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    This is the only lukshen kugel recipe I make.

    My kids beg me to make this kugel every shabbos. I can’t , Its so good I cant help but eat more than I should!

    It is called Bostoner Rebbetzin’s Lukshen Kugel

    1 lb. noodles

    4 eggs

    1/2 tsp pepper

    1 tsp salt

    1/2 cup brown sugar ( i use about 3/4)

    1/2 cup oil

    2 medium onions

    saute onions in some of the oil till carmelized

    boil noodles according to directions on package, and drain

    mix noodles, eggs, onion, salt, pepper and brown sugar.

    bake at 350 degrees for atleast one hour. If you dont like a crunchy top on your kugel, cover it w/ foil.

    Dont let the sugar fool u into thinking this is an extremely sweet kugel. It is mildly sweet and the onions balance it out.

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    First off, i want to let u know that my sister started out Modern Orthodox. So she didnt have all the added “pressure” that comes with being more right wing. she had it easy much easier than someone like gitty who started off in a more frum house and in a bais yakov type of environment. She still gave it up. why? she had a roommate,that she assumed was frum, and one shabbos she came home from shul and found her watching tv on shabbos. my sister figured no big deal i didnt turn it on so i’ll watch a little. that encounter led to her turning it on, seeing she wasnt “struck down by lightning” she slowly started doing more things that were michalel shabbos. w/ in a few months she was totally distanced from the life she used to lead.

    unfortunately my sister’s spark is very dormant. She has been this way for 17 years ………..

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    its not going to work trying to convince someone who made what they feel is an adult decision, that what she did was wrong. My sister isnt frum (was about 23+ when she started her transformation). Even though she said she kept kosher, i knew something wasnt right when i saw Frank perdue chickeen in her fridge. I asked her what she would do if she met a religious guy who wanted to date her. (No comments please on “no religious guy would ask a girl on a date)

    Knowing how she was in her late 20’s and would probably jump at the chance i assumed she would answer what i wanted to hear. instead she said ,”why would a frum guy want to date me , i’m not religious”. well believe it or not, even being in the secular world as long as she has been she still hasnt found herself a husband. SHe is very accomodating when she is here, she plays along on shabbos and as far as i can see keeps it 100%.

    she keeps semi kosher on pesach, which means she doesnt eat real chometz but doesnt actually buy kosher l’pesach items like tuna or mayo etc. . to her its not real chometz. She doesnt work rosh hashana and yom kippur, she fasts alll day and goes to “shul”

    let them be, if they still have that spark deep down inside, it will ignite when it feels it is the right time.

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    re- read less chumras post. his father became a baal t’shuvah in 1948 and died in 1964.

    he obviously told them at dinner that he had this “vision of his mother and grandmother” and then the very next day happened to die at the same station.

    exact spot? well only the dad knows for sure . same platform, is more likely.

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    did u actually say to ask a poseik first?

    lets tell all these stupid mothers to ask a poseik firtst if they are allowed to leave their children unatteneded while they shop. in the process, they could be kidnapped, molested, etc.

    i’d rather subject the mother to a night in jail so she can learn her lesson, then to have a child suffer a lifetime for a selfish mistake on his mothers part.

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    joking or not, its comments like yours that put ideas into peoples heads.

    i have 2 cousins in their mid 20’s , from mazing family, absolutely stunning, beautiful girls, perfect sizes, they could both model, they have one problem, they are redheads, and like your stupid comment, no one wants to date a redhead. .

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    Forgot to add to my recipe to brush with a beaten egg before putting in the oven

    one may also sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds .

    And one can add in raisins before shaping

    in reply to: Physical Discipline in Yeshivos #622785

    look any rebbe that hits a kid should be turned in to social services.. it is 100% child abuse.

    my father used to tell us how one of his rebbeim in RJJ used to throw things at them. One day my father was acting up and a HAMMER was thrown at him. MY father ducked and the hammer went out the window.

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    for a bread machine, but can be done by hand

    2 eggs

    6 tbs oil

    5 tbs sugar

    3/4 cup hot water

    1 tsp salt

    3 cups flour

    2 1/4 tsp yeast or 1 package dry yeast

    follow instructions on bread machine or make as you would any recipe by hand

    shape let rise and bake for 19 minutes on 375 degrees

    if you like it well done, leave in for 2 more minutes.

    This only makes 2 regular sized challah or one very large challah, but it is worth it. The first word out of everyones mouth after Hamotzi is YUM!

    in reply to: Treatment of teens off the derech #1160095

    i have a friend , the daughter of a choshuva rav from boro park, whose sister went off the derech. That sister whom the rav accepted no matter what, is now married with children . her husband who was not religious when they married, learns weekly w/ a rabbi and they send their children to a local yeshiva day school. some kids, just need to get it out of their system.

    in reply to: Daveing with Crocs #620731

    will hill, are u trying to say only those w/ jackets under their tallesim have proper decorum when davening?

    no jacket automatically means bad?

    in reply to: Daveing with Crocs #620713

    doesnt hashem accept all our tefillos, whether black hat, kippah serugah, or bareheaded?

    if hashem can accept tefillos from someone who cant even read hebrew but pours his heart out to the Almighty, why cant he accept tefillos of people wearing crocs?

    what do shoes have to do with it? granted, i wouldnt wear crocs on shabbos, but i see plenty of bachurim wearing NAOT slippers are they any better, only because

    they are leather?

    in reply to: Solving The Yeshiva Tuition Crisis #619545

    while i understand, that it costs to educate our children, on a household salary of $110,000, this is the breakdown

    mortgage at 1200 a month = $14,400

    car payments a month= $8000

    gas payments $80 aweek to fill up nowaday x2 cars =$8300+

    car insurance/ medical copays $7000

    food per week$ 350 (shabbos alone could be over $100) = $18,000+

    clothes for family of 7 $2000

    money to fix things in the house 2000

    credit card debt Payments of 4000 a year ( yes we have lots of debt)

    personal loans (eeded money for a down payment )

    shul member ship 500

    building funds 1000

    bedek habayit funds on top of school building funds 1000

    total comes to $6900

    now add tuition for 5 kids at 9000+ each = $45000

    GRAND TOTAL 112000

    the list could go on and on

    i am sure i am leaving out many things from this list

    . i am also positive i will get yelled at by ywn readers who will tell me to dress my kids in rags to lower clothes costs, starve my 5 growing boys, to lower food costs, dont charge all the above and i would’nt incur all the credit card debt etc

    but it still doesnt leave much money leftover to add to my savings so we just get by.

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