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    RSRH: Sorry for my delayed response, but thank you for your thorough answer. From reading what you wrote, this is obviously a very out of the box type of yeshiva. Is this a place you suggest a regular open-minded yeshiva guy go to, or would he be better off in a place like the Mir. Also if there is no imposed hashkafa, how and where do they draw the red line?

    Anom123456789: I would like to also hear your response.

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    RSRH: I was referring to R Ilson, sorry to make a typo up here. Glad to see someone that went there has middos- it makes me want to go there…any info you want to offer over here would be appreciated.

    What kind of bochurim does the yeshiva attract?

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    I think their is absolutely nothing not tznius about makeup. We are allowed to look pretty-aren’t we G-d’s princesses? Besides, most ppl wake up and can either look tired or washed out- it’s a total savior! As long as u see your face in front of the mirror- not a cake lol, putting on makeup is as crucial as puttin on an oufit that isn’t wrinkled and looking 10 years old!! But that doesn’t mean you should put on heavy eyeliner/eyeshadow or even better, cat eyes. All in all, makeup makes most girls feel pretty. What can be so bad about that. I think its kidaiy every girl learns how to do it properly.

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    Guys who are addicted-definetly never. For them its a crutch- they get a lil stressed and think the cigarette’s gonna come save em..which it does..for jst a few minutes.

    Wouldn’t anyone want to marry someone a lil more stable than that?!

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    Really, this all boils down to your personality. Guys tend to react to body language..but 1 thing is clear: the fact that you ask this question shows you are not flurting and have been businesslike since the beginning. As long as you aren’t somewhat playful, you will stay out of trouble and be respected at the same time. Good luck!

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    Who needs sleep?

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    Keep in mind ur getting obbsessed with a guy workin in a supermarket.nebach. He’s just bored and u became the perfect candidate to have a lil fun with.. NO ONE can help u- u gotta jst do it urself. Be a lil nasty if he doesnt get the point. Now arent u from Brooklyn????

    If you can’t handle bein a lil mean to him it means u like him!!!Then ur parents must understand this is a serious issueeee….

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    Degrees work differently in the holy land. First thing you need to do is make sure is that ur college degree will be acknowledged here. I heard of someone with PHD in psychology who could not transfer his degree to an Israeli one!Also,keep in mind you will be making about half the amount of money u made in the states, which is not a problem but a very big change. Best of luck!

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    Fine, so we definitely need a few Rabbeim then.

    I’d like a few opinions..

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    This is a vry serious shaila..I think it’s time to hire a special YWN CR Rabbi,

    Maskim anyone?

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    Balabatishe are da best


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    I want a rich boy

    I want a good-looking boy

    I want a fun boy

    I want a smart boy

    I want a tall boy

    I want a cool boy

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [put a big X over all that]



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    real brisker:


    just get back into the freezer, it should cool u off

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