Dozens Detained by Police Near Modi’in on Tuesday Night


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Approximately 50 men, women, and children were detained by police on Tuesday night near Modi’in as they made their way to the nearby community of Re’ut for a protest outside the home of IDF Central District Commander Major-General Gadi Shamni. Among those taken into custody was Women in Green co-chairwoman Nadia Matar, who was held separately from the group.

The cars and a bus were stopped by police at Shilat Junction as they planned to protest outside the senior officer’s home for his recent signing of a three-month administrative order which evicts a number of Shomron residents from their homes.

Matar told YWN that she is speechless regarding the actions of police, who are not even willing to permit the basic right of peaceful protest while the army issues orders evicting Jews from their homes, without the right of appeal. She also questioned by the Anarchists are permitted to incite and engage in provocative activities in Chevron, and they are not permitted the right to protest.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)