WATCH THIS: Female Israeli Soldier Fights With 30 Yeshiva Bochrim Who Closed Street During Protest


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As YWN reported earlier, Yeshiva Bochrim of the Peleg Yerushalmi took to the streets to protest the arrest of two Yeshiva Bochrim. They were arrested for failing to register for the draft, in line with instructions from Hagaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach.

The attached video was taken at one of the demonstrations held on Monday evening, where Yeshiva Bochrim forced the closure of street, roads, stopping buses and the Jerusalem Light rail – inconveniencing tens of thousands of people.

At this particular protest locations, a female solider attempts to reopen a street that was forced closed. She is seen fighting off around 30 Yeshiva Bochrim as she attempts to open the street.

Video via מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It seems to amaze me that these yerushalmi bochurim are allowed to get away with this. They should all be arrested till theres none left to protest. The worst part is that their rosh yeshiva instructs them to do this its a huge chilal hashem. They are so disrespectful to the soldiers who protect them from terrorists going into yeshivas to injure and kill them.

  2. The bigger question is why isnt hikind and company coming out with a statement. Is he afraid to step on the wrong toes. He only seems comfortable to speak out against some police dept out in Vermont about fake police brutality , where a chassidish family caused a cop yo chase them before finally pulling over. Hikind. Where are u when we really need u?

  3. Just comes to mind: R’ Yisroel Salanter whispering in the ears of R’ Naftali Amsterdam during his quiet Ne’ilah on Yom Kipur, that he is blocking part of the doorway to a backyard that was open for air… R’ Naftali understood that he is being ordered to move in the middle of his Ne’ilah, since he is ‘stealing’ the public’s air-flow…

  4. Did you catch the guy with the long beard who kicked her from behind onto the car? Disgusting. A swarm of bachurim and men beating on a teenage girl.

  5. Peleg is disgusting; why don’t they go to the beis medresh to say tehillim or learn? Instead they enjoy taunting a girl soldier.

    Is this what you want your son to do?

  6. The Yeshiva boys could certainly have floored this girl but they are truly religious and thus won’t touch her for religious reasons. She could have been knocked to the ground with one blow. Her silly dance like kicks are useless. They let her prance around. Watching closely you can see they were truly frum boys.

  7. Why didn’t she have any back-up…or even her gun? One woman against dozens of animals? Kol Hakovod to her for standing up to them.

    These lowlives are easily identifiable from the video; the Americans should be deported immediately & the Israelis arrested. And the Yeshivas should be heavily fined every single time their so-called students demonstrate.

  8. To “Takes 2”: Dont U get it?
    Hikind was just speaking up for his constituents who live in Bklyn and were hassled in Vermont
    Peleg arent his constituents

  9. So, some commenters feel Chareidim are second class citizens who don’t have a right to demonstrate against something they find objectionable. Arabs, Jewish leftists — they are allowed to demonstrate. Oh, and let’s not forget the very many disabled in Israel who have been protesting in the streets for the past several weeks. Those protests have disrupted traffic on major highways and streets all over Israel (interesting that those protests have barely been mentioned on YWN). Many furious motorists expressed their outrage at the very serious traffic jams caused by the disabled folks’ protests.
    Only Chareidim don’t have a right to protest. Their only right is to sit still and shut up.
    As far as “showing disrespect” — it’s the same with any protest. Those “taking a knee” at recent football games are accused of disrespecting the flag, the nation, and even the U.S. military. They feel they are protesting racial injustice.
    But, Chareidim are always wrong, no matter what they do. Everyone else has rights, and can have legitimate grievances. Chareidim should not be seen, and certainly not heard.

  10. Yes Draintheswamp, 100%!!
    Love that ninja sista solja! But what a chaval. They want to follow the Peleg fringe, they know it’s about getting arrested! Suck it up and do the time, and get off the streets! They were out and about last night in Bet Shemesh Ramah bet last night too, at the busiest intersection. I was in the resulting jam. And i saw so much senseless chutzpah from these kids. And putting many people in danger. In my eyes it was nothing more or less than their version of some way to break the boredom of another week of bein hazmanim. No more! Back to school after isru chag. They dont want to sign up, they need action? Board the bus and get busy shukkeling. Makes good cardio work.

  11. A bas Avraham Avinu, fearlessly doing what she believes to be a mitzva. (You may disagree whether it’s a really mitzva but you have to admire her character. We should all be zocheh to serve Hashem by doing mitzvas as bravery as this bas Yisroel – and she should be zochah to serve Hashem in better ways.)

  12. If you watch the video the young lady kicked her feet at the protestors but did not lay a hand on anyone UNTIL someone touched her! From a frum viewpoint (A) what is the heter for the boy to touch her and (B) This will open a flood gate against Charedim. Maybe the police will send out a battalion of women soldiers to manhandle the yeshiva guys. After all the yeshiva guy touched a female soldier so they can no longer say it is forbidden!
    Chillul Hashem and a terrible Pirtzas Geder.
    I wonder if Reb Shmuel would know that this happened whether he would reverse his view on these demonstrations and put an end to them?

  13. I find it kind of ironic that from all the bums standing around, it’s only the hoodlum in the yerushalmi levush that actually kicks her from behind. What ever happened to touching a member of the opposite gender?

  14. Strange coincidence that this happens on the day that Rav Auerbach, Shlita, is taken to the hospital where he hopefully has a refuah shelamah. Not saying that these are related but he could not be happy that such a chilul hashem is being perpetrated in his name.

  15. My beloved chilonim brothers. please do not think that these 30 cowards & disgusting pieces of garbages dressup as frum, are really frum. i am orthodox, i am against some israeli government’s rules, but i would never, never, bother a yid, not blocking their streets, not bulling their daughters that happen to be in the tzahal, watching us, even without knowing yet all the torah and mitzvot. b’h this TZADEKET will do teshuvah, and these 30 reshaim will do it as well. Meanwhile I will continue saying Missheberach to my BROTHERS and SISTERS at the Tzahal.

  16. > american_yerushalmi

    Contrary to the prevarications, I myself have read through plenty of bloggers trashing the entire list of protesters, including the handicap protest where even sympathetic journalists had no sympathy for their behaviour.

  17. georgeg, bloggers may be upset but where are the op-ed ‘s and newspapers articles decrying the protests of the disabled blocking streets all over the country or decrying the leftist protests disrupting the residential neighborhood where the AG Mandelbrot lives?No, it’s only charedim and dati leumi hilltop youth that the police and the newspapers attack for protesting– see a pattern?

  18. Pathetic! how’s she still standing? A whole group of of guys against one zionazi girl, they should have beat her senseless.
    Makes me ashamed to be a Yid.