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    You’re all clueless. The way colored-spectrum & white-spectrum people ought to view each other is as “sensitive to issues Outside him/herself” – rather than “s/he’s colored-spectrum (or white-spectrum) and therefore suspect”.

    BTW, if you’d read up on stemcells, you’d see that it’s actually possible (via splicing) to crank out human chimera’s whereby embryo’s can have more than 2 parents.

    So for example, say you’d label:
    indian – Red
    Chinese – Yellow
    African – Black
    European – White

    By dint of splicing, mad-scientists can crank out a baby who can have:
    A red-dad, yellow-dad, black-mom & white-mom
    For a total of 4 genetic parents.
    And they might not stop at 4, because the sky’s the limit.

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    Goq, I’m not sure it’s necessarily East Coasters who talk without thinking, rather it’s the shallow culture which has caught hold in OJ society.

    I once read a letter to editor of CY Magazine, and mind you, that was =years= ago.

    This girl emphasized that she first learned the true meaning of communication when she entered college. It was there she observed with amazement that each person who had the floor, got to finish a complete thought without interruption.

    But OJ schools (as far as i know) aren’t that way, rather more like a circus. The worst part is – that OJ’ers don’t realize how abnormal it is, to chat aimlessly, at high speed, with constant interruptions.

    Did you know that when Rav Elchonon Wasserman once visited Tel Aviv, he held his hand over his ears with a pained expression, because all the honking denoted impatience. And that was so ANATHEMA to his nature, that it actually caused him pain.

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    P.S. BTW, the post I mentioned above is non-findable by me anymore. It was entitled “where to find non-existent forum i’m seeking” and mentioned how I need to listen to radio to get to hear deep thoughtful topics such as stem cells, ZPE, crop circles & so forth, instead of the constant thoughtlessness, mercenariness & harshness i’m up against in FFB circles.

    Aren’t forums supposed to offer a left-sidebar, where you can List Subscriptions (to see all the threads you’re subscribed to)? And where is the User CP to simplify my password mnemonically??

    I’m finding navigation very very confusing.

    All I want is a non-chauvinistic, non-mercenary, intelligent, OJ forum, so that I can occasionally communicate to likeminded people who (like myself) so happened to be born into the FFB world, even if we don’t belong on Earth altogether.

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    I’m female, yet never even gained entry to imamother.

    Do not ever say there’s no elitism among OJers. They’ve perfected it to a “t”

    P.S. Why not also “Mevogeret Yuppies” (or its Jewish equivalent)? I just might belong somewhere there, but even that’s questionable.

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    anyone here heard of hotkiddush.com?

    (online mimick of the way people used to meet at a kiddush.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)