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TERROR: Woman Stabbed On 443 Highway Near Modiin By 14-Year-Old Palestinian Terrorist [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

A 22-year-old woman sustained light injury in the area of her neck in a stabbing attack that occurred on Wednesday afternoon at about 4:30PM. The attack took place at a bus stop along Highway 443, also known as the Jerusalem-Modi’in Highway.

The bus stop where the attack occurred is between Shilat and Maccabim Junctions. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they found the woman seated at the curb of the bus stop, conscious and alert. She was listed in light-to-moderate condition at the time of transport with a stab wound to her upper torso.

According to a border police spokesman, the attacker was stopped when forces in the area fired their weapons in the air, and he was then taken into custody. The attacked is identified by a police spokesman being a 14-year-old PA (Palestinian Authority) resident.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It’s time that the Israeli courts will put on trial these young palestinians in an adult court. These young kids are acting like adult animals.

  2. It was stupid firing their weapons in the air. This is unnecessary waisting of ammo. Didn’t they tech IDF soldiers how to shoot at the terrorists?

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