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    Menachem Shmei

    Indeed, I completely agree with you.

    Bacteria. Unless you don’t consider that a creature. Whatever. (No, I did not mean “dinosaurs” if that’s what you’re asking).

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    Menachem Shmei


    Just wondering, aren’t there plenty of creatures and other beings that we weren’t aware of for thousands of years and we’re only revealed recently?

    On the contrary, Hashem chose this time to reveal their existence so we can serve Hashem on much greater level with all the new tools (think electricity, radio waves, etc.).

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    Menachem Shmei

    Chabad dot org has a nice article on this with many מראי מקומות

    Google: Chabad org is there life on other planets

    For another interesting article on this topic, Google:
    The Rebbe and the scientist: Looking for life on Mars

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    Menachem Shmei


    Sorry, wasn’t intentional

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    “Any Jew can claim to be Melech HaMoshiach”

    There are certain qualifications listed in the Rambam that someone must have in order to be considered Moshiach even before starting the actual Geulah. There are other signs he must show to prove that he is definitely Moshiach and the Geulah has begun. Having a son is not listed among either list.

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    Menachem Shmei

    I would like to point out that most commentaries argue with the Rambam’s opinion here, and in very sharp ways.

    This all follows his opinion that תכלית השכר is a spiritual world and Moshiach will not live forever.

    Most disagree with that approach.
    See the Raavad.
    The Ramban (יגזור הרב ז”ל מיתה על המשיח ועל דורו)
    Avodas Hakodesh: הרמב”ם ז”ל שפט משפט מוות על בני תחיית המתים ועל המשיח ודורו
    And many others.

    Additionally, when Moshiach comes, all מומים and sicknesses will be healed (as ruled by the Rambam as well, הלכות תשובה פ”ט), so I doubt anyone will still be childless. (See also Shabbos 30b)

    Irregardless, throughout the signs that the Rambam gives to identify someone as Melech haMoshiach (הלכות מלכים פי”א ה”ד), he makes no mention of having children.

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    Menachem Shmei


    You obviously didn’t watch the video, instead you are believing the fictional story told by NYP, CBS, Arutz Sheva, etc. (which, to the best of my knowledge, they STILL haven’t retracted).

    The avraich did NOT grab his hand and steer him to the door. He spoke to him, explained him the problem, put his hand lightly on his shoulder, headed in the general direction of the door, left the child there and calmly exited the shul, kissing the mezuzah on his way out.

    No grabbing hands, no shlepping, no running.

    Most of the news story was fabricated. Check out the footage.

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    Menachem Shmei

    Regarding the fruit of the עץ הדעת, if I’m not mistaken, the opinions are:


    P.S. Esrog can also be called תפוח

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    Menachem Shmei

    Not getting into the lashon harah aspect, Torah definitely believes in pouring out your feelings to someone else:
    דאגה בלב איש ישיחנה.

    However, Torah always stresses the terrible effects of כעס, so the “venting” should obviously be done in a calm and collected way, with the intent to fix the problem.

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    Menachem Shmei

    Of course Hashem wants the Yidden to survive! Hashem loves the Yidden like the apple of His eye. The entire world and everything in it was created for the Yidden. Yidden are even more important to Hashem than the Torah itself (תנא דבי אליהו, ועוד)

    As we say in the Haggadah, in every generation they rise against us to annihilate us, but Hashem delivers us from their hands.

    Very soon, Moshiach will come, and we’ll live forever with eternal peace. רמב”ם הלכות מלכים פי”ב, ועוד

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    Menachem Shmei


    How optimistic, Eretz Yisroel is the best place to live because it’s the best place to get killed! (ר”ל)


    A fundamental tenent of our belief system is אחכה לו בכל יום שיבוא. No matter how bleak things look, let’s remember that we’re on the threshold to a much better world.

    As the Rambam describes (הלכות מלכים ומלחמות ומלך המשיח פי”ב ה”ה):
    At that time [of Melech haMoshiach], there will be no famine nor war, no jealousy nor competition, and all delicacies will be found like dust… And the world will be filled with the knowledge of Hashem as the water covers the seabed.

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    Menachem Shmei

    Indeed, this is becoming quite common. Bochurim need a healthy outlet since they are in yeshivah and not using social media, going out to entertainment, etc. (boruch Hashem).

    These are obviously only meant to be used during breaks bein hasdorim, so the more studious bochurim can stay and learn, while the more restless bochurim can play.

    This is especially useful in the winter when it’s hard to play outside, since most yeshiva lack an indoor gym (game room is a cheaper alternative).

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    Menachem Shmei


    Your suggestion is against Torah.
    Who gave you the right to throw away millions of Hashem’s children, when the Gemara tells us אע”פ שחטא ישראל הוא, and בין כך ובין כך בני הם (which is even referring to a Yid who is משומד לעבודה זרה ר”ל – Rashba Shu”t 1:194)?

    How much more so when we are talking about a person who knows nothing about his own religion (due to lack of education), all he knows is that his nation is the most persecuted in the entire world, yet he show great mesiras nefesh by identifying himself as Jewish, despite not knowing what it means practically.

    In a way, the essential connection that we all have to Hashem is even more visible on such a person than a frum Yid who received a Jewish education.

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    Menachem Shmei


    Anyone born of a Jewish mother or who did halachic conversion has an intrinsic connection to Hashem, infinitely more than any other creature on Earth.

    This person is defined as Yid. The term has nothing to do with one’s behavior.

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    Menachem Shmei


    As I said, there are several definitions of the term tzaddik, depending on the context.

    The definition that you gave is the one that is brought in Tanya and proven from many mamorei razal.
    However, the Alter Rebbe (Baal Hatanya) himself acknowledges that the term is sometimes used with other meanings (like in the Rambam quoted by smerel, or והצדיקו את הצדיק, etc.).

    Re Morahs (I reply with a grain of sensitivity just in case you are suffering trauma from your kindergarten morah):

    Don’t be so quick to condemn. Remember the תשובת הרשב”א (brought in שו”ת השיב משה סימן יג):
    אין לדחות קבלה שיש ביד הנשים הזקנות מבני עמנו מפני שישים ריבוא מופתים המראים סתרו

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    Menachem Shmei


    I know about the limmud of עושה מעשה עמך, I was saying that we don’t find this limmud regarding ועמך כולם צדיקים. On the contrary, it is coming to include this who are not generally עושה מעשה עמך.

    Re Judgemental

    Unfortunately, our behavior often doesn’t reflect on our views. I think that it’s terrible and ossur to speak lashon harah, yet I often slip up.

    Although someone could believe in being non-judgemental and only see another for his pintele Yid, practically when someone bothers him personally he can react terribly.
    Making our day to day life in sync with our belief system is the life struggle of every Yid.

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    Menachem Shmei

    “They have to be “ameich”, oseh maysoh amcha, perfoming what your nation performs. Reshoim aren’t part of that”

    What is your source?

    The Mishna & Gemara (סנהדרין צ, א) learns from the possuk “ועמך כולם צדיקים” that all Yidden have a share in Olam Habba.
    The מפרשים explain this to be referring to ALL Yidden, including רשעים who are חייב ד’ מיתות ב”ד.
    (See Rashi, Maharsha, etc.)

    This is also the halachic ruling of the Rambam (Teshuva, 3:5): Also רשעים have a share in Olam Habba, as it says, ועמך כולם צדיקים
    וכן כל הרשעים שעונותיהן מרבים דנין אותן כפי חטאיהם ויש להן חלק לעולם הבא, שכל ישראל יש להם חלק לעולם הבא אף על פי שחטאו, שנאמר ועמך כלם צדיקים לעולם יירשו ארץ.

    There are many different levels of when the term tzaddik is used, depending on the context.

    Chassidus explains that in this context צדיקים is referring to anyone who performs mitzvos, including רשעים, as the Gemara says (ערובין יט, א. חגיגה כז, א):
    “The fire of Gehinom has no power over the sinners of Israel, since they are filled with mitzvos like a pomegranate.”

    Why should we seek to push away other Yidden if we can bring them close? ידע איניש בנפשיה that we are all not perfect in serving Hashem, let us judge others in the way that we want Hashem to judge us.

    May we be zoche to the geulah shleima when it will be revealed that every Yid is a tzaddik.

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    Menachem Shmei


    Never heard that one (the first part at least),

    in reply to: yeridas hadoirois #2130676
    Menachem Shmei

    In reply to the different opinions regarding informing the parents, the statement which I began with still stands:

    “It’s hard to make such a blanket statement. It depends on the bochur, his needs, his environment, etc.”

    Sometimes, (very often) it’s okay to “snitch”. The question we must always ask before informing on someone is: “Am I doing this in order to help/save/protect that person/others, or just because I enjoy being a snitch and getting the guy in trouble?”

    Often, if a someone confided his trust in you, it was because he assumed that you wouldn’t tell others. If you break that trust, even if you’re only doing it for his benifit, it will backfire and from now on he will keep all of his struggles to himself, which is the worst.

    However, I do believe that this can often quite comparable to drug usage or the like. [%30-%40 percent of internet usage is for terrible addictions that do great emotional (and obviously spiritual) damage.]

    But it doesn’t make a difference how bad it is. Even for something like drugs, I would think twice before reporting. Will this help him or make it worse? It all depends on the situation.

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    Menachem Shmei

    It’s hard to make such a blanket statement. It depends on the bochur, his needs, his environment, etc.

    Sometimes, being so stringent can backfire. If all his friends are in constant contact with each other, but he is cut out from it by force, it can lead him to acquiring devices behind his parents back.

    I personally know a young bochur in an out-of-town yeshiva who is the only one in his class whose parents don’t let him have a cellphone. This is asking for disaster.

    All the bochurim in his class have flip phones that are fully kosher, and they must give it in to the dorm counselor for most of the week (they get it back for Erev Shabbos).

    But this bochur bought a smartphone behind his parents back, and it’s completely unfiltered (r”l), and he uses it throughout the week without reporting it to the dorm counselor. Hanhola thinks that he’s always absent because he likes sleeping in, and his parents still think that he’s the safest bochur in his class from the internet.

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    Menachem Shmei


    The Rebbe clearly mentioned the ב”ח several times in the footnotes of the חלק לד sicha (see footnotes 30, 31. Also see 18).

    The Rebbe is not arguing with the ב”ח or the פרמ”ג, since he does not say that kavanah is unnecessary, rather that it is not עיקר גוף המצוה (aside from unique cases).

    “or was not aware of it”

    The Rebbe was aware of the פרמ”ג about למען, and he quotes it several times.

    For example:

    1) In a letter to Rav Avrohom Chaim Noeh in 5712 (אגרות קודש חלק ה ע’ קי ס”ו, also in לקוטי שיחות חלק כט ע’ 500).

    2) לקוטי שיחות חלק לד ע’ 140 footnotes 5, 12, 46 (over there the Rebbe give a lengthy שקו”ט regarding the reason why the Mechaber brings the טעמי המצוות for mitzvas sukka.)

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    Menachem Shmei

    “since the Torah writes “lemaan””

    See aforementioned sicha – footnote 17, for the difference between the lemaan of tefillin, tzitzis, etc. and the lemaan of Hakhel.

    While kavana is necessary for Tefillin, it is not גוף המצוה, rather מתנאי המצוה, as opposed to תפלה.
    See more at length in לקוטי שיחות חלק כב ע’ 116 ואילך.
    See also בית אלקים להמבי”ט שער התפלה פ”ג.

    [P.S. Again, I never looked into the dinim of writing. My rov has guided me to follow the Rebbe’s behavior in this case, and he would sign his chol hamoed letters with מפני קדושת המועד לא באתי עהח”ת, so that’s what I do as well.
    But again, you are probably right that this does not apply to virtual writing]

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    Menachem Shmei

    UJM, Gadolhadorah,

    You’re very welcome,
    Of course, despite all different דרכים, we can always find things which we can agree upon.


    RE Tefillin:

    Good question.
    In לקוטי שיחות חלק לד ע’ 211 ואילך, the Rebbe addresses the difference between תפלין, ציצית, וכדומה and Hakhel.
    In short: Although the kavana is very important by putting Tefillin, it is not a part of גוף המצוה. Whereas there are certain מצוות (e.g. מצות תפלה) that the kavana is part of the mitzva itself, and not just a condition to fulfilling the mitzva.
    The Rebbe is מדייק there from lashon harambam that Hakhel belongs to the latter catogory, thus strengthening נצחיות המצוה.
    The Rebbe explains this at length with many sources, and he also explains where in the pesukim the Rambam learned this from.

    If you are indeed interested in learning (“תורה היא וללמוד אני צריך”), I would suggest you take a look here:

    RE בל תוסיף
    Obviously, no one is ch”v saying that this is actually the mitzva of Hakhel itself nowadays (ראה לקוטי שיחות שם הערה 38). I don’t think that borrowing the name of a mitzva בשם המושאל constitutes bal tosif, but if your rov says so, I guess you should obey.

    Ah gutten moed!

    [P.S. RE Writing on Chol Homoed:
    I haven’t put much thought into it. I am used to writing in Lashon Hakodesh, and I usually add מפני קדושת המועד. So I guess when I’m typing I do the same sometimes. I haven’t really looked into the differece between typing and writing (though I would assume that typing is much more linient), nor the difference between English and Lashon Hakodesh. Maybe you can be more מאריך about this in a seperate thread.]

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    Menachem Shmei

    Syag, RSo, etc.

    The Rebbe published several talks where he discusses the idea of Hakhel from a halachic standpoint, explaining the ideas which he said.

    Please let me know the questions/issues that you find with the idea of Hakhel (aside from the fact that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is a daas yochid, and was the first one who promoted it) and I will look into it.

    מפני קדושת המועד לא באתי עה”ח

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    Menachem Shmei


    You’re right, we can’t just let people use whatever names we want for things. For that we have our gedolim. It is for this reason that I made it clear that this was started by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    Meanwhile, no one had any substantial issue with Hakhel. Their only problem with it was that it has no support from Gedolim besides the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and they don’t consider the Rebbe to be a דעה.

    In other words, they didn’t argue against my point at all, rather they just said that they don’t hold of the gadol who made this point, meaning that there is some sort of animosity to the Rebbe.

    To this I expressed my disapointment that Yidden haven’t learned to accept that just because they don’t accept a certain gadol (either for a good reason, or out of ignorance, which I fear is usually the case) that doesn’t mean that they should bash others who do accept him and spread his teachings (obviously, in a respectful way. Like starting a topic on a forum).

    If someone would have asked an actual Torah question on Hakhel, I would have never responded about achdus and ahavas yisroel. I would have researched the answer like any idea in Torah. If someone says “stop proselytizing what the Lubavitcher Rebbe says” – that seems to be sinas chinam.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    מפני קדושת המועד לא באתי עהח”ת

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    Menachem Shmei


    There’s no point in rehashing old endless discussions and arguments. Too much ink has been spilled in YWNCR on the “Who is a greater gadol” competition.

    I feel that if someone respectfully posted a request “to all of klal yisroel” from his own, unknown Rosh Yeshiva or teacher (e.g. to say a certain kapital of Tehilim every day, to use out a certain day to give extra tzedaka, etc.) – no one would bat an eyelid. Some people would be inspired to follow, others would ignore it and move on in life.

    I cannot fathom why people are so disturbed from my posting the call of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to add in achdus in honor of shnas hakhel. If it doesn’t interest you, move on to the next subject.

    I don’t know. Maybe now that we are so close to the geula, the satan is using every means at his desposal to sow machlokes among Yidden.

    May Hashem help us overcome this stumbling block and merit the Geula shleima, וקהל גדול ישובו הנה.

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    Menachem Shmei


    Geirim seems to be referring to Geir tzedek.
    The chiddush of geirim is that even though they may not understand the words of the Torah, they still come, since it’s not just about understanding, but the general feeling of awe with all of Klal Yisroel standing together.

    ראה רמב”ם הלכות חגיגה פרק ג ה”ו:
    וגרים שאינן מכירין חיבין להכין לבם ולהקשיב אזנם לשמע באימה ויראה וגילה ברעדה כיום שנתנה בו בסיני.

    RE loudspeakers:

    Since the idea is not just to understand, rather the general feeling – there is no need for everyone to be able to hear. The main mitzva is just to be there, and have the right kavana.

    As the Rambam makes it clear at the end of the aforementioned halacha:
    ומי שאינו יכול לשמוע מכון לבו לקריאה זו, שלא קבעה הכתוב אלא לחזק דת האמת. ויראה עצמו כאלו עתה נצטוה בה ומפי הגבורה שומעה, שהמלך שליח הוא להשמיע דברי הא-ל.
    (This is not referring to someone who is deaf, since they are potur from Hakhel altogether (see Rambam שם ה”ב) – rather to those who are too distant from the king’s bima)

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    Menachem Shmei

    Reb RSo, no need to get so riled up when you see mention of Lubavitch.

    No one is trying to secretly impose any agendas on you. I think I made it quite clear in my post that this was a chiddush of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    We know the rule in Torah – כל מה שתלמיד ותיק עתיד לחדש בתורה הכל ניתן למשה מסיני.
    (ראה מגילה יט, ב. ירושלמי פאה פ”ב, ה”ד. שמו”ר רפמ”ז. ויק”ר רפכ”ב. קה”ר פ”א, ט. פ”ה ח. שו”ת רד”ך בית ה’ חדר ג’. תורת העולה ח”ג, פנ”ה. הקדמת הש”ך עה”ת. אור תורה להה”מ ר”פ תולדות. אגה”ק קו”א ד”ה להבין פרטי ההלכות.)

    The Rebbe, a huge tzaddik and tremendous talmid chochom, can definitely be מחדש in Torah, especially as a means for encouraging Yidden to add in avodas Hashem, just as countless gedolim have done throughout history.

    The Rebbe clearly explains what led him to be מחדש the term “שנת הקהל”, with many sources (as is usual throughout the Rebbe’s hundreds of seforim).
    See here:
    הערה דיבור המתחיל: שנת הקהל

    If you choose to use other minhagim to add in your avodas Hashem – suit yourself. The Rebbe did everything he could to have Yidden add in their Yiddishkeit (not just for non-frum Yidden, but for every Yid possible). If you’re not interested, no problem. But no need to bash others.

    The Chofetz Chaim put a tremendous emphasis on the lashon harah. Should that offend someone who puts an emphasis on other things?

    Any true gadol and leader in Klal Yisroel can and should make a big shturem about ideas which he feels are important for strengthening our shmiras Torah u’mitzvos and yiras shomayim.

    No one will argue with the fact that when Yidden gather together to discuss words of Torah, this has a tremendous effect on them. If you don’t want to call this Hakhel – no problem! But it shouldn’t upset you if others use Hakhel as an inspiration to add in achdus and inspiration.

    With love,
    Gut Yom Tov!
    Menachem Shmei

    in reply to: ‏תשובה #2129818
    Menachem Shmei


    You are completely right, there are many important reasons stop learning Torah.

    I was specifically referring to the incorrect statement that there is nothing wrong with bittul zman (doing nothing important with your time) as long as you are koveya itim to learn Torah once in the morning and once in the evening.

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    Menachem Shmei

    The possuk says about Yaakov, “ויבן לו בית ולמקנהו עשה סוכות”

    Chassidus explains that לו – for himself (i.e. his neshama), Yaakov built בית – permanent structures.
    למקנהו – for his physical needs, he made סוכות, temporary dwellings, since everything in this world is only temporary.

    (ראה לקוטי שיחות ח”א ע’ 68)

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    Menachem Shmei


    According to many (most?) poskim, there is an obligation to learn Torah at every moment. This is learned from the possuk in Yehoshua “לא ימוש”.

    Wasting even one moment of learning Torah is the serious aveira of bittul torah.

    If someone must stop learning in order to make a living, he is permitted to do so, but he must have a set time to learn in morning and night. This is just the minimum shiur, but every free moment from work must be devoted to Torah learning.

    If someone needs various entertainment/news outlets as a break in between learning so that he can go back to learning with more vigor, it seems to be מותר (assuming that they are compeletly up to kosher standards).

    This idea is in no way bal tosif.

    בסנהדרין צט, א מפרש הפסוק “ודבר ה’ בזה . . הכרת תכרת” על כל שאפשר לעסוק בתורה ואינו עוסק. וראה לקוטי אמרים תניא פ”א.

    See Tanya ch. 25 that the reason why we say סלח לנו three times a day is because of being עובר the aveira of ביטול תורה.

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    Menachem Shmei

    The only time that I got a glimpse of tintin was when someone somehow got access to the Yeshiva’s Otzar Hachochma (which was usually all locked up) and managed to upload all the Tintins.

    You can imagine our surprise when we browsed through the list of seforim and we found countless volumes of “טינטין”!

    B”H there is so much Jewish material nowadays, why treif up our children’s minds with goyishe shtusim? Even if there is nothing there that is clearly against halacha, it definitely lacks the Yiddishe taam.

    in reply to: Yom Kippur like Purim #2129607
    Menachem Shmei

    As Abukspan mentioned, the connection between Yom Kippur and Purim is already mentioned in Tikkunei Zohar. The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains the connection at length according to chassidus (originally explained by the Baal Hatanya in Torah Ohr).

    The idea in short is that when we do an aveira we break the regular connection to Hashem which is dependent on our fulfilment of mitzvos. Teshuva means that we reach a higher level of connection which is not affected whatsoever by our aveiros. When we tune in to this connections, we are cleansed from our aveiros.

    Like Yom Kippur, Purim is also associated with this connection, which is the reason that Hashem’s name isn’t mentioned in the Megilla, since it is connected to Atzmus – higher than any name or description. This is also the idea of עד דלא ידע on Purim – we reach a level which is completely higher than any intellect, even higher than the regular intellect of Torah kvayochol (בין ארור המן לברוך מרדכי).

    See at length here:

    in reply to: ‏תשובה #2129609
    Menachem Shmei

    (@ujm, this applies to you as well, but in general you don’t seem as sincere as Moish, so I doubt this will make a difference)

    You may be right. Us readers and commenters may be doing an aveira, or at least something that does not fit with the ruach of yiddishkeit.

    But would you walk around on a beach to warn everyone that it’s אסור to be there because of seeing pritzus? As I’ve mentioned before, it seems a bit hypocritical.

    Again, I’m not saying you must be perfect before critisizing others, but it’s a bit ironic to try to stop others while doing the VERY SAME aveira (similar to the beach משל).

    Here’s an example: It is okay to give a derasha about not speaking during davening even if you yourself know that sometimes you are נכשל.
    But if it’s in middle of davening and you are having an animated discussion with someone about how terrible it is that there are others who talk during davening, then you are a hypocrite and no one will listen to you.

    If indeed you feel that the website is treif, I suggest you leave YWN and never come back, and instead go to all your family and friends and explain them the problem with YWN, and urge them to spread this to everyone they know.
    Or maybe it’s not your business and you should better spend your time learning Torah. Ask your personal rav.

    May Hashem guide you to making the proper choice.

    If you do not actually feel that using YWN is wrong, and you are just trying to have fun starting conversations etc., keep it up, you’re doing great!

    in reply to: No torah no jewish state #2117078
    Menachem Shmei

    OP, what makes you think that Lapid is such an extreme change?

    There have always been some aspects of halacha in the Israeli government, and there still are. Sometimes it was more, sometimes it was less.

    Some halacha does not equal Judaism. Refrom believes in some halacha but it’s not Judaism at all. Kefira in one letter of תורה שבכתב or תורה שבעל פה is kefira in the entire Torah.

    Of course, this is not speaking about people, rather institutions. If a rabbi says lashon harah once, he is still a rabbi. If he announces that the halachos of lashon harah don’t apply anymore – he is a kofer in the entire Torah and no longer represents Judaism.

    The “State of Israel” never supported the entire Torah, so it was never a “Jewish State”.
    Of course, as Jews, we try to influence them to have as much halacha as possible, since this affects millions of Jews.

    in reply to: The coffee room is ussor and I’m trying to make sure people chap #2117072
    Menachem Shmei

    @Moshi26, I respect that you’re standing up for proper Yidishe values.

    However, whether it’s right or wrong, that doesn’t take away from the irony of discussing the issur of using YWN ON YWN!

    You are having a disucussion with many anonymous users, many of whom are possibly women – about the issur of talking to women on a forum!

    I can think of many Torah phrases that redicule this behavior: טובל ושרץ בידו, כל הפוסל במומו פוסל, קשוט עצמך ואחר כך קשוט אחרים, etc. etc. Of course this does not mean that we must be perfect before helping others in their Yiddishkeit, but you can’t do an aveira to help others refrain from that very aveira.

    Imagine if one fine Shabbos morning, someone would (ch”v) start a thread about how terrible it is that people are posting on forums on Shabbos. That would be rediculous!

    in reply to: The coffee room is ussor and I’m trying to make sure people chap #2115828
    Menachem Shmei

    @Moish26, @ujm,

    Do you realize how ironic this discussion is?

    Whether you’re right or wrong, you are currently talking on a forum with a bunch of women, repermanding people for chatting with women in a forum?

    in reply to: I personally view ben gvirs rise concerning #2115826
    Menachem Shmei

    “20 years ago ben gvir wouldn’t even get percent . . . And ninety percent of them below the age of 25”

    Are you too young to remember Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D? (over 30 years ago)

    in reply to: ט”ו באב #2114544
    Menachem Shmei

    Chassidus explains that the greatest joy is from light that comes after darkness.

    This idea can be found in connection with all 5 things.

    Generally, 15 Menachem-Av symbolizes the inner light and hope that is concealed in golus.
    This is especially symbolized by the full moon of the month of Av. Of course, the moon is always full, but on 15th, the light shines brightly. That is why ישראל דומין ללבנה – sometimes our light is concealed. The greatest concealement is on Tisha B’av, and therefore, the full moon of the month of Av is the greatest joy and nechama.
    It reminds us that despite being in the darkest golus, we will soon shine again with the coming of Moshiach.

    This is also stressed by the idea of כלו מתי המדבר: in truth, the Yidden stopped dying on Tisha B’av, but they only knew for certain on 15 Av. So too, Moshiach was already born on Tisha B’av, but the revelation and light of geula is specifically connected to 15 Av.

    Gut Yom Tov!
    May we be zoche to celebrate this 15 Av with the light of Moshiach in the most revealed way!

    Menachem Shmei

    @ujm, thanks for taking the words out of my mouth

    , I guess that שנאה blinds you to the extent that you will find “Elokus doubts and suspicions” in everything in Chabad, as is apparent from your ridiculous and off-topic comment.

    P.S. If you truly have a burning question, start your own thread.
    If it’s just לקנטר, continue to troll all of my comments.

    P.P.S. What is the meaning of the name “GadolHadofi”? Is it meant to be comparable to “Gedolei HaTorah”? Are you saying that there is דופי in the words of Torah chas v’shalom? It sounds like you have doubts in the 8th Ani Maamin…

    in reply to: I don’t like Donald Trump, but… #2113733
    Menachem Shmei

    @GadolHadofi, LOL! Even I don’t get that off-topic! 🤣

    Menachem Shmei

    The possuk says (Devorim 30:3) – ושב ה’ אלקיך את שבותך

    Rashi comments that it does not say והשיב (i.e. that He will return the Yidden), rather ושב – He Himself will return with the Yidden.
    The Shechina dwells with Bnei Yisroel in their suffering in golus, and when we are redeemed – He will return with us.

    ושב ה’ אלהיך את שבותך. היה לו לכתב “והשיב” את שבותך, רבותינו למדו מכאן כביכול שהשכינה שרויה עם ישראל בצרת גלותם, וכשנגאלין הכתיב גאולה לעצמו שהוא ישוב עמהם.

    in reply to: shabbos nachamu 2022 #2113335
    Menachem Shmei

    אחכה לו בכל יום שיבא

    in reply to: Bein Hametzarim Trivia Question #2113201
    Menachem Shmei

    “Zionism started on Tisha B’Av”

    This is a true statement. The REAL Zionism started on Tisha B’Av – the Zionism which undermines the current Zionism.

    Since Tisha B’Av, Jews have been imploring from Hashem every day in davening ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון ברחמים. Not for some secular government of Jews who call themselves “Zion,” but a true return of Hashem’s shchina to Tziyon with the Geula HO’AMITIS.

    When people told the Lubavitcher Rebbe that we have already witnessed the אתחלתא דגאולה with the founding of the “State of Israel”, the Rebbe said that the term אתחלתא דגאולה can already be used about the birth of Moshiach on Tisha B’Av (as RebE pointed out), yet since then is the darkest period for the Jewish people.

    לקוטי שיחות ח”ה ע’ 149
    ונוסף על הבלבול וכו’ דאתחלתא דגאולה המדוברות בכ”מ בחז”ל שהם ע”ד ההתחלה שהייתה ברגע הראשון שלאחרי חורבן ביהמ”ק וכמפורש באיכ”ר שגעתה פרתו פעם שני’ אמר נולד מושיען וגולן של ישראל ומפרט שמו ועירו כו’ . . ולאחרי אתחלתא זו – התחיל מר הגלות ר”ל

    in reply to: Bein Hametzarim Trivia Question #2112879
    Menachem Shmei

    ca, what does “with n tisha bav” mean? Within Tisha b’av? With no Tisha B’av?

    in reply to: Waze #2112877
    Menachem Shmei

    ujm, I was just wondering what got you suddenly curious about random waze facts.

    huju, nice point. Where does Trump fly in?

    in reply to: Waze #2112841
    Menachem Shmei

    ujm, contrary to popular belief, one is permitted (and obligated) to learn Torah on Tisha B’av, just it must be from the subjects which are permitted. No need to be completely bored out of your mind.

    Unless you just got a new smartphone?

    in reply to: Tisha B’Av isn’t entertainment #2112793
    Menachem Shmei

    Sorry, I don’t understand. What king of “inspirational speakers” are you referring to? If these are comedians, this is terribly wrong. But somehow, I doubt this is the case.

    “reflecting” and “strengthening our yiras shamayim” is what most inspirational speakers do. Please enlighten me as to what the balebatishe speakers inspire about other than chizzuk.

    For example, over here:
    I see nothing but true Torah inspiration.

    Menachem Shmei

    “can a shabbos goy do the replenishing for an individual on shabbos?”

    It is permitted to ask a goy to turn on the heat since it is necessary for health and gzeiras amira l’nochri did not include heat.

    The entire idea of Shabbos goy comes from this. Every Jewish house or building had a goy who would come in every Shabbos to take care of the fire.

    “jews who lived in isolated cold climate with no nearby neighbors”

    The only Jews I could think of were those in Siberia. No, they did not keep warm. That’s how they died.

    in reply to: Philanthropy for Kavod #2112619
    Menachem Shmei

    I await the day when it will become acceptable to write the following hakdosha:

    הוקדש על ידי הגאון הצדיק הבעל חסד עוסק בצ”צ
    ר’ ראובן פלוני שליט”א
    לעילוי נשמת הרוצה בעילום שמו ע”ה


    (after all, we all know who really wants his name up. The niftar couldn’t care less!)

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