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Op-Ed: Nebulous or Nefarious?

obaSince the inauguration of the President over six years ago, objective political pundits have had various reactions to the President’s policies ranging from comments that they were puzzling, at best, to accusations of inexperience or even incompetence. However, if one looks closely at the overall arch of six years of behavior by President Obama, one can discern a cohesive picture of a cunning, purposeful and perhaps even malevolent individual with goals that are inimical to America’s future as a land of freedom, liberty and opportunity.

Obama has always believed that America is the world’s biggest problem. He does not believe in the exceptionalism of America or projection of its power, but rather it should assume a role merely as a member of the community of nations, no more important than Portugal or Spain on the world scene. Domestically, he is a Fabian socialist. He desires to fundamentally transform, through peaceful means, America’s once thriving capitalist economy into a socialist mirror of many European nations. Therefore, he has done everything in his power to prevent real economic growth, while expanding exponentially social welfare programs. A prime example, which has national security implications, as well, is the President’s refusal to allow oil exploration on federal lands and his refusal to permit the laying of the Keystone pipeline, both of which would add substantially to America’s hydraulic fracking boom and create an America which would be oil independent for the first time in its history. He has assiduously moved to reduce, emasculate and withdraw the armed forces from any conflict, regardless of the ramifications and after-effects, even announcing at West Point recently to our would be and real enemies that he will not send any troops to war and wants to use our soldiers as a force to deal with “global warming.”

Furthermore, Obama has shown 6 years of consistent anti-Israel policies, while demagogueing all the necessary talking points for Congress and the public, appearing as a supporter of Israel, which America traditionally has been. In fact, he views Israel as a pimple on the face of the middle east, and therefore did everything to support the rise of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and to foment the rise of radical Islam throughout the mid-east: most recently he has insured the fall of Afghanistan, after US troops leave, with the return of Al Qaeda’s brain trust through the release of 5 top terrorist generals from Gitmo, and through inaction has insured the probable fall of Iraq by refusing to offer real aid to stem the advancing Islamic terrorists’ progress on the battlefield which is aimed at setting up an Islamic caliphate extending from Iraq to Syria. He is “negotiating” with Iran under the ostensible guise of seeking peace, but knowing full well due to the extreme weakness of his position that Iran will gain a nuclear weapons capability. His whole desire is to place the “obstinate” and “uppity” little Israel under the jackboot of the international community, who are overwhelmingly against it, with Arab hegemony in the middle east, most recently threatening Israel with boycotts and a status as an apartheid nation through his malevolent proxy, John Kerry.

He has been, in fact, assiduously pursuing his campaign pronouncements to “fundamentally transform” America, but has been striving to do so in ways which are antithetical to America’s 200 year history, even wielding executive power in defiance of the Constitution like a tyrant. From the shocking scandal of IRS suppression of political enemies and the cover up surrounding it, to his disastrous Health Care law, to NSA spying on Americans and the world; from maintaining a porous border and flooding it with illegal aliens in an attempt to permanently alter the demographics of America, to demonstrably jeopardizing the safety of Americans with the release of 5 top Al Qaeda terrorists for what was likely a low level army deserter, he has followed the policies of a radical leftist ideologue, intent on consolidating the power of the federal government and limiting individual freedoms, while eviscerating America’s standing as a world power. With a feckless and feeble opposition party in Congress , the President has been able to pursue these policies with impunity, and was emboldened to quip publicly “as President I can do what I want.” It is up to Americans to wake up to the reality of this presidency before irrevocable harm has been done to this country in which we reside.

By Moshe Lieb

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

2 Responses

  1. President Obama does not believe that America is the worlds biggest problem. He does believe that the neo-con policies of the Bush administration were an abject failure with untold costs in American lives and treasure.

    By invading Iraq and removing the Sunni government of Iraq the Bush administration emboldened Shia Iran.

    Obama has been consistent. He strongly believes that military force should only be used as a last resort. He has used forced against Libya, he has used targeted drone attacks, and has authorized force capture Osama Bin Laden and last week the mastermind of the Benghazi attack. The situations in Egypt and Syria do not have simple solutions. Each side is radicalized and commits human rights abuses to just throw US soldiers and might into such a bloody foray would be absurd.

    Obama does not hate Israel. His administration has defended Israel in the UN and has provided unprecedented military cooperation with the IDF. He has funded Isreal’s Iron Dome rockets. He does believe that Israel must come to a peace agreement but that is because without one Israel will find itself isolated and weak. He does not agree with the right wing policies of Netanyahu and Bennett but that does not make him anti-Israel.

    Obama is trying to remake America in a certain way. Over the past 40 years America has seen stagnant wages for the vast majority of its working class population. Wealth is exceedingly being concentrated in the upper echelons of the country. Income inequality is a problem that the President wants to fix. Obamacare/ACA is a step it that direction. Seven million enrollees is not a failure. It might not be perfect but it is better than nothing. So much is written about small government and trickle down economics but the reality is that many in our community rely on all types of government assistance to survive. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  2. Crazy, Obama doesn’t feed anyone. HaShem does. With re. to Obama’s Middle Eastern policies, he has consistently shown hostility towards Israel and never missed an opportunity to snub Netanyahu whom the goyshe world regard as the elected representative of the Jewish nation. Obama is an arrogant & incompetent president, surrounded by equally arrogant & incompetent, AND corrupt aides. Only you and charliehall sing the praises of this Jew hater.

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