BLOOD LIBEL 2014: Mainstream Media Jumps to Conclusions About Dead Palestinian Teen



[By Aliza Levine]

During the 18 days of frantic searching for the three missing Israeli teenagers, the mainstream media was eerily quiet. John Kerry condemned  the kidnappings 3 days after news broke of the kidnappings. The President of the USA only spoke up once the bodies of the teens were found dead.

Even when mainstream media reported on the news, a cold sense of apathy filled the headlines. “Hitchhiking Teenagers in West Bank Missing” read one headline. Rather than blaming Islamic terrorism targeting the completely innocent, they turned the blame to “Those Jews should’ve known better not to hitchhike “. Most media outlets called the teens “missing”, not even mentioning the fact that they were kidnapped.

The headlines all had the same attribute: Hamas or Islamic terrorism was not mentioned, hitchhiking was always blamed, and they always mentioned the kidnappings took place in “The West Bank”.

When the news broke that 3 bodies were found, the cold hard fact reporting came into play once again “Missing bodies of Teenagers in West Bank Found” filled the breaking news landscape. Once again, the headlines conveniently left out that they were all murdered in cold blood by Hamas terrorists.

And now here we are, a Palestinian teenagers lifeless body is found in a forest and the media goes wild!

Conspiracies of revenge fill the air, the media jumps to blame rogue settler Jews and all based on NOTHING!

There is an intense police investigation going on, yet the media has already decided it was a revenge killing. Just an hour after the story broke, the media called it a revenge killing. Why didn’t  the media call the three boys a kidnapping until after they were found dead – two weeks later?

A few rock throwing Arabs make up a story about a revenge murder and the wild dog pounces. Never mind the common honor killings of Muslims or the constant news of masses being murdered in Iraq, Syria, or Nigeria – yet when a Jew “could” be involved, all hell breaks loose.

The Drudge Report even linked to an article with just a headline.  There is no content in that article because there is nothing to report on. Yet the media and the eternal Anti Semites have themselves a  new blood libel.

(Look below, this is an actual article with just a headline)

[Click here to see the article]



For the Jews who say “Never Again” Sit back and watch it happen again. For the Jews that said it can’t happen here. Look how the media is turning on you.

And for all those who couldn’t understand how the masses could actually believe Blood Libels of the past, here’s an example of how fast they catch on.

 Aliza Levine is a Jewish History teacher in  Boca Raton, Florida.  She is a regular contributor to

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  1. It’s a common knowledge that Huffington Post is one of the most rabidly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel online sites. So no surprises there!

  2. Eventually – they will discover the murderers were Arabs not Jews.
    However the damage has been done & everyone will believe Israel found some “Usual Suspects ” to blame it on..

  3. Well said DLKANII!! Midda keneged Midda. The Israeli media ALWAYS blows up anything charedi well before anything is proven to be accurate!

  4. So the blood libel is back but now that the Jews have a State it’s at the national level. The first thing that needs to be done is that Netanyahu needs to fire Tzipi Livni and all those who, with a knee jerk reaction, choose to believe that the Jews did it. This must stop. Before worrying about the anti-semites, it’s time to deal with the useful idiots. She must be brought to task.

  5. Just imagine. Hashem had to make such a thing happen so the chiloni can understand our cries of “foul” when it happens to the chareidim DAY IN AND DAY OUT …….

  6. Reading YWN the past few days it should unfortunatley not be a big surprise if this actually was a revenge attack. One “opinion” piece called for the death of 3,000 Palestinan prisoners and another commentator wrote “kill ALL the Arabs” such sentiment is revolting.

    At least Rachel Frenkel the mother of the murdered teen hy”d had the sense and wherewithal to condemn the murder of this Palestinian boy. Which is a much better and smarter response than the paranoid whining about perceived “racism” and “antisemitism” in the media.

  7. #10. crazykanoiy, you never fail to blame Jews first.

    It will not be a big surprise if you spent too much time on Nazi web sites.

  8. crazykanoiy,
    Perhaps you are correct. One look at the picture of this arab child suggests that he was expendable by his beloved family. Why? don’t know exactly. One of three reasons: He was terminally ill and would die in support of the agenda. he had some lifestyle issues which was a threat to the family’s image. He supported Israel. Any of these three are good for a death sentence in the Arab world. In general Jews don’t kill. What you saw over here is a classic blood libel with no originality at all. Straight from the text book. Wait, and you will see who is correct.
    With regard to your comments about the posts here. That’s people venting here. Need not worry. i wouldn’t think any of the misfits here are a capable of this.

  9. The Huffington post is biased, and it’s so clear even an owl would see it. If you scroll to the bottom of their article you’ll see that 2 arab reporters helped out with their report. They should burn just like this kid was burned.

  10. Ms Levine –

    I fail to see your point. The headline is “Eye for an Eye?” with a question mark. No respectable media outlet has blamed rogue settlers as you claim. The France 24 headline states “Suspected revenge attack”. Suspected is a true way to describe it until the truth comes out. CNN does not even have the story highlighted on its website. BBC headlines “Death of Palestinian” and describes the PA as claiming it was revenge while Israel pledges to investigate. Please stop the everybody is against us paranoia.

    As for the continued revolting comments found on YWN you can now add this one #13 “2 arab reporters helped out with their report. They should burn just like this kid was burned.”

  11. It was an honor killing. The kid lived an alternative life style, if you know what I mean. It was a very convenient time for them to do it. You’ll see. And again, the MSM will be silent for retracting their blame.

  12. More lies. AP, the New York Times, the New York Daily News, and Reuters all covered the kidnappings with stories the very next day — I read them all before Shabat and the AP story in particular was widely distributed. The kidnappings were discussed at the State Department’s daily press briefing on Friday afternoon; here is the transcript:

    “QUESTION: And last one, and this is in the Middle East. There’s reports coming out of the West Bank that there’s – three teens were kidnapped, and one of them is an American citizen. Do you have anything on that?

    MS. HARF: We are aware – of course seen the reports, are very concerned for their well-being. The Secretary a short while ago expressed his concern in a meeting with Tzipi Livni in London and also has spoken with President Abbas this morning about it as well.

    We are working with the Government of Israel and with the Palestinian Authority to try to ensure the situation is resolved quickly, and that the three teenagers are safely reunited with their families. I can’t confirm citizenship at this point.

    QUESTION: Okay.

    QUESTION: Did you – the Israelis say that the Palestinian Authority has – is responsible for their —

    MS. HARF: I don’t have a readout of those conversations.

    QUESTION: No, no, no. I understand that, but the Israelis are holding – say that the PA is responsible for their – these – the safety of these three teenagers.

    MS. HARF: Well —

    QUESTION: Do you share that?

    MS. HARF: What we know is the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority are working closely together on efforts to find the three teenagers and to hopefully bring a quick resolution to the matter, and of course giving this cooperation our full encouragement.

    QUESTION: But you don’t think that the PA —

    MS. HARF: I don’t have more. I don’t have anything more on this, Matt.

    QUESTION: Okay, all right. The Israelis also say that they told Ambassador Shapiro, right?

    MS. HARF: Yes, Ambassador Shapiro.

    QUESTION: Ambassador Shapiro, yes – about the one who has American citizenship. Can you confirm if there was a conversation between him and the Israelis about one of the three, regardless of whether you can confirm —

    MS. HARF: I’m sure Ambassador Shapiro has been in contact on this.

    QUESTION: All right.”

    Kerry issued statement on Sunday and the issue continued to be discussed at most of the daily press briefings until the bodies were found. The mainstream media didn’t write a lot of news articles after the first three days because there really wasn’t much real news until the discovery of the bodies.

    The one thing that IS accurate here is that we indeed do not know who is responsible for the despicable murder of the Arab teenager. But sadly the internet has been full of calls for revenge by Jews. I truly hope that his boy was not murdered as a revenge attack. Revenge needs to be taken on Hamas and its supporters, not on innocents.

  13. Erev Soneh Et Yaakov. People, don’t you see, no matter what Jews do or do not do, they hate us. Period. We shouldn’t care about their opinions but do anything and everything necessary for our people’s safety. Do the “politically incorrect” actions necessary for our survival especially and including removing the enemies from the land. They hate us anyway and whatever Jews do or don’t they the facts don’t change. If we rely on them we will loose. We rely only on HKBH.

  14. “Huffington Post is one of the most rabidly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel online sites”

    To the contrary, it carries the writing of more frum people, including numerous rabbis, than any other mainstream media outlet.

  15. Ms. Levine – Today the shin bet arrested 6 Jewish suspects for the murder of this child. Will you now pen an opinion piece admitting to your error and apologizing to all those that you branded as libelous Jew haters in your article.