Officer Gets A Very Light Sentence Despite Severe Abuse Of Chareidi Prisoner


It is not enough that chareidim are being locked up in IDF prisons, but some are subjected to abuse R”L when there. In this case, the chareidi youth was physically assaulted as his head was smashed against a stone wall in Prison 4.

The complaint was filed about a year ago, accusing prison guards of exceeding their authority and using unjustifiable physical force.

Attorney Noa Levi represented the victim, speaking of how the youth was tortured while in prison, in addition to being tormented by other personnel for asking for tefilin, a siddur and other seforim. Attorney Levi is amazed that the officer who assaulted the youth was only sent to ten days of detention for such a severe offence.

She is quoted saying the officer in question has a history and is known for abusing chareidi prisoners.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)