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    If she thought it was odd, she should of told him no. What does she feel about the GUY? If she feels he’s odd, goodbye. If she likes him, go out again

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    Should be checked before dating, when checking plastic or cloth for table cloths

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    Just the opposite, marriage is forever and eternal. Marriage comes before friendship when they conflict

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    Its interesting to watch the evolution of opinions. From questioning, to being just so certain. Many gedolim have allowed and encouraged insignificant details to be misrepresented. But they were in the business of doing what Hashem wants.

    Looks like some people would REALLY benefit from a rov or rebetzin, to whom they will really open up to and disclose everything they are feeling, including the terrible LYING they feel has been done to them, in order that they can be guided by experienced ovday Hashem who will help them work through their problems in getting through the dating process (which they cant seem to get by) in order to get married.

    A rav/rebbie/rebetzen/mechaneches can help, only if we are forthcoming and not worried about exposing the liar and are actually willing to LISTEN!

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    Agreed with AZ. It’ll bring shadchonim to not just match names but work on quality suggestions and be there to see the shidduch through all the bumps and hesitations.

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    It is claimed in the name of the Chofetz Chaim that one may INITIALLY be dishonest about a couple of insignificant details (for instance height and exact age- but not where it’ll make a difference so far as child bearing..). I guess it’ll probably depend on how signifigant the lie was..

Viewing 6 posts - 901 through 906 (of 906 total)