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    bein hasdorim,

    you fail to mention what one would/should drink instead of the coffe, i.e. would he drink coke,mountain dew,etc. or water- or would he just have an extra doughnut.

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    I recently learned that they are selling (in our comunity) childrens clothing made someplace in China of genuine junk, with with a imitation Lacoste aligator stiched on (not to mention its upside down),now i think to this we can all agree is meshuga,are we realy trying to impress our neighbor that our 3yr. old little shmendric is wearing Lacoste? (please dont tell me its put on because it looks “cute” with an aligator, unless you have a pet aligator at home).

    beinhasdorim- i hear your lomdus, however i disagree,because the reason “es shpiled zich besser” or “intimidates the oilem” is because one is machshuv the name on the shirt which is Lo se’choneim.

    Joseph-thanks for being dan lcaf z’chus, may the ribono shel olam be dan you and the rest of klall yisroel l’caf z’chus as well.

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    The obove coment from “veimloachshuv” was NOT posted by me, nor does it reflect my veiwpoint,a relitive of mine used the computer without me loging out first–lehoseir michshol.

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    gavra at work

    Perhaps I wasny clear enough, i am all for the rosh yeshiva’s and their supporters, I am saying we need to team up with them to fix the problem of the people in the school system causing all this crisis, because from what I understand their are people giving them a hard time in allowing them to fix the situation.

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    1) if someone doesn’t mind paying the extra $ for the alligator, horse or monkey (representing co’s of lacoste, polo & kipling) then thats their free will.

    2)I dont think theres a/t wrong w/ being ‘in style’ it just shouldnt dominate their lives , anything taken to an extreme is no good. & for guys the only “accesories” they have are ties, glasses, watches & cufflings is there a/t else ?

    3) I dont wear nikes, I wear Pumas 🙂

    Also just curious given the following choice a $40 ralph lauren polo shirt w/o the logo in front vs. a $45 same exact polo shirt w/o the logo (but its the real thing the label’s inside & its selling in a POLO store ) How many of us would pay the extra $5 for the “horse” ???

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    Guys please,

    challahback–What time of crowd gives you more “respect” for wearing a horse or aligator on your shirt-you say “NIKE is out (of style)” please tell us what goes on your feet (during sports).

    Mariner-do you really believe in buying a $85.00 dress shirt as a long term money saving investment because it lasts longer?thats like buying a Lexus instead of a Chevy because it will last longer and save money.

    Wearing a players name- is lechore “assur” because of “lo se’choneim”

    I do concede however that one should wear brand name sneakers for reasons rhat you stated, plus more.

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    a small point,

    its not only being rejected by the school its how its done, should you speak to a parent or child that was rejected,or “thrownout” ,the way its done and how they are treated is a nightmare,if the criminals in jail were to be treated like that there would have already been riots,hashem yerachaim al amo!

    we however should point out that there are only a few of these bullies in the school system, and we should praise the rabbeim who are mosser nefesh for their talmidim

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    Can someone explain to me why we are dealing with this crisis on “yeshiva word” like a bunch of batlonim, why dont we take action and have the tzibur sit down with the roshei yeshiva and fix the problem once and for all,and get rid of the “troublemakers” (if a puplic ralley is necessary then so be it)its time to take some action, veimloachshuv eimosai!

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    Dear teenager,

    from my (limited) expiriance in dealing with “teenagers” I found the main thing they need is simply someone to show that they “realy care”. Please let me know if I am right, or did I miss the boat.

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    I see that the rest of the olom already responded to you,so i’ll be mkaim the chazal “siug l’chuchma shtika”, wishing you and the rest of klall yisroel a kesiva v’chasima tova,may you be zoche to join our hashkafa this new year.

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    Thank you all for your feedback – however the following were not fully addressed,

    1)is it ok to spend $20.00-$50.00 more for a shirt that has a horse or a alligator on it.

    2)What about those who are the first to copy the new style before its even known that its in style (what did you think of the first five chevra wearing “pink” ties)

    3)During sports- (i.e. in camp) must evryone wear “Nike” or can the ball get in the basket from a different brand, and if you’ll say if its not “Nike” gait es nished what do you think about wearing “Jordan” sneakers (made by Nike), I think everyone would agree to where a T-SHIRT with a players name in back is assur [a camp learning director once asked a camper “do you think Michel Jordan would wear something that says “Chaim Yankel freidman” on it?]

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    ATTN CHOCHMAI CHELEM; the focus here is limited to the very few who defy and are mevaze daas torah-and yes we must consult daas torah when dealing with yiddishe ne’shomos.

    ps sorry for the sharfkeit but men darf mocha zein lchvod hatorah v’lomdeihu!

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    for the most part i agree with you, however when someone tries to go against our holy torah in any which way, darf men mocha zein in full force.

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    McCain was moser nefesh for his country(P.O.W. for over ten years)don’t you think he’s more fit! (besides being more experianced).

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    is it ta’ke true that these schools produce a lot of kids at risk- Hashem yerachaim al amo-it seems that these kids start of at the “chilrens Brisk” but L’O end up in the “streets”, vs. the “rejects” who start off in the “streets” and end up in “Brisk”.

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    ir hatorah kimi nu hissoriru nu hisyatzvu nu… let us unite once and for all le’man kvod hatorah/shomaim and set example for the rest of klall yisroel.

    ein haolam miskaim elo bishvil hevel pihem shel tinokos shel bais robon let the children learn torah, not cry at home with their humiliated parents.

    PS i think the original post should be posted in every bais medresh (leanias dati).

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