MIRACLE IN ISRAEL: Bus With American Seminary Girls Bursts Into Flames – Seconds After Exiting [DRAMATIC VIDEO]


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A group of seminary girls have alot to thank hashem for today, after they escaped what could have been a catastrophe.

According to information provided to YWN by parents of some students, the seminary had plans to go to the Negev on a trip today, but due to the deteriorating security situation in the South, it was cancelled.

Instead, the girls were taken on a bus to Masada.

While travelling, the girls say they suddenly heard a loud “popping noise”, followed by the smell of fire and smoke in the back of the bus. The bus driver got out to check, and told everyone to immediately exit the bus.

As soon as all the seminary girls were totally off the bus and in a safe distance, the bus exploded and was completely engulfed in flames.

In just a few minutes, nothing was left of the bus besides a smoldering frame.

Bichasdei Hashem, no one was injured.

See the attached video.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We all have to thank hashem every day for taking off our pants at night. Because a few minutes later the pants ended up in the washing machine and that could’ve been us. Imagine going through the washing machine with your pants??!! Awful must be! Chasdei hashem!!

  2. Hashem is talking to us. Are we listening? The message is to strengthen doing mitzvahs (i.e getting to Shul on time, Stop talking or using cell phones in shul, doing more chesed etc.).

  3. ANON21
    Open your eyes and see the cehssed HaShem did, and the chasadim that He duz every moment of the day! The fact that we exist is a chessed and on top of that HaShem held off the flames until every one was in a safe distance.
    dont know about benching gomel but to me this is an open miracle!

  4. Maybe we should also show hakaras hatov to the bus driver who was so quick thinking. He sized up the situation immediately and made sure everyone reached safety. If he had hesitated the outcome would have been different. And I also agree that it was chasdei HaShem, not a “miracle.” Nothing outside of the natural order occurred, but a vigilant bus driver b’siyata d’shomayah was the shaliach for no one getting hurt.

  5. > ANON21

    This is less of a miracle than getting out of jail? Than flying over the ocean in modern comfort? Or you will now also forbid to “bench gomel” anyone who has flown overseas? The point is that they were in a vehicle that had ALREADY sparked and could have/should have already burst into flame.

  6. WE do not need ro decide if they need to bentch gomel.WE only to appreciate Hashems chesed in the nissim of the story and appreciate that all got off safely BORUCH HASHEM!

  7. ANON21, What are you talking about. How can you not think this a miracle. Everything in our live is a miracle and a open one like this, how can you this is a miracle??? And the pants no shiychos

  8. Maybe now our gedolei Hadar will put an end to this insanity of paying for seminary that causes fathers to have heart attacks at their own simcha from the finacial pressure of keeping up with the Kleins. I never went to seminary and if someone doesn’t want to make a shidduch with my children because of it all the better because I don’t want to be involved with in laws like that.

  9. Um, So whether it is or isnt a miracle would depend on how you define mairacle.
    Did anything not “normal” happen? no. Yet it IS a close call, and that definitely is Chessed Hashem, miracle/nes or not.
    [as to actually bentching gomel, thats a seperate halachic q which should be asked to a rov].
    @ ANON, BTW if your pants are indiscriminately being launched int the wash without warning, and there IS a real possibility that you’d end up in there with them… you should probably get professional help, maybe just a certified appliance repair guy or something, or a marriage counselor.
    (p.s. in other words, dont take a story that brings out a good point and apply it to places where its not applicable)

  10. Obviously they should bentch gomel.
    There need not be a miracle for this brachah. All women bentch after giving birth.
    For a miracle, one makes the brachah שעשה לי נס במקום הזה