Achdus Move in Breslov Eretz Yisrael


After 30 years of not speaking to one another, HaRav Eliezer Berland, Rosh Yeshiva Shavu Banim on Tuesday, visited HaRav Yaakov Meir Schechter, a leader in the Breslov chassidus in Eretz Yisrael.

While there are different stories surrounding what caused the despite between the rabbonim, it is clear to all that today they are speaking after R’ Berland visited the home of R’ Schechter on Shimon Rokeach Street in Yerushalayim.

According to a Chadrei Chareidim report the visit was arranged by Rav Betzalel Friedman, a member of the World Breslov Center and one who served to act as a go-between for the rabbonim for many years.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I think every Rebbeh should bring this story, with pictures, into the classroom, to explain to the kids that Sholom is always better than fighting around.

  2. We’ve seen some incredible reconciliations over the past few months between gadolim, shlita, who have been engaged in broigas for one another for years or even decades. In some cases, the original basis for the fight was some imagined bit of loshon horah or rumor started by the chassidim of one rav about the other etc. However, the most famous and still ongoing such fight among gadolei yisroel is still hung up in the civil courts, with no resolution in sight and seemingly getting worse rather than better as petty disputes keep emerging in new lawsuits. Maybe they could learn somthing from these two rabbonim and make peace.