KIDDUSH HASHEM! Hatzolah Members & Jet911 From Around The USA Help Rescue Efforts In Flooded Houston [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]



Among the devastation is a shining light – in the form of a Kiddush Hashem taking place!

A group of Hatzalah members from NY, LA and other cities around the USA, have traveled to Houston, Texas to help out with rescue efforts following the epic devestation from Hurricane-turned-Tropical Storm Harvey.

The group includes Doctors, Paramedics and EMTs, and they are working hand in hand with the National Guard and local authorities in rescuing people trapped in high flood waters and/or delivering Kosher food to many stranded people.

The group is coordinated by Jet911, led by veteran Queens Hatzolah Paramedic Eli Rowe.

One of the group participants tell YWN that the emergency personnel were touched with the fact that the group traveled across the country with all types of advanced equipment to try and save lives.

Many of the attached photos were taken just moments ago by the Jet911 Team, and give readers a first-hand view of the catastrophic devastation.

TO ASSIST with storm recovery efforts, CLICK HERE to DONATE to the hurricane relief fund.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. Amazing especially when I think back to Camp Aguda and the parts in the plays that Eli Rowe would get. BH that was only an act.

    Yasher koach Eli!!