TONIGHT: Neighborhood Rabbonim Come out in Solidarity Against “Ezras Nashim” – NYC REMSCO Hearing


Tonight there will be an open forum hosted by the NYC Regional EMS Council to address the request for a new Certificate of Need (CON) allowing Ezras Nashim (aka Chasdei Devorah Inc.) to operate their own ambulance. If approved the request will then be forwarded on to the State of NY Bureau of EMS for final approval. Their CON requests to respond specifically within Boro Park and Kensington.

Ezras Nashim, the organization founded by Judge Ruchie Freier of Boro Park, was originally created for the sole purpose of responding to females during times of labor and delivery and other similar types of emergencies. Judge Freier has stated that in addition to woman feeling uncomfortable calling Hatzoloh and being handled by someone that she may know, it is against the Halacha for members of the opposite gender to treat patients in such scenarios. In her attempts to gain traction and publicity she participated in the making of a movie documentary, entitled “93 Queen”. This documentary, though focusing mostly on Judge Freier and her ascent to the Judicial bench, has portrayed the frum community in general, and Hatzoloh specifically in an extremely negative fashion.

The application for the Certificate of Need, as publicly available on the NYC REMSCO website is rife with negative comments about Hatzoloh and the community. In addition to the response from the Hatzoloh community there has been pushback from most of the Commercial Ambulance providers in the NYC area. The application documents, as required, the work done on behalf of Ezras Nashim to garner letters of endorsement from local hospitals and volunteers’ ambulance corps. Per the filing on the website, other than from a few political offices, there is not a single letter of support from any of those entities.

Perusing the application makes it difficult to actually determine why their Certificate of Need is required. Much of the documentation is in support of Judge Freier herself, much less about the organization. It is hard to justify her claim of a response time of under 8 minutes as being an improvement over the documented typically less than two minutes Hatzoloh response. Her claims of rabbinical endorsements, as shown in the application, ring hollow. Ignoring the fact that none are local community Rabbonim, most endorse the concept in theory without actually endorsing the organization, definitely not the means being used to create one.

After consultation with their Vaad HaRabonim, Hatzoloh has engaged a top law firm to go through the application and respond on technical grounds, demonstrating the absurdity of her requests. This is in addition to the compilation of the signatures of close to 50 of the local community Rabbonim, Roshei HaYeshivos, Dayanim and Rebbes decrying the attempt to use Tznius and Halacha to vilify Hatzoloh and all of the good they do for our community.

There has been a request that ladies who have been satisfied with the exemplary care given to them by Hatzoloh should show up and have their voices heard. The hearing will be starting at 5:00 PM, tonight, at The Methodist Hospital, East Pavilion Auditorium, 2nd floor, 506 6th Street, Brooklyn NY, 11215.

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  1. Based purely on what I read here, and assuming everything is correct & unbiased, it is a great pity that Hatzalah is criticized in order to try to get certification for Ezras Nashim Chasdei Devorah. It is comparable to knocking someone down in order to raise oneself up. Surely this organization would benefit the community without it having to malign an established, life-saving organization? If attacking Hatzalah is the only way to achieve certification, then Judge Frier should close it down. My vote is with Hatzalah- this is a sad day.

  2. I had only positive experiences with using Hatzalah, including personal ,female situations..
    The judge said “it is against the Halacha for members of the opposite gender to treat patients in such scenarios”? Who is the Rav that she asked or is she acting as a posek???

  3. What is the problem? Enabling Ezras Noshim with an ambulance, will enhance the EMS services in Boro Park/Kensington. Yes, there is a real need for delivery services for women in labor by women…not men. Hatzoloh of New Square is a wonderful example of men and women working towards the goal of helping patients in need. Engaging lawyers to oppose Ezras Nashim?!….Please….what a waste of time and money!

  4. I don’t understand this. Why does Hatzoloh care if Ezras Nashim has an ambulance? Who is hurt by an extra ambulance on the streets?
    This sounds like childish nekamah.

  5. I read their application & saw nothing negative mentioned about the community or Hatzalah. This leads me to believe that some people have an agenda to stop them. This entire article is possibly motzei shem ra. Some emergency calls are of a very sensative nature like a young woman suffering from a panic attack or nervous breakdown, I can see how a female would be able to diffuse the situation much more effectively.
    Why would anyone be hiring top lawyers to stop them? Are they breaking a monopoly?

  6. This is just embarrassing. Where in the world did YWN get the information from this article. Did ANYBODY read the actual documentation from Ezras Nashim? I read through all five parts of the document, which is available online at this link:

    Read the 5 sections yourself and then decide for yourself if they are misrepresenting Ezras Nashim in this article. It’s really just sad.
    The worst part about it is that I’m not even personally interested in Ezras Nashim. I was just curious about what the application for an ambulance looked like so I read through it, and not a single time did Ezras Nashim bash Hatzolah, nor did it ever “represent them in a bad light.”

    This article does nothing more than once again make the “rabbonim” as well as whoever wrote this article look bad.
    Do your own research, because it’s abundantly clear that whomever wrote this article did none.

  7. Not getting involved:

    Do you know Ruchie Freier? I think your comment is pure chutzpah. In fact, it seems that your Elul and Aseres Yemai Teshuvah had little to no impact. This is not about Ruchie Freier. It is about an organization that she spearheaded, Ezras Noshim, that was created to fill a community need. You may disagree, and I do, too. But the personal attack on her is neither called for, nor is it tolerable if you subscribe to the same Torah that we all do.

    I suggest that you are not even interested in the real subject – Ezras Noshim. I believe you are plainly jealous that Ruchie Freier can accomplish so much for the community. Perhaps you can share with us what you have done for Klal Yisroel to benefit us. Even if your efforts did not work. Until then, grow up, and stop personal attacks.

  8. You need to change the title because NOT A SINGLE RABBI was named in your article. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Meanwhile, Ruchie Freier has endorsements. Yeah, they endorse the idea in theory… and Freier actually brought the idea to reality. That’s a lot more endorsement than this “protest” got.
    This article is all about how Hatzolah feels slighted. Why can’t you consider the perspective of a woman who really does not want her next door neighbor to see her private areas and think of them every single time he sees her again? Why can’t you consider the perspective of a woman I am very close to who wouldn’t call Hatzolah when she needed to get to the hospital because she KNEW her next door neighbor would come, and instead travelled at about 90 mph in a private car??
    Why? Because in a documentary they said that Hatzolah doesn’t allow women to join, which is true, or that people
    think that Ruchie Freier is a little girl playing ambulance are nasty people who don’t give a hoot about how the women of Boro Park and Flatbush feel about what she’s doing?
    This is so petty and SO WRONG.

  9. Ruchie go home & take care of your kinderlech,
    Continue helping the souls you were always helping

    Stop with this nonsense, its an embarrassment to your chashiva mishpucha


  10. Who cares if they have an ambulance? Why would commercial services care at all? This presents no competition for them. Perhaps Hatzolah is simply worried about $$$$$. And once $$$$$ is involved, seichel and righteousness goes out the window.

  11. i have a Rachmanus on the foolish women who once enabled will be misled and delay possible life saving care by a man and say “no i am a Tzadiekes and i will wait …. for a woman to come and help me”
    guess what in an emergency man are treated by woman and woman are treated by men
    in a perfect world there would be woman on every call but imo these politicians will end up with blood on the hands
    they sound like the black politicians who are the biggest killers of other blacks

  12. I know Ruchie, I have known her since I was a little girl (Gasp! Are you going to ostracize me because I am a lady writing?) we used to play together when she would visit her Tanta Rivky AH. She is a genuinely good person. I don’t know whose agenda this is. I am very uncomfortable with it. While I myself would rather call Hatzalah (They have a 2 minute response time vs EN’s 8) I don’t have a problem with her organization, and I view this like the eruv in Boro Park. Many people screamed, and today so many carry.

  13. I have no idea who is right or wrong,but what i do know is,had Ruchy Frier listened to all these Rabbonim ,she would never have gone to college and become an attorney and subsequently become a judge.
    Therefore it wouldn’t surprise me at all,if in this instance she would also ignore them.

  14. “it is against the Halacha for members of the opposite gender to treat patients in such scenarios”

    When did halachah change to make anything other than murder, illicit relations, and worshiping idols or their equivalents override pikuach nefesh?

  15. Ezra Nashim are צדקניות גמורות which has the highest and purest motives on their agenda. What could be loftier than a בת-ישראל making herself available to assist a fellow Jewish woman in need, and making her comfortable medically and morally. I wish I would have their contact information, to transmit some of my מעשר money for this most wonderful & noble of causes.

  16. Something is seriously wrong, when a large organization like Hatzolo have to hire a team of lawyers to block Ezras Noshim from having one ambulance. It is shocking and unreal.

  17. Attention Mods: I wrote (two comments ago) that my longer comment did not get posted. I made a mistake – it did. I’d appreciate if you could take the comment saying it wasn’t posted down, and I apologize for being chosheid bichsheirim on the mods. Thank you!



    I know shocker 🙂

    This is a Hit-Job article against a person’s character plain and simple.

    Firstly, why would any person in the right mind complain about an All Women Hatzolah, to assist woman in labor?

    There is no explanation (as if it isn’t already intuitive) as to why Women in labor may want a female Emt.

    Why’s aren’t these concerns mentioned?

    Simple, Because it’s just a biased hit job.

    Remember this is supposedly not an OPINION piece, it’s labeled as NEWS!

    YWN is NOT some big media company with an ethics board, even CNN wouldn’t put out such a defaming article. That’s saying alot

    Check this, the couple of hockers running YWN, decide someone in Boro Park should be City Councilman, guess what, the news article of his opponent is framed as this שיייגטס good for nothing won’t be good for our community.

    The YWN is controlled by dpecial interests, sad to say.

    P.S. YWN has competitors from the Jewish community, and it ain’t too hard to throw up a website.

    So YW you guys should consider your articles you put out, or people will just go to a more partisan websites, without 100 million ads on every page 🙂

  19. As a non New Yorker and an ex South African, my personal opinion as an EMT in Israel, and my opinion is totally my own, it was a huge mistake for Hatzala to prevent the women from becoming members of Hatzala. I’m not saying that men and women should serve together as that in my opinion is crossing boundaries that were put in place for a reason. But why should a women not be able to have a women EMT come to take her to hospital when they are having a baby!? Using men is surely only because there were no women in available.
    In today’s generation women have grown in their abilities to demand they receive what’s due to them! For good reason, as many wives are expected to support their husbands in learning. Surely they will demand more self participation in every aspect of their life. In today’s media unfortunately the Hatzala organization will be hugely criticized and this is a fiasco that has just started. I’m not saying that comments from supporters or Neshei that vilify Hatzala are appropriate, by no means, however not accepting them was a huge mistake. Now they will have competition and don’t forget, those vilifying Hatzala were probably themselves vilified by the leitzanus of many who didn’t want the Neshei to succeed. Ghandi once said ” at first they will laugh at you, then they vilify you, then they will attack you and then you win!
    Incorporating them would have been problematic but solutions could have been found. Let’s hope common sense a central pillar of our faith is restored!

  20. Having an ambulance for Ezras Noshim implies that woman can and should drive which is absolutely ossur occording to leading rabbonim in klal yisroel.

  21. Which rabbanim? Where is her negativity about hatzala? This is an article rife with gross misinformation and motzi Shem ra. Shame on you, Yeshivaworld.

  22. As a women’s healthcare provider, I’ve worked with hatzala in obstetric emergencies, and while these men are tzadikim who drop everything and run to help another Jew in need, the women I’ve attended would have been just as well or better served by the members of Ezras Nashim.
    The men of hatzalah are not trained in neonatal resuscitation procedures (NRP) but the women of Ezras Nashim are. NRP is resuscitative measures designed specifically for the newborn circulatory/pulmonary system, which is different than a child or adult. So, BLS and ACLS would not be appropriate for a neonate. If your baby was born blue, who would you rather at your birth?
    Furthermore, I have seen certain hatzala procedures that were inappropriate to the situation, and would have been done more appropriately by Ezra’s Nashim because of their training and sensitivity.
    The only valid concern is their response time, which would be cut down if they had their own ambulance, so having their own ambulance is a positive move.
    So where’s the problem?

  23. I don’t get what the fuss is a lot of women who have to see a doctor forever reasons sometimes they look for female doctors for whatever the situation is for their comfort what’s wrong with that. Unless there’s a lot of perverts this is something That should be well coming especially in a religious community where everything is about modesty

  24. Please stop attaching these selfless amazing woman, who are willing to put up with all this harassment and ridicule in order to help woman in need. Hatzaloh should recall how they were attached when they first started out and not repeat this treatment to other worthy organizations.
    Having attended an EMT course with many future Hatzalah members I am qualified to say that they are in general less capable then woman when it comes to dealing with key woman issues. Also, there are many instances where it’s recommended that a first responder of the same gender should deal with patients in certain types of calls.
    To respond to the accusation of the delayed response time, there are situations where a woman will prefer to wait an extra 6 min for a more qualified woman responder, especially in non-emergency situations and GI issues. As for woman being less capable in an emergency response, most woman who joined are probably nurses, nurses are far more trained and qualified then EMT’s.
    Hatzaloh, these woman are not breaking into your clubhouse, get over yourselves! They are a beautiful asset to the community, just like you!

  25. I am a hatzolah member who was on a call with a female patient. He “friend” was with her when we arrived. Without getting into “details”, it was a critical emergency, with hatzolah paramedics administering drugs which saved her life. I personally overheard the “friend” on the phone telling her “supervisor” the following “I am sorry for calling Hatzolah even though our protocol is not to call them. But my friend was going to die and needed help fast”.


  26. Thanks to the discretion of hatzolah, the horror stories have been kept quiet, of the women hemorrhaging while she waited for “FDNY” to back her up, while Hatzolah ambulances are parked 60 seconds away.

    Rasha what she is. I swear to you, Rav Chaim kanievsky did not hear this story, and I swear to you eh knows nothing about this rashanta Ruchie Frier, who is nothing close to the “modest” lady she calls herself. Posting for photos around the globe.

    Did she ask Reb Chaim Reb Elya Ber if she can make the “93 Queen” movie?

    We know the answer.

    She is an attention-seeking demented (smart) woman, who is a Naftali Moster with a Shaitel.

  27. Incredible how every Rov in Boro Park is scared of this self-hating jew, who is smarter than Rav Moshe, the Satmar Rov and the rest of the founding Rabbonim of Hatzolah.

    She is a warped woman hell-bent on changing our mesorah. She is a feminist through and through. I pity creatures like this when Moshiach comes and she is shipped back to her cave, where she belongs, washing her husbands gatchgis.

  28. On another website it says the following:

    Freier stressed that Hatzalah’s rejection of female volunteers is unconstitutional and illegal . There is no reason that women should not be able to serve as EMT’s and certainly no reason to prevent them from developing their own organization

    Ruchie Frierer is also a Moser of incredible proportions, and will do anything she wants to bully her way into this.

    Has she asked Rav Chaim kanievsky if she is also allowed to destory Hatzolah and potentialy cause them to lose their OWN license in her quest to be a feminist?

    Of course not.

    She is an evil woman, and I will start keeping her in my tefilos during vilamalshinim starting today.

  29. I do not live, nor have ever lived, in New York. I know nothing of this story aside from what is written here. But this article is not telling, at least, the whole truth. I read the application, and it simply does not badmouth Hatzolah. In fact, it does just the opposite.
    While it may be true that Rabbanim are opposed to Ezras Nashim – and if so, I question why they are not named, or protesting that they have been quoted out of context by Ezras Nashim – there is definitely an agenda behind this article.

  30. ENOUGH everyone!! I don’t care if you disagree with her, I do to. But there is absolutely no excuse for YWN to drag a yid in the mud like that. And there is no excuse for all the horrible, nasty comments. It is ugly Lashon Hara, plain and simple. I don’t believe any Rav would give a heter for all this L”H. Let us know if you’ve gotten a heter for this. I don’t envy the gehennihom of those who publicly shame and speak Lashon Hara. Horrible, shameful, and disturbing.

  31. Lets put in perspective. Lets say that ezras nashim are good trained individuals, people that know how to deal with emergencies. And there is a situation with a woman that needs emergency care. So you can either call ezras nashim to assist you and to make you feel more comfortable (in the case that you were “conscious”), and to coo you etc. however to recieve this “prime” care you would have to wait “8 min.” or to call well trained and experienced Hatzala members (bp alone has around +/- 250), and get the treatment you need quick and effectively in under 2 min. YOU CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!

  32. This is the most appalling article I have read, possibly in my entire life. The defamation, lashon hara, hotzaas sheim ra… The irate hatred and blatant misogyny and pointless mudslinging being spewed in these absurd comments… For what?? I read the linked application. Did you? Where does it speak negatively about Hatzolah?!

    Goodbye YWN. You had a good run. This is a new low. So many aveiros, OMG. I wish I could go back in time and un-read this.

  33. Mi K’Amcha Yisrael!

    Such beautiful comments!

    But yeah, if you can’t recognize a heroin overdose you shouldn’t be anyway near a patient. But please don’t waste the Rotzeiach comments on this story. They are important to stockpile in anticipation of the next anti-vax story.

  34. The real issue here is that if you followed her rise to power as a judge and the director of Ezras Nashim,

    It Completely smells like it is coming from being a Feminist and not because of tzinus,

    If having ladies take care of ladies is sooo important and vital,

    How is it that Reb Moshe Feinstein ztl and all the other litvish and chasidisha rabonim did feel the need to have it established and just this one person call Ruchie Frier knows that this ezras nashim should be started???????

  35. I think an Ezras Noshim organization is a good idea. I totally understand that men and women shouldn’t work in one organization but I don’t see what’s wrong with a separate organization for women in need of help from women, not men. There are women emergency responders and doctors in the secular world, I don’t see why there’s resistance to Ezras Noshim and the childish jokes against the organization by some members of Hatzalah makes me think that it’s more of a power struggle…If Hatzalah members run to Rabbonim and complain then of course it’s not a shailoh that Rabbonim will support them, they are the professionals and fullfill a critical need in our communities. Certainly no one will want to be against them.

    HOWEVER, the struggle with Hatzalah, whatever it entailed, should have been resolved in a quiet manner, even if it takes years. Ezras Noshim should not have involved the secular world by giving interviews and making documentaries for the secular media and making the 93 Queen movie which all were derogatory towards the men in our community, specifically Hatzala. Even if this wasn’t done with a derogatory spin, how is it tzniusdig, which this is all about what the organization is supposed to be about, to be portrayed to the general public in a movie and the media?!

    I don’t know the particulars of this fight, but Sarah Shenirer when opening her Bais Yaacov schools had resistance in the early years too, many Rabbis were even against it as well. But Sarah Shenirer and all the visionaries who founded Bais Yaacovs world wide didn’t run to the goyim for help and support in their cause…They quietly plodded on despite the resistance, because it was only for l’shem Shomayim, until it was an accepted and appreciated reality.
    All this attention seeking that Ezras Noshim has solicited from the secular world seems to me to indicate that there are motives involved other than tznius for this organization.

  36. Nebech – these vicious pathetic attacks on Mrs. Frier who is valiantly trying to fill a clear NEED.
    This hit-job is clearly about $$$$$$ and POWER !!!
    I predict a tsunami of $$$ flowing to Ezras Nashim and they will be able to reduce their response time drastically.
    Nobody is FORCING ANYONE to use Ezras Nashim ! To the contrary this NASTY AGENDA is to FORCE women to use Hatzalah (who are fantastic at what they do) exclusively whether they are very uncomfortable or not. AND to channel all $upport $$$$$ to Hatzalah. It will NOT work Aderabah !!!!!! Kasher yani osoh kein yirbeh vchen yifrotz !!!!
    HATZLACHA RABBAH to Ezras Nashim in this most worthwhile endeavor !!!! –
    These Hatzalah Macher$ (not the wonderful volunteers) should stop acting like Childish Bullies or perhaps get the therapy they need.

  37. Who will be driving these ambulances? Who are the medics aboard? Men or women?

    If the medics and transporters are women I would like to know how they will manage carrying a stretcher down 3 flights of stairs. Even for the strongest Hatzalah men this is probably one of their greatest challenges.

    If it will require men, then this whole thing is a sham. If Hatzalah is unacceptable because of the male members (to women who are embarrassed by their presence) this arrangement defeats the raison d’etre of Ezras Nashim.

    I am a woman and I can say one thing. If I was c”v having a medical crisis I would want the best, fastest, and most experienced responders — man or woman.

    Having unrelated men and women responding together to Hatzalah calls (sometimes in middle of the night) is certainly not acceptable to any Orthodox Rav – that’s for sure.

    Hatzalah members are dedicated men who leave wives and families for hours in middle of Shabbos meals, during Pesach sedarim, at all hours of the day and night. They have saved multiple lives and deserve all the accolades.

    I know of one case in which the husband mistakenly called Ezras Nashim (his wife had put the number on the fridge.)
    They responded after a considerable wait, recognized the severity of her condition and called 911 instead of Hatzalah. This wife never had a chance. She died of cardiac arrest – when every second matters. The family came forward with the story cautioning everybody to have Hatzalah’s phone number posted where easily seen.

    This is not about men against women. This is about saving lives!!

  38. I see this comments section is rife with the unfortunately misguided ezras nashim members and many who are simply unaware of the facts. Hatzolah, in doing their holy work has one goal: to save lives. The “Ezras Nashim” organization has a very different goal.
    Without getting into detail I will say this: if Daas Torah has spoken out against Ezras Nashim, who are we to question that. Any individual who speaks in defiance of Daas Torah is speaking against the Torah itself. Enough said.

  39. These same Rabbonim would have told Ruchie freier not to go to college and become an attorney,and of course they would have told her not to run for a judgeship,therefore why do we think she would be listening to them now,and why should she

  40. The only way Ezras Nashim can get a license is if they proof need, that they are unique. This is a NY state law. How they proof it, is by saying that when a lady gets treated by a Hatzala “man” the women feel emotionally raped and traumatized!!! Where are all the Jewish ladies suffering from PTSD after Hatzala saved their life!

    Did you know that Dr Dvorkos said that her own patient almost died because Ezras Nashim REFUSED to call Hatzala while the patient was hemorrhaging? They were waiting for FDNY! Seriously!! SHFICHUT DAMIM!

    I counted the Brooklyn signatures in the application, just around 200 out of how many Brooklyn Jewish residents? 200.000 or more? Why only 200? Because WHO needs Ezras Nashim, we need quality care.

    Do you know the name of any Board Member of Hatzala? Director? Coordinator? Do you know how they make a living? If they are judges, lawyers, real-estate or in diamonds? What is their Parnasa?? Did they act in a movie? NO because their goal is the organization, patient care, not advertise themselves! And that is why H-SHEM, MALACH REFAEL and AM YISRAEL is always on their side!

    Mrs. Freier: Don’t sell me the Brooklyn Bridge, leave us alone with Hatzala, you are here to create confusion and delay treating sick people, you have nothing with modesty, we have no problem with “men”, like you do. This is all to get attention from the media. Look for a different way. Go be friends with AOC, you will do a great pair!


    A woman that chooses quality over drama.

  41. Right..its a shame ppl cant have an intelligent conv…but listen up in her application she needs to prove that there is a need for an additional vol ambulance in the bp kensington area.which means she needs to implicate hatzolah on having a void in our community and who knows how far her words of “woman dont call for help dont want male neighbor,to hatzolah doesnt allow women into their org” will get dragged to even if unintentional.Its dangerous to put such thoughts out to the law.i have a question if a male (maybe even naftoli moster) wants to join ezras nashim what will happen then? It was a very nice idea in the beg but its time to drop it! In skvere or monroe or monsey where hospital out of immed comm makes sense.At the farthest point of boro park hatzolah can get pt to MMC in under 8 min.and if woman doesnt have those 8 min(which happens) then ezras nashim not getting there in time anyway cuz thats their eta.And as an hatzohs members wife let me tell u most wont go deliver their neighbors baby theyll wait the 30 seconds for the guy from around the corner to arrive and then arrive as back up where they can take care of baby and not the mom..

  42. jackrocks 123 October 31, 2019 7:33 pm at 7:33 pm

    All the Rabbonim did NOT feel the need to have it established
    your argument holds no water, because all these rabbonim did not feel the need to establish Hatzollah neither
    it took a yunge rmam named Weber z”l to come up with this absolutely vital idea

  43. As a women’s healthcare provider, I’ve worked with hatzala in obstetric emergencies, and while these men are tzadikim who drop everything and run to help another Jew in need, the women I’ve attended would have been just as well or better served by the members of Ezras Nashim.
    The men of hatzalah are not trained in neonatal resuscitation procedures (NRP) but the women of Ezras Nashim are. NRP is resuscitative measures designed specifically for the newborn circulatory/pulmonary system, which is different than a child or adult. So, BLS and ACLS would not be appropriate for a neonate. If your baby was born blue, who would you rather at your birth?
    Furthermore, I have seen certain hatzala procedures that were inappropriate to the situation, and would have been done more appropriately by Ezra’s Nashim because of their training and sensitivity.
    The only valid concern is their response time, which would be cut down if they had their own ambulance, so having their own ambulance is a positive move.
    So where’s the problem?

  44. chugibugi , I see how knowledgeable you are with Hatzala matters, as far as I know R. Hershel Weber is alive and as I heard many of his speeches personally, the words that made him create this organization was when he heard the policeman (or policewomen) announcing the person on the floor is dead, said that If they would have come earlier they would have saved the person. THE KEY WORD IS EARLIER

  45. I am so appalled at the hate mail that is posted here. You don’t have to agree with the idea of Ezras Nashim.
    It is a free country and we do have the freedom of speech law where we can all feel comfortable expressing ourselves without the fear of ending up in jail. How a yid feels so comfortable bashing another yid is beyond the scope of my understanding. No one is taking away any recognition that is due the unbelievable angels that are members of
    They have been there for us ( my family ) so many times, displaying the utmost respect, care, concern and professionalism.
    But as a member of Esras Nashim, I do feel that there is a need for us in the community. This is not a race of who is going to get there first. To the commenter who said that Hatzalah is there with one goal only, to save lives, and Esras nashim has a different agenda: please tell me what that is? We are not a coffee club where we sip lattes and exchange recipes. We are here for the same reason. To save lives!!! I daven for the day that our services , Hatzalah and Esras Nashim’s, will not be needed anymore. But meantime, lets remember: be a mentch! Act like a mentch! speak like one too. Wishing everyone an amazing Shabbos.

  46. Moderators, please delete my above post. I would like to make a number of changes. I will be posting a new one shortly. Thank you and have a great Shabbos:)

  47. I am so appalled at the hate mail that is posted here. You don’t have to agree with the idea of Esras Nashim. It is a free country and we do have the freedom of speech law where we can all feel free to express our opinions without the fear of ending up in jail. How a yid feels so comfortable bashing another yid is beyond my scope of understanding. No one is taking away any of the recognition that is due the angels who are the members of Hatzalah. They have been there for us ( my family ) scores of times, always displaying the utmost care, concern, respect and professionalism, which is their signature. However, I do feel that there is room for Esras Nashim to work in the field too. Our community, BH, is large and there is a need for it. This is not a race of who is going to get there first. To the commenter who posted that Hatzalah is there for only one thing, to save lives and Esras Nashim has a different agenda. Pleased specify. I am sure that are not sitting in a coffee shop sitting Lattes and exchanging recipes. They are here for the same reason. To save lives. I daven for the day that such organizations will not be needed anymore, but in the meantime, let us remember: Be a mentch, act like a mentch and speak like one too. Have an awesome Shabbos.

  48. Yes of course the Rabanim are afraid of her !

    I know of a case when a mother had to defend herself against her teenage son in court! BH they were matzliach but it cost the Askanim hundreds of hous of Agmat Nefesh and 50K in legal fees.

  49. if c’v i were having a medical emergency i would definetly call hatzalah (even tho im a women) because they are the quickest and very well experienced.
    if ezras nashim needs an ambulance they call fdny which takes another couple of min rather then calling hatzolah and making the persons situation more dire.