Op-Ed: Politically Incorrect Questions in Context of the AZ Shooting


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[Op-Ed By Yossi Gestetner]

Before it was even clear if Democrat Congressperson Gabrielle Giffords survived the shooting, members of the media and press were already pointing to Palin and to Anti-Obamacare rhetoric that caused the shooting.

Let us put aside the fact that Giffords was only one of nineteen Dems to vote last week against Pelosi being Speaker, in addition to Giffords owning a gun and asking Obama to send troops to the border. Instead, let us – like “professional” media people ate doing – play politics when the blood is still being collected from the scene, and ask the following:

· When debating with Liberals as to why we don’t focus on the most likely suspects of international terrorists, such as radical, young, male Muslims, the Left points to the Oklahoma bombing of 1995 as “proof” that Whites also commit terror acts, and as such everyone needs to be treated as equal suspects. Indeed, Saturday’s story plays into this theme. But it begs the question: If three mass terror acts by Whites in a spam of fifteen years (including the 1999 Columbine massacre) is enough to keep Whites as ongoing suspects at airports, etc, how many more terror acts and plots would it take for Radical Muslims to commit before they are treated as potential threats, and perhaps 9-1 threats versus Whites?

· After Arizona passed its tough Immigration Laws, rioting and vandalism broke out, including the smearing of swastikas on Arizona’s Capital. The smearing “was sparked by the newly signed anti-illegal-immigration law,” reported a news site. The questions is: When are the actions of politicians – such as being tough on illegal immigration – at fault for “sparking” violence, and when are opponents of a law – say opponents of Obamacare, a law supported by Giffords – at fault for violence?

· Similarly, members of the Left, after 9/11, instead of blaming radicals for the acts, were asking “why do they hate us?,” as if it is America who needs to correct its ways not to be hated. Will Democrats – in the wake of the shooting – ask “why do they (some in the American population) hate us?” or will Palin, Limbaugh, opponents of Obamacare, supports of the Arizona Immigration law, continued to be faulted for the shooting? If it will be the latter, when will the Left stop blaming the USA for the 9/11 and other attacks, and instead blame those who drive others to commit the acts and/or blame those who actually to it?

In closing: as of this point, I don’t think that the Saturday shooting was driven by a sane, young person who opposed from the Right the Congressperson’s political acts. However, the above questions are asked only in the context as how the Left is spinning the story as of now.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.

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  1. Well, the reason they’re blaming whites is because they know he was white.

    But, without saying violence is right, doing such brazen acts in congress and shoving down the peoples throats such an overhauls with tricks and back-door deals, you are clearly causing people to be really angry and to use angry lingo – and if radical people who are out there (in every political sect – look at acorn…) translate it into action – although it’s wrong – don’t be so surprised…

  2. Sarah Palin posted a map online with a target posted on Gifford’s district telling people not retreat but to “RELOAD.”
    Please explain how this is not related.

  3. 3 – Sarah Palin’s ugly rhetoric is way out of line, and everyone who has a brain cell of free thought left knows it


    Do some research on this shooter and you’ll see that he’s a cut & dry lunatic. He believed that the government was controlling his brain through grammar. All of these political losers want to play a complex blame game, but its a red herring. This guy was nuts, get over it.

  4. The left is blaming Palin as if she was the rosha who pulled the trigger. Oh how typical of the left to look for a scapegoat instead of putting the blame DIRECTLY where it belongs, ON THE SHOOTER.

    I find it completely not surprising that the Socialist Liberal media won’t talk about the favorite books of this kook, namely Karl Marx ym”sh & Hitler ym”sh. Socialism is just about where the modern day democrat party is holding. Thus it would make sense that this kook would NOT have tried bumping off a liberal democrat!!!

    Also, where are the almighty libs when it comes to Obama’s street talk? No one said “boo” when Obama publicly threatened Sean Hannity during the campaign. Remember, the Street Thug In Charge was gonna have “Burgess” tear him up (go find it on youtube if you don’t believe it).

    Obama also said to his peeps, that the Republicans are the enemy & they should beat them up.

    The shooter should die a slow PAINFULL death!

  5. it’s so easy to come AFTER the shooting and link it to Palins lingo. It’s a “cheap “shot”…
    Come ‘on, they always talk about “campaign amunition”, “Arsonal” etc. etc…

  6. It is a shame that with all the intrusive and annoying laws enacted in America that there is not one that requires Americans to actually know American history prior to making political statements. Those who have actually learned a bit of USA history know that the country has a long history of rough and tumble political rhetoric and actions.

    Candidates and incumbents are always directing sharp language against each other. Sometimes it is just bluff for the benefit of the voters and sometime they really hate each other with a passion. Nevertheless out and out political violence in not that common in the US.

    So the campaign to blame Palin, the Tea Party, the Right or whomever as the cause of this violence, even before the facts are know, is truly Yellow Journalism at its worst.

    BTW, if you had to Google “Yellow Journalism” to know what it means, you really, really need to learn some American history.

    Aryeh Zelasko
    Beit Shemesh

  7. Sarah Palin may be the air head of the century, buit to blame her for th actions of an obviously mentally deranged person is a bit of a stretch.