Satmar Rebbe Shlita Arrives in Eretz Yisrael


The Satmar Rebbe Shlita of Kiryas Yoel arrived in Eretz Yisrael on Wednesday. The Rebbe will be attending the wedding of a son of his nephew, Rav Chaim Hirsch Meislisch, rosh yeshiva in Bnei Brak and rav of Elad kehillah. The wedding will take place in the Keter HaRimon Hall in Bnei Brak.

From Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Rebbe traveled to Elad, where there is a prominent Satmar community. An apartment was rented to accommodate tefilla, and the Rebbe will be davening with close aides and kehillah roshei yeshiva.

The Rebbe traveled to Bnei Brak towards evening, making an appearance in the beis medresh in the Satmar community, delivering words of inspiration before heading for the wedding.

The main event involving the Rebbe will be on Monday, at the Lev HaAtzula Hall in Petach Tikvah, an event labeled an ‘insider kenos’ which will include sheva brachos and a siyum upon completion of a mesechta under the Satmar Yisod HaTorah program.

The Rebbe will deliver his parting address and from there, travel to the airport and back to his community in Kiryas Yoel in Upstate New York.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel


  1. U/D #1 of Rabbe’s Nasiah

    The Rabbe Shlita left NY about 4:00 with Continental airlines, Flight #84 from Newark Airport.

    the Rabbe Shlita landed about 9:10 (EY Time), Went to Elod, Davent there Shachres & stayed there private till 3:30, then the Rabbe Shlita Davent Mincha in Beihm”d D’Satmar in Elod.

    Then the Rabbe Shlita went to Bnei Brak. Visited HaGuan Poisek HaDor Muran Shamiel HaLeivy Wosner, Baal Sheivat HaLeivy Shlita.

    the Rabbe Shlita came into the Kabulas Punam in Beihm”d HaGedel D’Satmar in Bnei Brak. the Rabbe Shlita said Divres Kodesh. Badchan was Badchuna D’Malka R’ Mordchi Duvid Ostreicher from NY.

    Chipa: the Rabbe Shlita was Mechibed with Sider Kedishen & was Mchabad Harav Wozner Shlita.
    HaNuged R’ Yakov Sofer, Chavar Hanhulas HaMesivta D’Satmar in KY ( who gave for Rabeiny Shlita before he left NY, $250,000 for rebuilding the Mikvah D’Satmar in Bnei Brak) & HaNuged R’ Akiva Hersh Klein, Chavar Hanhulas HaMesivta D’Satmar in KY(who also gave $250,000 for the Yeshiva Ktana D’Satmar BB) were Eidah Kidishen.
    Hgh”tz Avad Makova Shlita, Kesiba Leinen.
    HaNuged R’ Lazer Weiss, Vice President D’Satmar in KY & HaNuged R’ Bentzion Wertzberger, Yoshev Rosh Shikun Kiryas Yoel in Yerishulaayim, were Eide Kesiba.
    HaNuged R’ Shimon Moishe Kepetch, Chavar Hanhulas HaMosdes KY & HaNuged R’ Wolf Perl, Chavar Hanhulas Mosdes Yetev Lev, were Eidah Yiched.
    Hgh”tz R’ Yisroel Hager Shlita M’Viznitz – Zeidah of Chusen, 1st 6 Bruchas.
    C”K Hgh”tz Satmar Boro Park Ruv Shlita – Zeidah of Chusen, Brucha Achrita.
    After Chipa, the Rabbe Shlita Danced with Mechitunem.

    Then the Rabbe Shlita went to house of HaNuged R’ Mnacham Shlome Friedman where it was a Mesiba for Kolel Atzei Chiam D’Satmar Bnei Brak.

    Then the Rabbe Shlita came into the Chasina.
    Mechiten C”K Admor M’Daish-Yerishulayim Shlita was Mechibad with Bentchen.
    Then Started the Mitzvah Tantz. the Rabbe Shlita was Mchabad Satmar BP Ruv Shlita with the 1st Mitzva Tantz. the Badchan was R’ Mendel Yakob from Bnei Brak.
    Then the Badchuna D’Malka R’ Mordche Duvid Ostreicher from NY called up the Rabbe Shlita to Mitzvah Tantz. the Rabbe Shlita danced Mitzvah Tantz, then with Chusen & Mechitunam & danced long with Mechitan Satmar Elod Ruv & Satmar BB Rosh Yeshiva.
    The danced the Zeidah Hgh”tz R’ Yisroel M’Viznitz.
    Then Hgh”tz R’ Zalman Halberstam Shlita, Avad Tchokava – Wmb”g.
    Then Avi HaChusen Hgh”tz Avad Satmar Elod & Rosh Yeshiva Satmar Bnei Brak Shlita.
    Then Avi HaKalah, C”K Admor M’Daish Yerishulayim Shlita.
    Then Chusen Kallah.