Halachically Speaking Vol 2 Released


Great news for all of you Halachically Speaking fans out there! The anxiously-awaited Halachically Speaking 2, by Rabbi Moshe Dovid Lebovits, has finally been released!

As thousands of readers can testify, Halachically Speaking 2, like its predecessor, is an incredible sefer. It is extremely reader-friendly and easy to understand, and is chock-full of all those halachos that people may have heard about once upon a time, but didn’t hear about again, and then sort of forgot about altogether… All the shoe-related halachos, such as sleeping with shoes on; putting in shoelaces on Shabbos; wearing the shoes of a deceased person; and removal of the shoes for duchaning (if one is a kohen)… Halachos relating to inyanei derech eretz, such as leaving over some food on one’s plate; not drinking from a cup in a single shot; and not eating in the street… All the potato-related halachos you could think of, such as the brachah to recite on Pringles, instant mashed potatoes, and potato knishes; the status of a hot potato when it comes to Bishul (Cooking) on Shabbos; potatoes on Pesach; and  bishul akum regarding potatoes… The halachos of washing netilas yadayim in the bathroom, like when on an airplane; the halachos regarding when to say and when not to say a brachah on water… and this is only a sampling of some of the topics covered in this book!

As a musmach of Harav Yisrael Belsky shlit”a, Rabbi Lebovits has included Rabbi Belsky’s pesakim on many of the halachos in the sefer. Rabbi Benzion Shiffenbauer shlit”a and Rabbi Yisrael Dov Webster shlit”a have reviewed the entire sefer, as well.

Halachically Speaking 2 is a sefer that truly belongs in every Torah-observant home.

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