Animal Rights Activists Protest At Williamsburg Kapparos Centers; One Man Steals Chickens And Runs [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


The season has begun, and the protesters are back at work.

A few dozens animal-rights activists protested at multiple Kapparos centers in Williamsburg on Sunday afternoon.

At the Krula Shul, two chickens were stolen in a heroic act of life-saving. Meanwhile, others were feeding the chickens water.

The NYPD was called due to a scuffle and to maintain crowd control.

One animal-rights activist wearing a Yarmulka was trying to make his case against a large crowd of Chassidim.

The group went from location to location as they chanted, and many took photos of the chickens in the crates.

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Today it was Williamsburg, but which Kapparos center will the unemployed socialist animal-rights activists strike next?

Many of these “animal rights activists” are the same type of folks who attend BDS rallys, Occupy Wall Street, RESIST, “Not My President”, and chant “Free Free Palestine” at anti Israel demonstrations. YWN has in previous years confirmed the same faces seen at all different venues of protest.

You can be sure that these activists didn’t protest the Hamas use of birds to carry bombs into Israel [as was reported by YWN in July in 2018].

YWN notes that the very same people that are so overly concerned for the lives of chickens, have no problem killing unborn human babies.

Just a few days ago, YWN published the Agudah Israel Kol Korei about ensuring that chickens are treated properly to prevent Tzar baalei Chaim.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. many opposed to using live chickens in today’s environment are NOT unemployed, NOT BDS members,etc..If the chicken were being promptly shechted and eaten by the family or the indigent, that would be one thing. but today’s behavior is a disgrace.

  2. Many of these “activists” are also part of the anti-yeshiva effort known as YAFFED. In fact, the leader of YAFFED, also joined the BDS movement in decrying the use of chickens for kaporos.

  3. These claims are irresponsible. There is no reason to assume that these animal rights activists are unemployed or that they are involved in anything other than opposing kapporus with chickens.
    ” will the unemployed socialist animal-rights activists”

    “Many of these “animal rights activists” are the same type of folks who attend BDS rallys, Occupy Wall Street, RESIST, “Not My President”, and chant “Free Free Palestine” at anti Israel demonstrations.”
    Some of the Chassidim may be they same ones who attend anti Israel rallies

    I wonder what the person who stole the chicken is going to do to make sure it’s well cared for for the rest of it’s natural life. It probably will suffer more than it would of if schechted.

  4. til they have to wrestle with their emptiness once more by infringing on the rest of us

    Bunch of Heroes and heroines leaving their cushy social partying which their parents played the system well to and got away with it with a slap on the wrist
    now they’ve done something to give some sort of momentous cataclysmic value to their existence

    will last them for a while

  5. Like I told one of the protesters last year where she started to swear at me with profound language when she had no answer I asked her why do you only come out of the woodwork when the Jews are doing the ritual why don’t you go to the Arab slaughter houses around the whole year or go to the zoo or go stand in front of pet stores if you really care that much how about spending your own money and you can buy all the chickens you want to take them home and save them

  6. Here you go again with some commenters defending these liberal empty-headed dreikups protesting the supposed “abusive treatment” of these “poor” chickens.

    Some of these retards ( yes that what they are because these meshugaim support abortion but protest that chickens are in cages and twirled around the head…) are unemployed and some are not. It’s irrelevant; the mere fact that you stick up for these tzidreite people show that you are propagandized liberal parrots with kapluch on your heads but missing dos Yiddish hartz and the brain that comes along with it.

  7. I’m a graduate from a Satmar yeshiva but after seeing this past Shabbos how some chickens were literally killing the weak one among them and eating its flash from starvation* I absolutely back these PETA activists! One can “shlug kaparos” with money, although it’s not mihudar, but tzar baalei chayim + the huge chillul Hashem that these unfed chickens cause is definitely NOT MEHUDAR!

    *I watched the starved chickens on 53rd St. corner 18th Ave in Boro Park but I remember the same thing happening years ago @ Satmar 53rd St. This past Shabbos, I watched Some chickens eating other weak chickens while I watched other chickens sticking their heads outta the cage trying to grab & eat the dried leaves from the floor. That’s how starved they were.

  8. Not a very good idea to hold the Kapporos openly on a main road. This should be done in a backyard away from public eye where security is easier to maintain.
    Although there are no anti-kaporos protests in the UK, one Kehillah performed a large Kapporeh event in their car-park, hanging up sheets to cover the performance from the road. Had protesters tried to come in they would have been met with security guards.

  9. I think it’s time for them to start doing Kapporos indoors with a security guard @ the entrance to only let frum Jews in & not lot any members from these groups in.

  10. People don’t just stand by. Go on the OFFENSIVE. Confront them.
    Say, ask them if they also care as much for living babies in the 9th month? Why aren’t they protesting Planned Parenthood? etc.
    Main thing, verbally attack them. We need not be on the defense for eating chickens! Why don’t they go protest non-kosher slaughter houses?

  11. They should consider using fish or coins for kaporos. Both would be OK and aside from these self-styled “animal rights nutcases”, avoid this annual PR circus and the related smell and public health issues…

  12. These protesters must not realize that the slaughtered chickens are donated as CHARITY to feed poor families.

    Nah, who am I kidding? They probably DO know, but don’t care, because they want to protest against anything Jewish.

  13. Yup.
    We can always count on “our own(?)” schizophrenic (commenting under multiple names) liberal commentators on this site, to defend these whackos against our own people and ancient Jewish customs.
    Their anti semitism, adds to that of the non-Jewish enemies we’ve had to deal with for centuries..

  14. > Shtrudel

    Seems you have no idea, or hope the readership has no idea, about the way birds, and particularly chickens, behave in the wild. Even a peak at Wikipedia shows all that is normal behaviour also in the wild. And for those who might be interested, chicken was originally introduced to the middle east for cock-fighting (not for food, which came as a later idea).

  15. People have to admit that an overload of livestock is being used for one purpose and overbirths and overpopulations leads to too many resources being used and overpopulation is also very bad thing!!!

    People can also use money and live fish but never do

  16. Many of those who came were fellow Jews. I’m disappointed in all of you who are subjugating our fellow Jews for speaking on what they think is important.

    My family didn’t survive the war to see Jews subjugated or other beings subjugated. This is disappointing, and demonizing those who offer completely valid alternatives – such as using money and donating it rather than living beings who suffer – is wrong.

  17. Hello. I am one of those protesters depicted in the article. I am the one holding the styrofoam so that it doesn’t hit the chickens. I was not only appalled by what was written in the article, but also by some of the comments. First, I’ve been employed as a teacher for 22 years. I’ve worked summer school for seven years and was advisor to the school newspaper for ten. I’ve worked tirelessly for my students for all of my years teaching, helping numerous students obtain scholarships to college. I was there because I knew in my heart what was happening was very wrong. I researched the topic thoroughly before I went. Also, I am not a socialist. It was shocking to me when small Hasidic children came up to me telling I should get a job. When I told them I had one , they continued to tell me that I should get a job. What is being done to the minds of these children is real cruelty. I read that this killing animals was only to be done when necessary (I did my own research. I was not told by anyone to think this). Yet, I saw (and have pictures of) streams of blood, animals parts thrown on the streets, live animals thrown in the garbage, baby chickens drinking water in desperation as if they were severely dehydrated. I saw live chickens (and have pictures of) live chickens put in sewer water. So, these chickens were going to be given to the poor to eat? There is no definition of the word “necessary “ that would fit what I saw.

    Commenters asked why don’t we protest at other slaughter houses. Well, I have. They asked why don’t we protest at places that serve chicken every day. I have. It is sad that so many of the commentators do not have the courage to find out what the truth is. Many feel that I have a mind that is twisted by political beliefs. The truth is that I saw a scene that looked like the literal hell and couldn’t take it anymore.

    Since I’ve become an adult, I have been tired of hiding from the truth. My name is David Giunta and I want to have real conversations. If you want this, I am on Instagram and Facebook.