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    Glad you found a practical solution. Good Shabbos/Chag Sameach!

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    Double sided tape, great idea!!

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    The poor guy is is panicky that he may have bed bugs. Most are actually trying to help him by giving him practical info he can do today, and some are telling him ad nauseum about how much of an “expert” they are because panicked people in Canada pay him “tens of thousands”. Yikes.

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    BCBedBugExpert: You say DE is a health “hazard”, then you brag about how your version of DE is NOT edible, thus more toxic? So it is okay for him to use DE as long as it is your more toxic version? So the one you can get for cheap at home depot is both “dangerous” for humans and “ineffective” for bedbugs at the same time? But using your more toxic version is fine?

    “If this powder works like people think then all heat treatment and pest control companies would be out of business when dealing with bed bugs”

    Totally false.
    That is like saying if baking soda worked so well cleaning a tub, then Lysol would be out of business. Or if ikea furniture is so great, then Ethan Allen would be out of business. Utterly ridiculous. There are always people willing to overpay for stuff they could easily do themselves. If you can fool them into thinking they need it.

    For example, there was a lice breakout at my kids school. They had an “expert” company come in and for $150-$300 per kid, they would de-lice the child’s head. They put out scary pamphlets about how if you DIY with conditioner and a fine comb you may not get it all etc, etc. Many parents that used these “experts” and good for them spending hundreds, when we spent $12 on a lice comb and did it ourselves, no chemicals no $150 per head. And we got it all, just like we got all the bedbugs with the diatomaceous earth.

    “there is no chemical that can kill a bed bug egg”

    Correct, however once it hatches and goes through DE, it will dry out and die like the adults. It takes a while but it worked for us and the extra time was totally worth saving $2000 to $4000 bucks. There is nothing wrong with him going to Home Depot and trying it out as a first step. There is a high probability it will work. And if he is in the 5-10% where it does not, he can call the guy Lawrence mentioned above as a second step.

    Your only useful suggestion is heat treatment, which costs $2000 per room. No one should resort to something like that as a first step, when he may not even have bedbugs in the first place. Dayenu with these irrelevant details about eggs and chemicals!

    The poor guy is in a panic, and all the naysaying about a perfectly safe and cheap product like DE that he can get at Walmart or Home Depot are no doubt causing him more panic. If he wants to DIY with DE he should, so stop naysaying and conflating the issue, it’s rude.

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    Don’t believe the scare tactics about DE, the worst that could happen with it is maybe it wont work as well or as fast as you would have hoped. But at least you are not out $2000 to $4000 bucks, and your house is not sprayed with toxic chemicals. Try it as a first step, its cheap and safe and you have a 75-90% chance that it will work.

    Be careful of fear mongering about DE from those that may have an agenda. It is EDIBLE for humans, so you may as well try it. Its like getting advice from a Honda salesman why you shouldn’t buy a Toyota — he is an “expert” on cars, but only on Hondas.

    Bottom line is it worked for us and there was no down side to doing the DE, as a first step along with the other things I mentioned above. If it doesn’t work, then you can go about spending $80 with Lawrence’s advice above. But avoid chemicals, they don’t work and they are toxic, especially if you have kids.

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    We had this exact problem and did not have 1-2k to call in a pro for heat treatment.
    Here is what we did:

    -First empty the room of all but furniture, ie all clothes off floor, etc.
    -Everything that can be thrown in the washer, clothes, curtains, etc wash and dry on hottest setting.
    -anything that cannot be thrown in washer like luggage, etc leave out in the sun on all sides for a few hours
    -wrap all pillows/mattresses in zip covers from Walmart/target/etc.
    -make sure no blankets are hanging off bed or touching floor
    -get 4 plastic containers fill ½ inch w/DE and put legs of bed in the containers on floor
    -vacuum/sweep/dust thoroughly
    -keep door of room closed off when not in use
    -leave legs of bed in the containers for 3-4 weeks making sure no blankets ever touch floor and if they do, wash in hot water.
    -periodically when no one is using the room, sprinkle DE on floor and leave there a few hours and vacuum it up
    The idea is to coat their only pathway to the bed with the DE and eventually they will all eat it.

    -to the extent the DE is a “inhalation hazard” if you are going into the container and actually snorting it, then maybe you’ll have a problem. The person whose room was infested in our house has lung issues and it did not affect her at all — and it has been a several years already. It is a perfectly safe product and is edible for humans. DE is by far the most cost effective and least toxic remedy.

    This worked for us – no more bedbugs and we didn’t have to spend $2000. Hatzlacha.

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    Stevia is best of the bad bunch but has a weird aftertaste. Xylitol is second. The rest are literally poison.
    Sucralose (splenda) and Equal are the absolute worst and cause endocrine disruption among other things. Anyone with a cronic illness or below 21 should avoid any amount of these. So have in “moderation” at your own risk.

    Unless you are diabetic it is much better to have actual sugar in moderation than any of these things. They are chemicals not food, at least sugar from sugar cane is actual food.

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    Take your glasses off|contacts out.

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    Let’s play Jeopardy
    Answer: “31 pages of anger.”
    Question: “What happens when one worships the idol of science?”

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    There is no obligation in halacha for women to bear children. If she is honest and open about it, it is fine unless there is some dishonesty involved. There are a multitude of reasons and people should be understanding. if she remained unmarried or married to a man who is unable to bear children, it really is no problem at all. That being said, it would be an aveirah, i believe, if she married someone and prevented him from having at least one boy and one girl even if she was open about her feelings. But there may be “wiggle room”, not sure. Lmk if anyone has info about this scenario, halachally speaking.

    As a side note, yes it is a “blessing” but the long process of it was originally instituted as a punishment from Gan Eden.
    Regardless, put downs, judgey attitudes and loshon hara are always inappropriate.

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    You people calling each other names really needa chill. Seriously 24 pages of this?
    There is nothing new here, everything has already been said and then some.
    Certain posters really need to back away from the coffee maker.
    Move on, yikes.

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    Everyone is speaking here as if the state is a logical person you can reason with. No one is going to do this, all this is theoretical. The state will not be “forced” to do anything unless some politician is under threat of not being re elected or greased or some such event that threatens his/her power. Face the facts certain forces were waiting to pounce when the Yeshovot were not paying attention and are making it worth the politicians while to do so. Looking outward to the corrupt government is only part of the issue. The unfortunate truth is we gave them a reason to impose these regulations and that needs to be looked at as well — internally and privately. Sadly, that phony Moster and his comrades would not have been able to win as they have , so far, without our help.

    The Yeshiva system is better but only marginally, there are definitely issues and anyone who is the parent of a “not-so-perfect-kid” knows this. Like I said previously, once you take money from the state, you leave open the possibility at any point for them to tell you what you can teach your kids and as we all see, this is very risky. So now that that risk has been proven, we cannot be in denial that there are kids that can’t “cut it” in the Yeshiva system and those kids are marginalized in favor of the “good ones” and are put through unnecessary shame/trauma, for really stupid reasons. We also cannot have kids that actually go through the Yeshiva system and go even a bit into the world and cannot form a sentence or a white a proper letter in English. Moster had a better narrative on this issue and we had no answer except to “react”. Yes he is a phony and he was paid/prepped/trained, but. We caused the cracks and provided the hammers with which goyim/Moster used to break the vessel of the Yeshivas. We first need to take back the hammers and fix the vessel before we scramble around like chickens with their heads cut off begging the goyim to stop hitting.

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    The law for PS is the unvaxxed kids stay home if there are any outbreaks.

    Seriously? You want credit for “already posting” that if you register and don’t go they will arrest you for truancy? Is there a limit on re-mentioning/clarifying certain facts? Is it a hardship for folks to read a similar but differently worded statement more than once? is that considered plagiarism? The mods posted so not sure why I am being scolded like a first grader. I am confused.
    Anyway, you need to chill or lay off the caffeine. Yikes.

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    Uncle Ben
    Agree!! Red milk, only if half and half or cream is not available. But not too much, you want to taste the coffee.
    No. Blue. Milk. Ever. This craze started in the 80’s, please make it go away.
    No sugar, agree again what is the point then you cannot taste the coffee (unless you have sub par coffee or instant). Light/dark roast depending on personal preference.
    Sensitive to headaches: wean off before a fast or have a good dark organic decaf but only until fast is over.

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    If you register for public, and don’t send, they will arrest you for truancy. If this is done it has to be done in a calculated way on a mass scale to overwhelm the system so they will cave. There must be an end goal, not just willy nilly. At this point the state has all the cards and the Yeshivot are merely reacting. They were caught unprepared. Cringey to watch.

    It is worth noting that before the 50s there were no such thing as Yeshivot in America, all religious people went to public school. To flesh out this idea to today, wouldn’t it be interesting if the thousands of Yeshiva kids did in fact register and go to public, and demand all the accommodations to which they are entitled, like all holidays off, time for davening 3x/day, time cut from secular for Torah study, kosher sections in lunch rooms etc, etc. The Muslims and other groups demand and get things like foot wash stations in airports, so….

    Internally, this issue should have been dealt with within the Yeshiva system long ago. It was not, and it left an open vulnerability for those with an agenda to pounce. They point at certain ones (that do exist but not the majority) where the graduates cannot even construct a proper letter or speak with proper grammar in English. Most do but it only takes one for phonies like Moster and whoever is paying him, to publicize and publicize it and poof — regulations to teach 7 hours secular.

    The 7 hours is likely a negotiation tactic and they know they will have to eventually scale it back to 2 or 3, which is what they wanted in the first place. Then when the Yeshivas “compromise” the state will get what it wanted originally. It is a trick. Yes that phony Naftuli Moster has an agenda/is being paid by someone etc, but there really should not be kids not able to read or write in proper English. Now Lipa Schmeltzer is out there saying the same thing. It is a chilul Hashem to have outwardly “religious” Jews that outsiders can point to and say “see they aren’t learning anything in these religious schools” Hashem is sending a message that this should have been taken care of preventative instead of reacting, when the other side has all the cards. Also, when you take money from the state, for busing etc. they reserve the right at any stage to tell you what to do.

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