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    Well said asyyeger.

    Its simply none of mine or any other critics buisness what someone wears if its halochakly permissible.

    Just for the title. Whats the connection between a price paid thats not being flaunted and tznius?

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    Thanks Moderater. I don’t know how to do that. It was long

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    Moderator’s Note, the link you have submitted has been shortened for the benefit of those who are in the CR

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    I’m in my town, not Brooklyn. All of you Brooklynites are out of towners, to me.

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    Yerushalmi was awaiting a bus at a stop. Next to him is a scarcely clad girl. Yerushalmi walks across the street into the fruit store. After a quick purchase returns to his spot and turns to girl.

    Y. “Here is a fruit for you. Enjoy”

    G. “Thank you, just what I needed”

    Y. I knew, thats why I got it for you’

    G. How’d you know

    Y. Simple. Chava also didnt feel a need to be covered until she ate the fruit

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    Very sorry to hear that, The Goq. Do you feel people judge and catergorize you negetavly sine you arent married?

    May I suggest we start a new thread for this and move these comments there?

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    The goq: The Torah tells us “Lo tov heyos he’odom levado”. Did you mean a full life thats “lo tov”?

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    They have a right to charge as they wish. Dont like their price, dont buy it. I know I wont, nor would I buy their Binah

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    Couldnt keep my eyes dry

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    Mike, some girls are afraid of starting to date a diabetic not because they are judging the person. They know its a certain way of life (treatment) which IF (and a big if) not dealt with maturely contains risk. They havnt lived this way and are not looking to enter it “for no reason”. Once the potential couple knows each other they have a reason… It has zilch to do with negative judgment or understanding the cause. Assuming otherwise would is silly

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    yitayningwut: I see what you’re saying. I’ll have to look into it. Don’t have the seforim here. I do remember otherwise, but I may be wrong

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    Yated Ne’eman by far. Hashkofically correct instead of politically correct. Lots of interisting and thought provoking reads

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    Shticky guy. The midrash says it about amolaik in lasts weeks parsha when the attacked us right after we went through the Yam Suf. They sent out the birthday men to fight

    in reply to: Importance of knowing why #732244

    Its a moderated site. I believe its very helpful for teens with questions. Check it out (its not fair to post if you’re past adolescence), you may gain an insight or two.

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    Grandchild watermelon: There are parts that are true and parts that granny watermelon began to assume…

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    Watermelon: There’s one called Is the type you mean?

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    yitayningwut: Nor the Rambam nor the commentaries say that it is prohibited as a fence. It is explained as assur in and of itself. Deriving pleasure in such a fashion is prohibited, period.

    If you have a source stating otherwise I shall be corrected.

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    Mike you’re missing the point. But you are certainly superior since you went to a MO school. We understand your point.

    I find it disgusting that you would choose to toy with peoples emotions to make yourself feel superior.

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    in reply to: men and women after a divorce #732712

    “maalin bakodesh ve’ayn moridon”. A talis is a mitzvah, once done never undone. That’s why if someone usually is the chazan on Rosh Hashona, even when he ages and his voice begins to slow down we have to allow him to continue

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    You’re welcome coffeefan.

    Mike, you are correct. He got that advise after he was drop twice because of it. To be fear, it is scary for aperson to enter a relationship with a person not knowing how if they ccould meet the challenges. That’s why they boot

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    coffeefan, continue hoding strong. You should really ask a shaila whether you shouldn’t always wait until at leas the ourth date, always..

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    mikehall: what’s sad?

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    Certain mental illnesses can be a lot more difficult to deal with than diabetes. So no comparisons

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    Negiah shel chibah (nishuk etc) in and of itself is assur midoraisa, acording to the Rambam, if you arent married (other may say its derabonon). At times, just touching may enter the 3 of “ye’herag, v’aal yaavor”.

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    Eclips: It is really difficult. I’ve learnt to be selective with whom you share what. It may not be healthy to keep all things bottled up but opening to the wrong person is worse.

    Try a little Tehilim. Try saying the yomi with an artscroll interlinear, without a kabalah. When we see and feel what Dovid went through, sometimes we relate to it very well, especially how he was slandered and vilified. Try it, unrushed without a kabalah- say bl”n. Its the best therapy out there

    in reply to: Mental illness in the frum community #729766

    Of Course: Accusing all Torah observant Jews of an “Holier Than Thou” attitude? Any mirrors in your house, you may want to check them?

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    Did you call Biegelaizen on 16th ave in BP? He often has a hand in hard to get seforim

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    Oomis, back in your days, it was obvious his door was still locked (who uses keys nowadays?), and sliding over was much easier in those large cars with a long front bench. Its much more complicated for a girl to get to the other side in the newer cars.

    in reply to: The term "am ha'aretz" #729471

    There is a big big difference between a talmid chochom and an am haaretz. Most of us probably fall somewhere in between.

    They claim the Chazon Ish said that a girl who got a Bais Yaakov education cannot be considered a “bas am haaretz” regardless of how boorish her father may be.

    in reply to: Places to live outside NY #1035979

    Professional: Ft Lauderdale is a 5 minute drive from Aventura, which has several properly Kosher stores (pas and cholov yisroel, very good hechsher) and several shuls and, two yeshivas, as well as about a 7 minute drive from Hollywood which also has several shuls….

    in reply to: Chalav Stam? no such a thing #809518

    rabbiofberlin: Those disclaimers were forced upon us by the sensors . Actually, many new prints of those seforim omit the disclaimer

    in reply to: Places to live outside NY #1035957

    Other than a Chabad house and decent upstairs neighbors, what type of community infrastructures do you need?

    in reply to: Chalav Stam? no such a thing #809516

    Daas Yochid: I stand corrected. Reb Moshe does use the term ‘cholov hakompanies”. Other poskim do use the term “stam”

    in reply to: Chalav Stam? no such a thing #809512

    Yersl: You are aware that Reb Moshe used the term Cholov Stam, right? He also said its its permissible in times/places of need, but a baal nefesh is machmir, correct?

    Did I just fall into your trap?

    in reply to: "Identity Theft in the CR!" #728404
    in reply to: Dating etiquette #729050

    Do you expect your guests to serve you after you serve them?

    in reply to: Whose Opinion Do You Value Most? A,B,or C? #728318

    B. If you’ve seen complete selflessness on their part, you know its only your good they’re seeking

    in reply to: Divorce Rate in the frum community #728524

    Many reasons, which i believe always has selfishness at its core. Especially when kids are involved.

    Know of a case where the girls mom was all mad that her daughter was “taken away” from her. She did everything to destroy the marriage. Her daughter wasnt strong or willing enough to deal with it or even see a marriage counselor. They eventually got divorced. The guy showed me two years of his cell phone bills of how his wife was on the phone to her mother EVERY night for over an hour with no phone call beginning before 10 30 PM….

    in reply to: Is there an inyin that your zivug should look like you? #728600

    Mazel tov Liora! May you build a bayes neeman b’yisroel

    There is absolutely nothing at all to worry about. From all the couples mentioned in tanach, can one place be found that ‘looking alike” was any sort of criteria? Not at all

    When girls and ladies gush over the fact that choson and kallah have similar left pinkies, its just cute stuff. Similar as if his tie matches with her shoes. If it happens, its ‘cute”. Thats about it

    Mazal tov

    in reply to: Shadchan's opinion on lack of flexibility in Shidduchim. #727341

    Its a nice musser schmooze. If your hashkofos are deeply set, then those are not the things to compromise on. To marry a girl and expect to change her is foolish. To compromise before hand on what to you, you can compromise on, is quite wise

    in reply to: Yeshivish and Manners #727335

    Hudi: Please, I’m having a difficult keeping up. Are you suggesting that behaving in class is a “societal norm” such as apple pie and fried chicken? That behaving in class is not based upon respect and proper middos?

    Again, if we are going to brand a way-of-life as producing kids who misbehave in class- which is defined as bad manners, and another way-of-life, as producing kids who behave in class which is defined as good manners, it sure should not be based upon some unverified observation. It should be based upon logic. You have not done so.

    Maybe a teacher who views “yeshivish’ children negatively, will bring forth negative behavior of these students…..

    in reply to: Do Not Read This Thread #894602

    Clearly, K., couch potatoes. really delicious

    in reply to: Yeshivish and Manners #727326

    My experience out in the street has been just the opposite. Ok, not completely. There are plenty of “modern” people with rotten middos, who feel anyone who dosnt do things “their” way is second class. There are “Yeshivish” people with the same tude.

    To suggest that a modern lifestyle encourages good middos and that yeshivish lifestyle encourages bad middos is silly. If you’d like to suggest that, kindly, fill us in your logic without stories. Just pure logic

    in reply to: Latest Yated Chinuch Roundtable #726762

    I read it last night. One of the roundtablers analyzed that the father seems to be MIA for the kids at home discipline.

    If we take our parenting roles as serious as any other job responsibility, same way the rabbayim/teachers do….

    in reply to: Why Are White Lies So Overindulged In? #726090

    Excuse me Rabbonit eclips. What type of “white” lie. You would’nt by any chance mean “I’m not gonna post” and then post, right?

    in reply to: Your Favorite Color Tie? #808095

    Ah, a breath of fresh air. Finnaly a thread where us men can post without have the females pinning all the worlds ills on us.

    Can i post pics here?

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    in reply to: YWN Coffee Room Nightly D’Var Torah #1124953

    The rebbitzen suggested their maid, a Jewish yesomah who lived with them.. They asked her, and she readily agreed. Got married midnight, wrote up a kesubah..

    Next day when the kings emissaries came for the boy they told them he is married..

    Sometimes the simple dowerless yesomah with pure middos is the one to build the truly beautiful family!

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