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    Has it occurred to anyone here, including the OP, that people can agree with talk-radio on some aspects, but not on other aspects, such as vaccines? I am adamantly anti-vaxx, yet also adamantly believe in what so many of you call “conspiracy”. Many of you have bought into the Goebbel’s style of MSM propaganda, at the top of which are the terms “conspiracy/conspiratist”. Goebbel’s knew that if you repeat something often enough, people become programmed to believe it, even against their better judgment. Thus the term “conspiracy” which so many of you have swallowed hook, line & sinker.

    After all, it has the connotation of “neb” or “wimp” doesn’t it? Hashem yeracheim, on anyone with the misfortune to be labelled conspiratist. Well, believe me, the public should be way less nervous of being labelled, than of becoming an actual physical puppet-slave of the propagandists. There are enough such slaves in China. The Chinese are the REAL neb’s, NOT those who are labelled “conspiratists”.

    In fact, it’s because Avrohom Avinu’s mother decided to give birth to him in a cave, far from the corrupt Nimrod – it’s that – which enabled him to think for himself, against the tide of the times, and thus have a positive influence later on.

    What confuses me about all this, though, is why both Trump and talk-radio hosts can simultaneously [purport to] be pro-vaccine, yet also imply their belief in a cabal/deep-state (…and/or whichever of the umpteen names its called)?

    Because if they believe the latter, then shouldn’t they also believe that the deep-state, be it within Pfizer, Moderna, or whatever, are tweaking the vaccine toward their agenda?

    P.S. I’m also adamantly at odds with BOTH the liberals’ AND conservatives’ ideas of healthcare utopia, having walked a disillusioning gauntlet of allopathic and alternative practitioners of all stripes. There is a much better way than either of their agenda’s, both in the health arena, and in the energy arena. So as far as i’m concerned, it’s not just Fake Media but also
    Fake Medical, and also fake energy.

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    rightwriter, i’m with you, and here’s a poem i’m dedicating to the topic.

    <i>Must i agree to tie my own noose?
    I firmly believe in our right to choose,
    and I don’t know how on earth we’d lose,
    if only a critical mass would refuse!</i>

    In Germany, what was legal was grossly immoral. Now’s no different. We need Meir Kahane A”H to stand front and center, and shout Never Again!

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    Possibilities: Civil war or secession:
    link removed

    in reply to: how the frum olam voted #1917263

    The above comment regarding independent-minded voters of “Skver / KY” was quite shortsighted. As if there weren’t lucid minds who voted for Trump against the insane tide back in 2016, even while realizing the exercise in futility.

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    Yserbius, its not just that sour pickles are very sour – they’re also way too salty in my opinion.

    I’m wondering if those who favor sour pickles have blood sugar that’s more on the high side. Because if so, then you’d have sweet saliva (which can help counterbalance Sour, Salty, Spicy & Bitter tastes).

    If you don’t know yet through blood tests, you can test your saliva with litmus paper.

    I hypothesize that people with acidic saliva like myself require less “extreme” tasting foods, because they don’t have sweet saliva to balance things out.

    There’s also research been done regarding supertasters vs. non-tasters. That may also have something to do with it.

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    I think many rabbi’s might quote “Lev melachim v’sarim b’yad Hashem”. So accordingly, Trump was only a puppet, and Hashem was the one who enabled Covid to spread around. In fact, Rabbi Mendel Kessin opined that perhaps Covid was enabled in order to substitute for a worse gezera. These were his approximate words, NOT his exact words. The accurate version is on the torahthinking site.

    As for Trump’s lack of conspicuous tear-gushing, has it occurred to you that perhaps he just doesn’t have it in him? Many males are uncomfortable showing emotions or being demonstrative. So he would feel phony (or shall i say “fake”?) to do so publicly.

    Alternatively, perhaps he strongly feels that a display of emotion would cause liberals to think he’s an easy pushover.

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    To quote someone I know, “udehr yuh, udehr nisht”, and halevai that your outlook were aspaklariya hameira.

    in reply to: The Real Hidden Dem Agenda #1913304

    methinks the terms conspiracy & conspiratist & conspiracy-theory have become so overly used and abused by now as to have become trite. Go to any blog or forum and see how overly exhausted those terms are. My eyes are regurgitating the “C” words by now.

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    My point is that I assure you that rabbi/doctor/esquire Smith can run rings around you about this topic any time (given that he’s coming from a position of experience). But that’s IF he has time to spare and ONLY supposing that you debate him using logic, as i doubt he’d dignify leitzunus with a response.

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    JacobLev, do you really think that POTUS would be so dumb as to entrust his life solely to Public Health? Do you really believe everything which the media (both right and left) dole out? There’s a lot of decoys put into play. What i mean, is a cascade of diversionary static used as a cover-up. Whatever the exact term is.

    Just because his doctor said remdesivir (or whatever) has been doing the trick, how do you know that’s not a cover for HCQ/zinc, or alternatively, “redundant” to HCQ/zinc?

    As much as this may leave a sour taste in the mouths of many YWN members, there are still many frum people who have him constantly in their tefillos, just as they did long ago for the Russian Czar. The Torah says you’re supposed to be mispallel for shlemus of malchus, which is why i can’t fathom how YWN members openly oppose him.

    You may cite his disloyalty to Kurds, and his neglect of Pollard.
    Well that’s true. And that’s probably why he’s been made to suffer such persecution himself. (Actually the same demons who’ve persecuted him thus far, will persecute all of us if either they win OR he wins. It’s a lose/lose situation and only a miracle can save us.

    Also, to all Never-Trumper’s i happen to know a frum guy who has =exactly= Trump’s personality and lack of middos. (Similar looks too) Yet so many of you are probably quick to forgive the Trump carbon-copies in your midst, but not the guy himself. Why? Because he’s a “goy” and the chutzpiniak isn’t? But it should be “punkt farkert” – better middos should be expected from acheinu!

    in reply to: Charedim Voting for Biden: Please Respond #1913271

    nyny, the part you said re: German Culture in response to Bored, took the words out of my mouth!

    in reply to: Is hydroxychloroquine really proven ineffective?? #1913259

    The way this world works is that the same twisted minds who are twisted enough to have an agenda, will accordingly twist studies to suit their agenda’s. Insiders know that for the longest time, medical journals have published falsified studies.

    And its not just HCQ, there’s been various other therapies proven effective which have been shoved under the rug.

    And not just with Covid, but with so much more. Why just limit it to Covid? There have been all sorts of chronic illnesses which have been neglected for so many years. Did any of you even bother to give those illnesses consideration? There has been a world of Major Pain out there, because it is an olam hasheker. So given that it’s an olam hasheker, why are you suddenly so surprised?

    Publicity is not what renders something truthful. Rather, the Whole Truth is what gives the truthful picture. And insofar as Covid, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith (who’s an attorney who litigated against euthanasia, and also has a background in infectious disease from UC Berkeley) says rabbonim and individuals need to educate themselves as to the “metzius hadavar”.

    Here’s a summarized beginning excerpt of R’Smith, Esq.:

    There is no place in Torah for a Jewish community to be governed by a committee of medical doctors. The concept of a doctor in Torah, and the permission to heal, is based on a personal relationship between a doctor and an individual patient where the doctor is both an expert in a disease and knows the patient personally. However, a doctor cannot make decrees for a community of individuals that he has never met.

    The world is going through the pangs of the establishment of public health supremacy which plans on ignoring all other considerations, including Torah. Public health is NOT ‘refuah’ in Torah. It’s NOT a substitute for Torah.

    In Round One of the Public Health decrees, the Rabbonim were overwhelmed with reports of ventilator shortages and deaths. They were not given proper access to evaluate the metzius hadevorim and innocently made decisions. Some background: In 1933 the idea of lives unworthy of life was introduced by the Nazi’s to justify euthanasia of the elderly, ill and disabled, including disabled children – with the participation of hundreds of asylum directors, pediatricians, psychiatrists, family doctors, and nurses. Their campaign did not at first target Jews – it targeted Germans. Only later in 1941 was their program expanded to what’s now known as the Holocaust. In the death camps there were selections between essential and non-essential people, those who could work and those who could not.

    On Kristelnacht, only the Jewish businesses were shuttered, but in this year nearly all businesses have been closed, something unheard of in the history of the world, where it has now become illegal for many to make a living. That was followed by actual burnings in many places. The threatened ventilator shortages never happened, but the spectre of not enough hospital equipment is now being used by public health policy groups to push the rationing so-called ‘scarce’ health care. Fear of scarcity is a tactic to increase control of health care. Such as who has access to what care, and which people are no longer worth their efforts. Parents of disabled children and children of aging parents, should be concerned more about that, than corona virus.

    Rabbonim, there has now been plenty of time to become knowledgeable. A Rov must educate himself in the metzius hadeovrim. Just as a Rov cannot make a ruling in industrial kashrus without understanding modern food production, so too a Rov cannot approve doctors who have been influenced in universities to push the public health program. A Rov must research and understand the cruel history of public health and its methods and goals. Every man and woman needs to educate themselves to evaluate what they are being told. People are misled into thinking that ‘novel’ means new and unknown, which only sows fear, and causes people to accept any decree so that they can be saved. I am prepared to make myself available to the community to present the tools needed to make educated evaluations.

    [For examples of tricks they’ve used]:
    (1) was never a death rate of 3.4% of the FULL population. Those numbers were
    created by testing only a small group – the sick & dying – then claiming that that would apply to
    the world. This is not science and is entirely dishonest.
    (2) Government officials admitted that Covid-19 deaths include anyone testing positive, even when not experiencing symptoms.
    (3) People who test negative are classified as Covid-19 deaths due to mere “suspicion”.
    (4) In some states positive antibody tests are being recorded as “new cases” of COVID-19 for people who were infected months ago.

    We all know people who died over the last few months. Most of the deaths were unnecessary. I also know people who did not have coronavirus who were publicized in the frum websites as having died from coronavirus. The early symptoms of a coronavirus infection are similar to panic attacks. Our Rabbonim and elderly saw their minyonim
    destroyed before their eyes, were panicked by seasonal symptoms, rushed to hospitals, isolated, denied visitors, denied second opinions, told they had a disease with no cure, put on ventilators which hastened their death and then left to die without fluids or food, or actively killed with morphine drips. [Note that similarly] starvation diets and medicine overdoses were used in Nazi hospitals to get around the public’s opposition to direct euthanasia programs.

    In my own research, I have discovered the horror stories of the conditions of the bodies reaching the chevra kadishas and heard first hand testimony from true front line doctors (not oncologists, radiologists and other specialists who report the ‘swooping’ of hospice care into the rooms of the COVID-19 patients in New Jersey urging morphine drips. I
    have heard first-hand accounts of patients not being given fluids because the doctors considered the patients ‘dead’ while they were still breathing. Aleihem Hashalom is not the way to refer to these victims but rather Hashem Yikum Damam.

    (There’s more)

    in reply to: Any chef’s here? Needing help re: choco bake-bar #1908618

    update – I made it by now but it came out too bitter =and= too thin consistency.
    Furthermore, the chopped pieces – which i’d chopped in the food processor – barely melted, leaving itsie-bitsies of bitter choco interspersed throughout.
    After pouring the mix into the pie-shell i tried remedying it with about 3 tablespoons of Confectionary Sugar, but it’s still bitter.

    I guess i should have
    (1) poured it into the shell much sooner.
    (2) added a minimum of 4 TB granulated sugar into the juice-milk mix.
    (3) added some cornstarch to the juice-milk mix to help thicken it.
    (4) used a =can= of coconut milk – rather than the lime-green Gefen cardboard litre. That milk might have been creamier.

    I don’t think i’ll ever bother with that again. The bitter chocolate caused my back to constrict and cramp up. Severely painful. I think Matbucha helps counteract that, interestingly.

    By the way, I used Mekor blackberry juice. Now =that= is yummy, much more palatable than pom juice.

    in reply to: Any chef’s here? Needing help re: choco bake-bar #1908296

    Chavie thanks – it’s the recipe on bakerita.com (doubled)
    entitled as no-bake chocolate-pomegranate tart gluten-free paleo vegan
    (i’m not sure if URLs are postable on YW.

    Anyway, I decided to add two TB sugar to sweeten it.
    Good Y”T, bye now.

    in reply to: RECALL CUOMO NOW! #1908059

    A few of you are wrong.

    First of all, according to Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith of Passaic (who’s also an attorney), nobody should fall into the trap of getting tested. What’s to stop them from false positives – which i read have been happening.

    Secondly, I heard talk show hosts say that even if you’re a conservative inside a blue state, vote your conscience anyway, because this year, the popular vote counts as well (given that the media were making a tumult about Trump having lost the popular vote four years ago.

    Of course, they didn’t mean it would count literally – more like morally (morale-ly?) And yes, i know most CR members are democrats. But i’m just pointing this out for the sake of others who may be reading this.

    in reply to: Making aliyah #1907040

    Many of the comments on this thread are (shall i say ironic) because it seems we’re at the end of the line, insofar as “times of geulah” in which case learning Ivrit is practically passe (everyone may have to switch to the original lashon kodesh similar to the teimanim – after all even Yiddish is borrowed from German, so technically Yiddish is a L”AZ. But aside from that, I believe Rav Dessler stated that in Moshiach’s times, communication will be via TELEPATHY, and [so-called] modern medicine will be considered primitive. Not at all shocking if anyone would research what’s truly available out there which all along has been suppressed no different than HCQ is currently suppressed.

    And who says Moshiach might not revamp the entire monetary system?

    And who says all the hilly areas of E”Y won’t be stretched out to make lots of the land livable b’ravchus, complete with bodies of water?

    in reply to: Any chef’s here? Needing help re: choco bake-bar #1907033

    Chavie since you brought that up, I’d like to comment extensively on the “palate” issue, but first, can you please list the foodie sites? Hopefully not complex to sign onto? Long ago there used to be Mimi’s forum which i miss to the Nth degree as it was simple and helpful. Nowadays there’s blogs ad nauseum, most offering “royal admission” for a price. The price is signing-in via Globalist-Google. And i never use WhatsApp either, same reason.

    To answer yours, it’s for a no-bake pomegranate pie consisting of pomegranate juice, coconut milk & what’s stated as 16oz. dark chocolate. The juice & milk are boiled in a pot, then poured into a heat-proof bowl which contains the chopped-chocolate. Then whisked. Then poured into a chocolate pie-crust (though i was planning on using a non-choc pie crust).

    Now my comment on yours:

    I’m convinced (and don’t put down hunches, because many truths were discovered thru same) that the reason bitter stuff, including some Pom juices, taste more bitter & harsh to some people is NOT JUST cuz they’re supertasters (per Dr.Bartoshuk’s research) but also because their blood-sugar is lower.

    See, it’s known that diabetics have sweeter saliva. So that probably buffers both their palates AND bodies from bitter & harsh stuff. (Harsh as in salty, spicy, acidic, sharp, rough, dry). But it might also render them similar to those who are born without nerves which feel pain, and thus lacking a “warning system”.

    …After all:
    Why should they favor sweet ‘n sour poultry? They already have the built-in sweet saliva!
    Why should they favor sweet ‘n salty chips? They already have the built-in sweet!
    Why should they NOT prefer Bittersweet (vs. Semisweet) chocolate? They already have the built-in sweet!
    Why should they NOT prefer hot spices & cinnamon? They already have Sweet saliva to offset same!

    …Furthemore, i’ve noted that diabetics whom i’ve been acquainted with, taste things differently than i do. They may say something is sweet, when to me it doesn’t taste sweet at all. Not just that, but interestingly, they need to add much more xylitol than i need to, just to make something taste “sweet” to them. Perhaps that’s cuz their built-in sweet-saliva “OutShouts” the sweet-xylitol?
    (my only Q on that is why they need much sweetner at all, let alone loads?
    So this is the fly-in-ointment of my theory, and confuses me.)

    …Furthermore, i wonder if somehow, high blood-sugar develops Davka because some people are in the category of non-tasters (or even medium-tasters) as per Dr.Bartoshuk’s research which found that non-tasters have a lesser number of tastebuds.

    And so, Chavie, if you know anyone in the field of medical research who ALSO is not quick to knock theories, perhaps s/he’d be interested in pursuing ALL the above questions with an open mind.

    Because hardly anyone analyzes these things, rather they tend to gloss & skim over them superficially. They love to say “al taam v’reach ein l’hisvakeach”. True, but that doesn’t offer explanations.

    See, it’s about time food labels offer PH & hotness & dryness labelling, rather than just sodium, carbs etc. So if someone would conduct such research, it might be a chessed to the supertasters and sensitives among us, by encouraging companies to provide such labelling, by factually pointing out the real differences in how varying anatomies experience food. Then again, by now this is moot, since we’ve probably reached the end of this world as we know it.

    in reply to: New World Order #1905929

    nightwriter, let’s say it like it really is. Which is that many frum authorities from within our communities also compliantly call out those who don’t wear masks, or who are anti-vaccines.

    Which falls right in with the plans of the NWO & with socialist tactics found in China.

    in reply to: Socialism OTD #1890374

    Ben Levi, at least as far as the secular world is concerned, there is an alternative to capitalism and socialism. And that’s the sort of system advocated by Foster Gamble (who is heir to Proctor Gamble), and who these past decades has been very much into the secular version of tikkun olam.

    Ironically, his Jewish son was the one who had encouraged him to “follow the money” which clued him into lots of stuff he hadn’t previously realized. It’s beyond the scope of this forum (and my cognitive abilities), but you can research it.

    Also, just because it’s impressive doesn’t mean it can ever come to fruition because there are too many negative entities which impede positive efforts toward change.

    in reply to: Long term dangers for children #1844405

    On a tangent, I’m not the least worried about CV compared to the decades i’ve endured until now. In fact, it could be many tzadikim were niftar of CV in order to spare them the worst yet to come. To put it subtly, there’s a huge bag of tricks ongoingly orchestrated by the sitra achra. Just listen to R’Alon Anava and some others. Also, approx. 2 months ago there was a Rav Pinto (Morocco?) who offered a strong prophetic warning.

    in reply to: Garlic for Coronavirus #1843972

    Per Dr.Ferrer, pulmonologist in Florida (Cleveland Clinic Cough Clinc), Xylitol-saline nasal spray is advisable (among other things).

    in reply to: How Corona Taught Klal Yisroel to Make Small Simchas #1843971

    I’m100% in agreement with Joseph too.

    in reply to: Why do YOU want Moshiach to come? #1807155

    Consider this a belated, rhetorical answer. The reason the shechinah is crying, and why I need Moshiach to come, is because there’s a tragedy within our communities ongoingly taking place, yet the movers and shakers in our midst tacitly sanction it.

    And that’s, in a word “bullying”.

    Yeah, i know what y’all are thinking, and the answer is no. I’m not referring to “classic” bullying, since that’s NOT being ignored.

    Rather, i’m referring to the bullying against segments of our society whom everyone chooses to ignore, who are the most helpless of all:


    You can find elder-abuse (or neglect) in nursing homes.
    You can find disabled-abuse (or neglect) in group homes.
    You can find prisoner-abuse (or neglect) in prisons.

    But i don’t foresee an EVENT ever taking place about this issue. And so the shechina is feeling the pain of all sufferers, since our souls and the shechina (a.k.a. The Field) are interwoven.

    Moshiach needs to come to heal and rehabilitate all helpless sufferers. The ones caught in a painful trap of body & circumstances. Along with that, the shechina (who is interwoven with all souls) will be released and rehabilitated as well.

    in reply to: jewish song search on musipedia failed #1778822

    I’m trying to post yet a 3rd time, this time omitting the links which YWN doesn’t seem to allow.

    Thanks for your feedback! I only found one of the above, by being a detective & using youtube’s suggestion to try it as “higale na” and even then, it took many tries.

    And even the below isn’t quite the dveykus rendition i had in mind, even if it’s the correct song (israeli style):

    As for Hishbati eschem, nope, the ones yielded by youtube isn’t the song i’d keyed into musipedia.

    I wish there’d have been a way to download the tune i keyed on the musipedia flash-piano (and i ALSO wish there were an AUDIO alternative to ImgBB, since Clyp requires an account), but what the heck, i jumped thru lot of hoops, and below, finally, is the tune.

    So after all that, do you know the words to the below “Donald-Duckified” tune?

    in reply to: jewish song search on musipedia failed #1778817

    midwesterner, I spent hours typing a response (due to finding links & recording song), and now for some reason my response isn’t registering. Very frustrating.

    in reply to: Percentage of men members vs. women on YW Coffeeroom? #1733807

    RGP, don’t speak for all females, as you’ve described the antithesis of my own personality, which is half-track mind, quite incapable, and very serious. Based on my past experience, what interests most people, is only superficially & painfully of interest to me (i.e. occasional scrambling to keep somewhat up-to-date on what interests the “Joneses” or shall I say “Josephs”)

    …and vice versa, what’s of interest to me, would be painfully boring to the Joneses & Josephs.

    P.S. RGP, given that you’re blocked, consider this a rhetorical response…
    P.P.S. To all & sundry – so my suspicions were vindicated but it makes no diff. as i’m a misfit anywhere, and always have been. Male, female, Jewish, other, no matter. The funny thing is, that both mainstream datiim and mainstream secularites have as their common-denominator that most don’t seem all that interested in what a healed-world might be like.


    “If people don’t want to vaxx and want to stay away from the rest of us, you’d have a point. Don’t come to our shuls, schools, stores etc.”

    OK, i’m all for the non-vaxxers setting up separate shuls and schools, as well as ordering groceries delivered to their doors, until this whole issue blows away. Now just sponsor the ads & arrange for the gedolim to unanimously sign a psak.


    You asked “good, bad, or ugly”

    Sorry I can’t comment on that. However, IMO it’s horrifically ugly that there are zero frum forums where serious females (the types who shrink from aggressive debating) can feel comfortable posting. On the CR forums, if our posts don’t fit in with the prevailing pattern of boringly-brainy debates and boringly-aggressive leitzunut, so help us. And if we dare to truthfully whistleblow about urgent matters, we’re censored.

    So yea, bring on the leitzunut however unconstructive – yet censor the very-constructive whistleblowing… just consider that it’s hypocrisy such as this which has turned off the most sensitive FFB’ers. And consider it a major miracle that some of us are still hanging on by the tips of our fingernails these many decades.

    in reply to: Why do Chassidim seem happier. #1729930

    To Ocho and Lit:

    I agree, and you took the words out of my mouth, except i’d have stated the posuk:
    “B’rov daas yosif mach’ov” (as describing many litvaks)

    However – the times are a’changin’ and enough of the newer generation have mixed and mingled, so that probably they’ve rubbed off on each other a bit. Probably the less savory stuff!

    in reply to: The War Against White Men #1729924

    You’re all clueless. The way colored-spectrum & white-spectrum people ought to view each other is as “sensitive to issues Outside him/herself” – rather than “s/he’s colored-spectrum (or white-spectrum) and therefore suspect”.

    BTW, if you’d read up on stemcells, you’d see that it’s actually possible (via splicing) to crank out human chimera’s whereby embryo’s can have more than 2 parents.

    So for example, say you’d label:
    indian – Red
    Chinese – Yellow
    African – Black
    European – White

    By dint of splicing, mad-scientists can crank out a baby who can have:
    A red-dad, yellow-dad, black-mom & white-mom
    For a total of 4 genetic parents.
    And they might not stop at 4, because the sky’s the limit.

    in reply to: Slow talkers get on my nerves #999380

    Goq, I’m not sure it’s necessarily East Coasters who talk without thinking, rather it’s the shallow culture which has caught hold in OJ society.

    I once read a letter to editor of CY Magazine, and mind you, that was =years= ago.

    This girl emphasized that she first learned the true meaning of communication when she entered college. It was there she observed with amazement that each person who had the floor, got to finish a complete thought without interruption.

    But OJ schools (as far as i know) aren’t that way, rather more like a circus. The worst part is – that OJ’ers don’t realize how abnormal it is, to chat aimlessly, at high speed, with constant interruptions.

    Did you know that when Rav Elchonon Wasserman once visited Tel Aviv, he held his hand over his ears with a pained expression, because all the honking denoted impatience. And that was so ANATHEMA to his nature, that it actually caused him pain.

    in reply to: I'maFather.com #999219

    P.S. BTW, the post I mentioned above is non-findable by me anymore. It was entitled “where to find non-existent forum i’m seeking” and mentioned how I need to listen to radio to get to hear deep thoughtful topics such as stem cells, ZPE, crop circles & so forth, instead of the constant thoughtlessness, mercenariness & harshness i’m up against in FFB circles.

    Aren’t forums supposed to offer a left-sidebar, where you can List Subscriptions (to see all the threads you’re subscribed to)? And where is the User CP to simplify my password mnemonically??

    I’m finding navigation very very confusing.

    All I want is a non-chauvinistic, non-mercenary, intelligent, OJ forum, so that I can occasionally communicate to likeminded people who (like myself) so happened to be born into the FFB world, even if we don’t belong on Earth altogether.

    in reply to: I'maFather.com #999216

    I’m female, yet never even gained entry to imamother.

    Do not ever say there’s no elitism among OJers. They’ve perfected it to a “t”

    P.S. Why not also “Mevogeret Yuppies” (or its Jewish equivalent)? I just might belong somewhere there, but even that’s questionable.

    in reply to: Shidduch Crisis Problems & Solution #999119

    anyone here heard of hotkiddush.com?

    (online mimick of the way people used to meet at a kiddush.

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