconds in through your nose, hold your breath for 4 more seconds and then let it out through your mouth for 4 more seconds. focus on the breathing.

    Also, squeezing your muscles tightly for a few seconds and then relaxing them helps.

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    We lost the Beis Hamikdash becasue of sinas chinam,

    BT’s and FFBs and their children are EQUALLY Hashem’s children.

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    Loyal Jew- You astound me even more. I am a “FFB” and I would love to marry a “BT” because I feel that s/he chose the Torah path on their own rather than just being born into it which is proof of their REAL feeling towards avodas Hashem. I admire “BTs” very much.

    What a terrible thing to say.

    Golfer- Unfortunately you are quite right. There are so many ridiculous baseless judgements when it comes to shidduchim. i was merely bringing up this one idea for now. If only we could all get over our judgements and need for perfection, we’d be in a much better place.

    Matan1- I believe your home must be on a higher madreiga than plenty of FFB homes

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    Haleivi- I did not say anything about marriage, I stated that people refuse even a first date when they hear of a non religious sibling.

    Loyal Jew- Do you think Hashem is proud of your comment?

    PBA- completely heartless, even if that was sarcastic

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    We once all brought in dolls and put them on our chairs and put up a big sign that said “uhoh we shrunk ourselves,” then went out to the backyard. Our teacher found us there and thought it was very funny.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)