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    Were these people male or female? It matters.

    in reply to: Is Watching Sports Okay? #1680567

    you mean on television? you have a television in your house? get rid of that immediately

    sports today is not sports in 1947, the commercials around it are absolute filth, the athletes are generally undignified, they boast, they brag. There are exceptions but you see so much bad middos in sports. and this obsession with winning is really unhealthy. there have to be other diversions available to your kids, particularity one where they are not passively watching

    in reply to: Tzniut Problems In The 5 Towns #1672798

    Tznius is so fundamental to a woman’s religious life and to community life and really not all that hard to do. Thus, if she is very lax in it, you can judge her and should judge her. If you dig into a person’s life and find that they don’t do something in private so well, that’s one thing. But in public? Then you deserve the jugement.

    in reply to: Shidduch Crisis Denial Syndrome #1664255

    Haimy I find your comment very strange, “Why is it so difficult for otherwise intelligent people to accept that something is seriously wrong with our dating system if it’s leaving thousands of girls single?”

    for every single girl there’s a single boy. do you only care about the females? Aren’t the men suffering too?

    in reply to: In Town versus Out of Town #1664257

    Out of town more polite and less materialistic but often less energetic about religious life.

    in reply to: Will Israel be the korbon of Trump’s desperation. #1664258

    Haimy, what does that mean sacrifice EY? I think you are confusing EY with the secular state which actually is the worst enemy of EY.

    in reply to: Palestinian Rashida Tlaib is Dem Version of Racist Steve King #1663269

    jackk, i’m glad to see somebody in these comments who actually can understand what the other side is going through and that criticizing the government of Israel is legitimate.

    in reply to: Shidduch Crisis: Women who earn too much #1661864

    We learn that feminism is a sham. They don’t want equality. They want privileges on every side. They don’t like the man’s role so much when they learn it involves supporting another person economically. Even with feminists the man has to earn more.

    With that said, advice to frum youth, be as frum as you can, be as close to Hashem as you can, turn away from gentile society, and marry a person who has Torah values, one who wants children and wants them soon and isn’t going to mess around being picky or unreasonable because being a parent the greatest gift. Forget romance, forget even looks. It’s all garbage. Getting busy getting married. You just need one decent person.

    in reply to: Is it assur to wish “Good Luck”? #1656377

    Don’t say good luck. Why miss out on a chance to refer to Hashem and give a real bracha. Say, May Hashem make you successful.

    in reply to: The Killing of Nahal Haredi Soldiers and the Anti Draft Protests #1653814

    The army doesn’t need the charedim and the army isn’t a kosher place.

    in reply to: Anyone Else Worried About Today’s Frum Music? #1653433

    It is packed with rock n’roll, jazz, and dance club music. I was at a Chassidic wedding recently, a wedding of rebbe’s children, a big, chassidic wedding and they played George Michael’s I’ll Never Dance Again.

    The musicians know better and will get gehennim for it.

    in reply to: The Killing of Nahal Haredi Soldiers and the Anti Draft Protests #1649382

    There are many ways of contributing to a society. Do we count only gov. programs or in fact are gov. programs the least efficient way of giving something. Are we communists? Why should charedim be in the military if the military doesn’t need them? The military doesn’t need half the soldiers it has.

    in reply to: The Killing of Nahal Haredi Soldiers and the Anti Draft Protests #1649019

    This young man was not killed in battle. He was killed patroling the territories where idf soldiers do not belong. If the settlers want to parade around the west bank, let them do their own policing.

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