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    Regarding public tochacha. The CC in Klal 4 numer 31 writes that if the Avera is not known to people then the person giving the private Tochecha needs to be a ??? ???? or you can show him in a sefer that it is clearly Assur. However if you just tell him by yourself and he does not listen to you, you should not publicly ????? him, rather you should tell ????? ?????? and only after not listening to them you should go ahead and publicly ????? him.

    in reply to: Male Tznius #1082470

    see ??”? ??”? ??? ? ???? ?? ??? ? where he writes that anything in Simin ? is ???? ?????? and the dress code for men follows the ???? ????? (I would imagine this means whoever lives in the area including non-jews). He continues there that when you daven you need to be dressed as if you were in front of a king or royalty. It is always forbidden to ???? ???? especially in front of ?????.

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    I have tried to look for this Teshuva from Rav Elyashiv ZT”L and can not find it in vol 1-4, if you can please write where it is.

    Regarding custody I looked it up and in Simin 82 Sif 7 it says that the mother always gets full and complete custody of both the boy and girl forever (when the boy turns 6 the father can say that he does not want to pay child support because he wants his son to teach him Torah, but this only applies to money not custody). This is all black on white ??”?, maybe you have a different edition.

    A lady can force divorce in many cases for example (abuse, she can swear not to eat certain foods or be with him and many more types of Nedarim all brought in SH”A which come from Mishnayos). Also see IG”M simin 7980 where he writes that if a husband lost his mind a get might not even be needed. It was also stated in the Teshuva you quoted from Rav Elyashiv (where?) that if she gives a reason Beis Din should force it. The Gemara and SH”A also pasken that a lady does not have to live with a snake. In the times of Chazal or even the Rabeinu Asher these were enforced by beatings.

    in reply to: Men withholding a Get #1188126

    Its amazing how many Halachic opinions there are here without quoting any sources.

    It does say I think in Simin 82 Even Hezer that in case of divorce the mother gets full custody of the children and the father must pay child support to the mother. It also says I think in Simin 115 (or around there)that Beis Din will force a man both physically or monetarily to give a Get it the right circumstances (as they see fit for example if he refuses to be with her, beat her…).

    As for who is at fault I don’t think it makes a difference, anyone who thinks it is ok to keep someone in chains has something wrong with their head (it also says in the Torah that if a person is a Mumar we should try to kill him (Simin 412 Choshen Mishpat) not everything in the Torah has to be done rather we listen to Chazal.

    The best solution is what works today. 1. Beat him up (you might get caught and thrown in jail, but this has the best chance). 2. Through ORA you can protest at his house. 3. Get him to Israel and thrown in jail. 4. Get his friends and neighbors to help out.

    My heart goes out to anybody in a situation like this. A true ????.

    in reply to: Scientific Knowledge of the Gedolim #1071417

    B”H we still have a major talmid of the Chazon Ish who writes about this. THe Shevet Halevi who learned by the Chazon Ish for over twenty years. He writes in vol 10 chapter 13 that the Chazon Ish got all of his medical knowledge from his learning Torah and this is something special that is given from above, just like the Ramban and other. He also adds that the Chazon Ish had a ??? for these types of things. He adds that he was correct about 90% of the time.

    May this be a Zechus for the Shevet Halevi and may Shmuel ben Rochel have a complete Refua Shleima.

    in reply to: giving tzedakah to aniyim who smoke #1067162

    The Din is that if ‘you’ want to check you can, however if you don’t want to then you must give because that is the Din as stated above (many Issurim if you don’t). Regarding the whole question all it says in the SH”Aruch is that if a person is a Mumar then he does not get Tzedaka. A. I’m sure the people that are Makpid on smokers certainly would not give a person that went off the Derech. B. I’m sure you would also claim that he is Pasul Ledus. If you have any ????? regarding these questions, remember ??? ???????? ?????? and for sure give him money.

    in reply to: giving tzedakah to aniyim who smoke #1067143

    These are questions that deals with a ????????. Actually 4 of them. ?? ????, ?? ?????, ?? ???? ?? ???? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? and some hold also of ?? ??? ???? ???? ??.

    Usually when dealing with a ???????? we say to be ?????. Also if you do not like the fellow you can get the ???? of be ???? ???? which falls under the category of ?? ???? ???? ????? ???? ???. To find so many mitzvos at one time I would run to grab them. Also if you really did not want to give the fellow because he smells or does not look or act nicely and you go ahead and give him, the Medrish says that all of the ????? turn into ???? ??? and you get rewarded for that to. ???? ?????

    in reply to: Kollel Life – Reality? #1066001

    Regarding Kedimos you have a contradiction in 249 between sif 15 and 16.

    Also see the CC in Ahavas Chesed the 4th chapter ??? ?, where he says that giving your enemy that supersedes your own family because you get an extra Mitzva that way. You could ask but this is not brought down in the Shulchan Aruch, the answer is use your head not everything is there in the Shulchn Aruch.

    As for where does kolllel and learning Torah stand see the sefer Torah Or by the Chofetz Chaim where he writes that the main Mitzva of Masser is for ?”?. Acctually here is the exact quote.

    ????? ??????? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ?’ ???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ????? ??? ??”?…. Then he quotes a Gemara and a Rambam to this affect. He also adds that when you support a ?”? you get his ???? and with this you are ???? to ???? ???. I don’t think with any other ???? you can get such a reward.

    Now, you can still give your city or relatives that are ?”? and get both rewards (or to children.)

    in reply to: Does foul language make things assur? #1148787

    See Rambam on Avos Perek 1 mishna 16 ??”?, ????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???????? ????, ???? ???? ??? ????? ???????? ??????? ???????? ???? ?????? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ?? ????? ??? ????? ???.

    Also see the Sefer Nidchey Yisrael by the Chofetz Chaim chapter 20 towards the end where he calls it a ???? and a ??? and if you use ???? ?? any ???? ????? you speak later (including ?????? ????? ?????) will all go to destruction.

    in reply to: adopt a kollel #1065621

    aAdopt a kollel is a wonderful idea and we should definitely keep it, you cant lose by giving tzedaka as it says ??? by the Passuk (meaning you will get paid back).

    However it is worth to point out that your city friends and family come first. See Ahabas Chesed the 6th perek 2nd pgh that even if someone else is in a worse situation you should first help your family or city.

    Also see the Chofetz Chaim sefer called ???? ??? ??? ?? where he says that if you don’t give Tzedaka properly and accordingly, their is a fair chance you wont get rewarded the way you should be.

    in reply to: Yidl mitn ridl (Hilchos tzitzis) #1072019

    Also if he is in public and it would be embarrassing he is not Mevatel the Mitzvah. The Rama speaks this out.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061668

    Thank you so much for that, I am really impressed with your quickness.

    If you look in the Yeshurun that I quoted you will see he dedicated about 20 pages analyzing the difference between the Chazon Ish and the MB (citing many contradictions and explanations).

    Do you understand what it means when he writes ‘Pesak Hamekubal’? The MB is about 95 percent direct quotes from the nosey Kelim and the two he quotes the most is the Chayay Adom and the Pri Megadim (Artzos Hachaim in vol 1 or Tosfos Shabbos in 3). It also was their derech to do this also as was the Shach and many others.

    You agree though that in Europe he was the de facto, go to sefer.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061664

    See the past Yeshurun that just came out (elul ????) a 100 page article on this topic. He concludes that the MB was the go to sefer in Europe when there was no Minhag. He theorizes that this is true because he did a much more thorough job. See there for many many sources.

    To PAA again if you know of any sources about this methodology please write them (you realize that with such a claim you are taking on many accepted ??????? as stated previously, therefore it would be helpful to have a source) . In the article he also discuss Rav Henkin and the Teshuva you quoted previously Beny Bonim without quoting it by name just the author.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061663

    I was just responding to Ilovetohack I was not making a point about that. But I was saying that just like Minhag Lita was not like the MB in many things so to it was not like the AH in many things and that is because each place had there old minhagem. What is relevant is when you did not have a Minhag or a Minhag did not apply who did you look at; and it is crystal clear that it was the MB for the reasons stated above.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061660

    PAA: You misunderstood me I was just trying to answer who was more popular in Europe. It would be impossible for the AH to be because it wasn’t printed, besides the fact that the MB was popular all over as I previously wrote (see also in Meir Eyney Yisrael vol 6 page #87 and 112 how they were begging for more copies in America which is also in the Kol Kisvey). Also if you could please tell me which poskim you are referring to when you talk about this new methodology and I would prefer if you know of anyone ????. Thank you

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061659

    Ilovvetohock: That AH can be found in the KOl Kisvey AH Simin 7, he also has a Kula regarding what is Reshus Harabim that no one goes like, also by deserts when making a Bracha the Minhag in most places was not like him.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061656

    To PAA: I’m not sure how many more achronimrishonim the MB ‘invented’ to count much more than the Shach or Pri Megadim or the Graz in the Kuntres Acharon. Also being that they were not Rabonim (the PRi Megadim and Shach) I’m sure we should not follow them for their Hachra (I don’t think I have ever seen ???? on them). As per the MB not being popular in Europe if you go through the Kol Kisvey of the CC you will see that he was asked for thousands of copies for in Europe America and England (they printed the receipts and if you look in the Meir Einey Yisrael 6th vol they have other unprinted letters to the same extent). While in the Kol Kisvey of the OH there are two letters asking for his sefarim both from Russia.

    As for the GR”As popularity it probably was his own, but if you look at the Hakdama to the Chayay Adom you will see it was him or previously. I think most of this is a review from before.

    To Daniel: Its all very nice what you wrote except that for a Bar Mitzva Bochur I think the MB is the worst sefer to learn better go with a Kitzur or Chayey Adom. Maybe this can be a new thread on how to learn the MB; difference between the MB BH and the SHar Hatzhion and which Simanim did he not write.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061653

    I asked Reb Dovid as I said before and he told me his father did as he pleased and anyone that goes through Igros Moshe well, will see that he will sometimes quote the OH or the MB not one over the other (if you want to Bar Ilan it make sure its only in orach chaim). As to what you mentioned that the CC has a “new” way of counting up Achronim. Might you forget that the Gra”z (or the ALter Rebbe) does this all the time in the Kuntres Acharon, the PRi Megadim is notorious for it as to the Magen Giborim… The reason the CC brings so much is because he had access to them unlike the OH and this was his point as he writes in his Hakdama that you should not have to do all of the research and he is taking the burden off of you.

    When you say it is irrelevant when he quotes him #2 I don’t understand. If the OH only had 2 volumes it should make a big difference, the MB took 28 years to publish and the OH finished during the time, (this by the way is disregarding the fact that we don’t go like ????? in the same ???). As for a practicing Rabbi, the Gra did not practice and neither did the Shach when he published, Benn azzay, the Ramban when he wrote the Milchamos, the Tur did not practice, Reb Akiva Eger? as to many other great Mechabrim.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061647

    Thank you for that Mara Makom.

    It is fascinating that all the times that the OH quotes the MB is only in the first and third volume. And according to the sefer you quote (the grandson of Rav Henkin) it should follow that the Halacha only follows the OH in those volumes. What is also strange is that the places that he quotes the CC are random even though he argues on many more places and in about half of the places he acctuly compliments the MB. Also a mute point is that Rav Henkin and Rav Moshe both come from Russia and knew the OH and had no dealing with the CC. On the other hand the Ponavizer Rav who knew both of them held the CC in much higher esteem (see the Bio on the Ponvizer Rav 3 vol). I think the emes is that they are both great sefaim and you cant go wrong going with either one. The CC is a lot more thorough and harder to read (al be he did this on purpose, for a different time).

    Also when this grandson of Rav Henkin (in your Mare Makom of Bney Banim writes that the OH is more deep, I have no idea how he knows that or gets that. Some of the Beir Halachas are profound (see in 316 and 261 and others). When he also says we go like the later who had the previous one, see the sefer Machlokes Behalacha that we don’t always say this especially within the same generation (ShachTaz KetzosNesivos GRaGraz….). It also seems that the main Halachic authorities do not agree with his Grandfahter ZT”L (CHazon Ish, Rav Shlomo Zalman, Rav Elyashiv, Rav Moshe held whatever he wanted as you see and as Reb Dovid told me).

    in reply to: What age should you teach your kid about Shabbos? #1048241

    The MB says that if you tell your son to do anything (even a day old baby by Remiza) you are ???? a ??? because it says ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????. Regarding teaching them it always says when they reach Chinuch which according to most views is at 6 years old (certainly regarding a ????? their is no reason to be ?????). This is also brought down in somewhat in Simin 343 and also see the Shone Halachos by Reb Chaim at the end of Simin 344 for more references.

    in reply to: Are My Socks Holey? #1046995

    Well that depends. If they say CK then they might be a kliner mentch. However if they are Tommy then ?????? they belong in Hello. However I think the best are the ones that take you on the ???? ???? the Golden Toe (yup they are the holiest ones).

    As a side note, if you want you socks to be blessed at the Kosell you can give a donation to Kupat Hair and their personal ?????? sorry I mean ????? will bless them, and with this blessing you will now be able to be ???? ??? ?????? ??????.

    in reply to: What would you answer? #1045084

    At this point what is done is done. The Shulchan Aruch paskens that we give Goyim because of Darchey Shalom. You could still give a donation to another cause and give the receipt to this lady in memory of the deceased so as not to look petty, but if you do this you would have to give a greater amount than you would have contributed to the group gift but also a smaller amount as you are not getting a mitzvah of tzedaka and you don’t want to show you are one upping anyone.

    in reply to: Paskening Hashkafa: Academic vs. Practical Rationales #1042228

    This Chein fellow is clearly a Talmid from either Pachad Yitzchak or Chaim Berlin going back a bit.

    in reply to: Paskening Hashkafa: Academic vs. Practical Rationales #1042227

    PAA you find many times machlokes in Metzius and the din one way or the other (how long is Bein Hashmashos, was the Beis Hamikdash mekudash latid and many health machlokes which are paskened) also the Chofetz Chaim is notorious for quoting the Zohar and many Midrashim in the Shmiras Halashon, Machne Yisrael and his other works and paskening from this (its interesting that in the MB he only quotes a Zohar when it was previously quoted by the Nose Kellim but then again that is how the MB differs from his other Sefarim).

    Sof Davar I think this is a root difference between Chasidim and Mitnagdim in how important a role does Hashkafa plays and you see this also in the way they live and write their Teshuvos. For example in the Divrey Yoel he argues on Rav moshe regarding the Mechitzah and one of his main arguments is that the Divrey Chaim said that this is that way Klal Yisrael are Noheg (I don’t think Rav Moshe was phased by this), he was also Cholek on the Kneses Hagdolah that the MB brings in Hilchos Tefilin regarding the Zohar including with it the Kisvey Ari not like Rav Moshe. This is also why the Chsam Sofer held like that (he way Hungarian and very close to Chasidim, Rav adler and the Haflah were his Rebbeim). The Chofetz Chaim was his own personality.

    I was just curious, until now we are talking about interlocking hands and I think the points were pretty layed out. What about holding your feet together during Shmone Esra? Does it mean that your toes need to touch or does it mean that your big toe should be next to the middle of your other foot. Also I have seen many people daven with the tops of there feet apart is this like the shor of the kisa hakavod? Also the Oruch Hashulchan says that if you cant put them together you should put one in front of the other (never seen this done)?

    in reply to: Jokes #1202584

    So anyways back to some good humor.

    Last year I went to my chavrusa’s house for Rosh Hashana and he likes to add simonim, he added two. Lettuce and a rasin with cellary (well known), but what I enjoyed was when he took out a ball of dough and rolled it to his wife. He said may we all be rolling in the dough this coming year. Ksiva Vchsima Tova

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061645

    Also as per ur comment that the CC felt himself secondary to Rav Chaim Ozer that is not really a shocker. I think he felt himself secondary to everyone as he writes himself in Shmiras Halashon and many other places (meaning that if u learned alot now you are alot more responsible) and the CC main Mida as said over by his Talmidim (see Meir Einey Yisrael vol 1) was Anavah. The best way to find out who was greater would b to see how Rav Chaim ozer viewed him and when they were together who was the Machriafirst… But I think if you asked them both they would say the other is (as you see in the story about the theater which is quoted both in Meir Einey Yisrael with two versions and also in the Artscroll bio).

    PS There is a famous zug that’s said over from Rav Shach that the CC quotes Rav Meir Simcha once because of the Masseh in Velozin. See the Meir Einey Yisrael why that Maseh is immposible to b true (one reason is that in the volume where he quotes Rav meir Simcha it was printed before the maseh happened). Im just writing this to show that just because someone said something without documented sources its validity is…

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061644

    Lchvod Ramatshkolnik: I’m not here to say what the Minhag is or what people like to follow (in my opinion there is almost no such thing to day anyways and is probably impossible to find out see Sdey Chemed vol 4 #37, its also interisting that the OH writes a letter defending the Sdey Chemed). What I’m trying to point out is that the MB was alot more popular in Europe and I think the fact of how many he sold (which he has receipt’s in the KOl kisvey CC and its in the thousands and remember that Sefarim cost alot more then), combined with all of the Gedolim whom he correspondence with and how they honored him (see also he opened the Kneses Hagdelah and he was also the Machria in the case of Velozion’s closing where the OH happened to also live) it would seem logical that people used his sefarim more. The most compelling in my opinion is the fact that the OH was not printed until much later around 1910 while the MB was already out for almost 20 years, also the fact that I cant find any Gedolim of those times quoting an OH while the MB is commonly quoted (i.e Achiezer, Shol Meshiv…).

    I appologize about the 2nd hand comment I just meant that I find that when one person says that this is how it was or this person told me this it holds less ground as opposed to finding documented evidence (its interesting to note how the students of the RamaBach and many other great Rabonim almost never (acctualy never) say that they heard Beshem their Rebbe, they always quote the Ksav, also the MB and OH say the words Beshem I think a total of 6 times feel free to Bar Ilan it). Either way this whole conversation is all theoretical and we all recognize that the CC or the MB has taken the main place in the world (over all). It would be an intiristing conversation of why (I think for example he had many more sefarim, Rishonim and Achronim and he was more mesudar and would not Pasken against the majority also it is interesting how he never quotes the KItzur (I think he quotes him a total of 4 or 5 times even though he argues on him many times) but mostly u will see that in Simin 36 he never quotes and that sound’s like he does not hold of him (p.s neither does the OH ever bring him, even though he was very popular and available as you can know from the Hakdama to the Kitzur).

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061635

    T? Ramatshkolnik. T’m not sure how you responded to what I said. 2nd hand information and someone that you spoke to is more or less all hear say (im not saying that they are not saying the truth). But I brought you clear proofs about who was accepted and how popular each sefer was. Just thinking an intristing pointer is that if you look in the whole sefer of mekor boruch (very boring and not authentic) he writes many times that he is going to talk about his father and he barely does.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061623

    This phenomenal myth that the OH was more accepted in Europe is just a myth. Allow me to prove it that this is just not true.

    A. The Chofetz Chaim was the recognized Gadol (see many stories that only when he was there it was decided). Also all of his letters in the KOl Kitvey always have him first the Rav Chaim Ozer then either the Lubavitcher Rebbe of the Gerrer Rebbe. Also see that Rav meir Shapiro and Rav Chaim Soliveitchik were machnia to him.

    2. The OH quotes the MB 25 times, clearly you see that the MB was so popular that he made it to him. 3. If you look at the KOl Kisvey of the Chofetz Chaim you will find that almost every letter is asking for a set of his sefarim (which is quoted by many Rabonim of his time Achiezer and Shoel Mashiv and more) while if you look at the OH Kol Kisvey you will find a total of 2 maybe 3 letters asking for his sefarim (besides the fact that Orach Chaim was not printed until much later 1910).

    If you compare the letters of the Chofetz Chaim to the OH you will see that the CC has correspondence with Rabonim all over the world while every letter of the OH are all addressed to Russia (besides one or two).

    To conclude it is all a myth, the CC was the accepted leader of klal Yisrael and his Sefarim were also accepted as such (i’m not saying the OH were not u understand my point). Also Rav Henkin was a Talmid of the OH and Rav Moshe lived in russia so it is no surprise that they held this way while the rest of the world did not.

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