Tragic Petira Of Chosson Baruch Yitzchak Samet – Second Victim from R’ Wosner’s Levaya


samBaruch Dayan Emmes – 18-year-old Baruch Yitzchak Samet was niftar earlier this morning from his massive injuries sustained during the levaya of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Halevy Wosner ZT”L. The young chosson was scheduled to go to the chupah in the coming months. He succumbed to his massive injuries sustained during the Gadol Hador’s levaya when many were trampled by the crowd. He is a cousin to R’ Avrohom Wallis HY”D,  also from the Toldos Aaron kehilla, killed this past summer in a tractor terrorist attack in Yerushalayim.

On Tuesday evening 18 Nissan members of the Samet family visited the Sanzer Rebbe Shlita seeking a bracha for the young chosson, Yitzchak Samet. Family members visiting the rebbe included the young man’s mother and brother.

After the rebbe spoke with the family delegation for a period of time, he spoke with the mother in private as she gave the rebbe her son’s name in a crying voice. She pointed out that on Monday they added the name Baruch. The rebbe tried to comfort her with words of chizuk.

Due to the young chosson’s dire situation, a minyan recited Viduy at his bed earlier in the week. Prominent Toldos Aharon Chassidim took part in that minyan which was led by the Rebbe Shlita and Mekubal Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz from the home of Rav Daniel Frisch ZT”L, the grandfather of the kallah. They added the name Baruch at that time.

Two other victims of the levaya stampede remain in serious condition in Tel Aviv area hospitals. B’chasdei Hashem their conditions are showing signs of improvement.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. אוי, אוי, אוי
    It’s so sad – it’s not even believable!
    Where in our history have we heard such a tragic event?
    Boy have we endured tragedies over the millenia but to have צוטראטען אידיען!!
    זאל דער טאטע אין הימעל רחמנות האבען.
    ושוד ושבר לא ישמע עוד במחנינו

  2. This kodosh elyon,who passed away not even going to his own chupah ,should be a melitz yosher for the singles in our community ,girls and boys,which is a Tragedy in itself,that no one is involved in trying to make shdduchim for them,dosn’t mean getting them married or even close,it means picking up the phone and listining giving chizuk for these older girls and boys ,yes we remember you exist,we have all the time for shopping and talking on whatsapp etc.but no time to help or organize shidduchim for hashems children,Hashem is exacting a very heavy price,with the latest tragidies!
    we should all light a ner for the neshama yitzchak burich ben aidel he should beg the abeitshter to be us mochel for the way we are treating his children,and he should pray for all the singles out there they should all build a bayin neman beyisral.which you weren’t zocheh!and send moshiach tzidkenu speedy in our times!

  3. Reply to geula:
    I repeat no one knows the reasons for any of these tragidies other than G-d.

    You said “too many tears…” How do you think our Creator feels?! Honestly, how many of us cry out to Hashem to redeem us when saying תקע בשופר, השיבה שופטינו, ולירושלים עירך etc.? Is davening only about our needs?

    We have been in exile for so many years that we have stopped seeking Hashem. If we would collectively cry out to Hashem, “Father, please redeem us! You don’t think Hashem would instantly do it?!

    Hashem is sending us a very clear message, “Don’t get used to GOLUS. Golus is not the finish line. Don’t rely on the president to help Israel with peace. For I am the source of peace.”

    As a matter of fact, Hashem can make all high officials in government turn against us.

    Let us focus for the next few months on asking Hashem to redeem us. In this the merit, may Hashem us return back to our land and we witness seeing His revelation to the world.

  4. who is responsable for this, what normal society allows jews to trample themselves to see a gadol, the arabs act like this at their funuerals , but as usuall kavod habrios is secondary to kavod hatorah, and the ‘ LEADRS IN THE jEWISH COMMUNITY” NEED TO REIGN IN THEIR FLOCK IN FUNDAMENTAL BEHAVIOR.. tHIS IS SHFICHAT DAMIM

  5. Boruch dayan haemes

    What a terrible tragedy and loss to befall klal Yisroel on Pesach. This is the Yetzer hara that is trying to ruin the yom tov of freedom for k lal Yisroel.

    Anyone ready yet to confess and admit to Hashem that it’s time for TESHUVA?

    Anyone even think this just happened by coincidence? Is there such a thing as coincidence?

    This is just terrible. When are we making an official day and time for Teshuva Kinnus and fasting? After yom tov is over.

    May we all do teshuva very soon so we don’t lose any more people in this time of non stop tragedies

    May his neshama have an aliya


    even if you know torah and act like an animal and push
    and shove… your an animal.

    people need to learn how to behave like real people not
    like a donkey carring the torah on the back.


  7. to Yaapchik & everyone else

    if we want mashiach to come & an end to all tzaros in klal yisroel then we need to do our hishtadlus,-which Hashem is waiting for-of teshuva in full.

    a doctor cannot help his patient if the patient will not listen to him & take the medicine prescribed for him. Neither can a parent help their child stay frum/healthy if the child won’t listen

    Hashem can’t help us be saved-as the situation only worsens R”L-if we are not willing to listen to him & return to Hashem with pure teshuva as a nation together as one. (on all levels rather frum or reform or Zionist etc…)

    Let Hashem know when YOU are ready to return to him with YOUR brothers & then we will all be removed from “a time of non-stop horrific tzaros”

    may his neshama have an aliya

  8. garlic says:
    April 8, 2015 at 10:15 am
    does all the pushing a shoving constitute a chillul haShem?

    That is the end result but is also involves MURDER, INJURY, THIEF OF TIME, THIEF OF A HUSBAND FOR HIS WIFE AND A HUSBAND FOR A KALAH. We do not believe in crowd mentality but we sure acted like it; and for what. You were at the levaya, you were accompanying the Rav on his final journey; no where is it wrong you have to be in dalet amos of the aron!

  9. In my opinion this is more horrific and tragic than the Sassoon fire. Unfortunately fires are part of the world we live in. We try to safeguard ourselves and do everything we can to prevent fire but we can comprehend that in normal life, fires occur and cause death and damage. It’s NOT comprehensible that frum yidden are dying from pushing and shoving. This is NOT a normal part of our lives and it’s a very dark and low moment in Jewish history. Shame on us!

  10. This is very sad and the fact that we are going through I’d and seeing it is a sign from Hashem to improve our ways and do teshuva in any way possible. Moshiach is coming very soon and we must wake up starting with myself I have to look into my everyday life and make some change to be better it doesn’t have to be a huge change just a little. Remember Hashem says you just try and change to become better the size of a needle point and I will open up a huge doorway for you. Hashem please help us return to you and become better we are all one nation and really we love one another but unfortunately we have been in Galot so long it has really effected us please Hashem let us all return back home to you help us help us to return back home……

  11. While some pushing does occur to get close to the Aron (or Mitah) of a Godol , that was not the cause of the unfortunate tragedies that happened in this case , there was C’V no “stampede to get close to the Aron” like some individuals are trying to portray…..It was poshut poor planning……..they should have had the stairway cleared before entering it with the Mitah….L’Maaseh they entered the stairway with the Mitah when the it was jam packed with people & that’s what caused people to fall on top of each other on the stairs & ultimately caused the great tragedy , שנשמע ונבשר אך ורק בשורות טובות ושמחות בבתי כל ישראל