Flatbush Shabbos Project- this Shabbos! (full schedule/details)

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Flatbush Shabbos Project

On Shabbos we are no longer just people. We are transformed. No one, not even the simplest person is mundane or prosaic on Shabbos. No one is ordinary or run of the mill. On Shabbos, we become G-dly. On Shabbos, we become divine. 

On Shabbos, G-d invites us into His realm. We emulate Hashem. On Shabbos, God rejuvenated. On Shabbos, we rejuvenate. 

This coming Shabbos, Parshas Vayeirah, the Flatbush community will celebrate an incredible Shabbos. We will unite in love, embrace Jews of all backgrounds and feel utterly transformed.  Join Yehuda Green as he participates with the Flatbush Shabbos Project for the entire Shabbos. He will inaugurate the Shabbos Project by welcoming Shabbos with his melodious Carlebach tunes for Kabbolos Shabbos. Listen to Rabbi Daniel Glatstein as he shares his unique Torah wisdom with the Flatbush community at the community-wide Friday night oneg and again Shabbos morning and afternoon (see full schedule). Ignite your soul as Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer shares pearls of wisdom and inspiration on the topic of ”Spiritually Alive”. If you registered for the gala ballroom dinner (with a less affiliated Jew) then you are in for a special surprise. You will be privileged to hear from renowned speaker, Rabbi  Duvi Bensoussan. His powerful speeches always manage to uplift the heart and inspire the soul.

Those who attended last year’s Flatbush Shabbos Project vividly remember guest speaker, Rabbi Efraim Shapiro’s words as he encapsulated his Shabbos at the Flatbush Shabbos Project with BJX:

“How can you put into words when you experience Shabbos together with over one hundred young men and women -together with a ninety-one year old woman- keeping their first Shabbos? How can you even describe such a Shabbos? It’s a Shabbos that was truly beyond words. This place is real!”  

Who can forget the unaffiliated woman who joined for her very first Shabbos? She was accompanied by her two sons who became Shomer Shabbos at BJX. She arrived feeling shy, skeptical, fearful, and intimidated. She left feeling loved, inspired, hopeful and elated. This woman is today fully Shomeres Shabbos. She hasn’t missed observing a single Shabbos since last year’s Shabbos Project. 

Mark, a young professional, had many in tears as he spoke during the community-wide Shalosh Seudos about his journey back. Mark was born in Brooklyn to Russian-Jewish parents and raised on Avenue M. He described his grandfather’s life as a general in the Russian army and how for years his family was estranged from Yiddishkeit. Mark choked-up as he spoke. “Finally,” he said, “I can pursue freedom and re-connect with my heritage. I plan on taking small steps- to study Torah and become a real Jew. 

Fast forward just one year later. Mark is now learning full time in Yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel. 

The shoresh, etymology, of Shabbos is “return”. Shabbos has the unique ability to help every Jew return to their essence and purity. Shabbos has exceptional power to help every Jew return to their innate holiness. 

On Shabbos we become G-dly. On Shabbos we see others as G-dly. On Shabbos we become Divine. On Shabbos we see the divinity in others. 

BJX need sponsors for this year’s Flatbush Shabbos Project. You can have the inestimable zechus of so many people being ignited and inspired to observe Shabbos and feel more connected to Hashem and Torah. Please contact the BJX office for sponsorship opportunities 646-397-1544 or email [email protected]