REMEMBERING THE HORROR: A Year Since The Crash Which Killed The Entire 8-Member Atar Family


The yishuv of Psagot in the Shomron marked the yartzheit of the Atar family on Monday night, a year after the horrifying car accident which took the lives of the eight members of the family on Route 90 near Yam Hamelech.

Hundreds of local residents and relatives gathered together on the yishuv in remembrance of the family, a Kipa report said on Tuesday.

The Rav of the yishuv, Rav Yosef Veitzan, spoke about how the yishuv showed great strength after the tragedy. “During the past year, we learned about the strength of this special and modest family. Additionally, we’re obligated to do more regarding road safety, to try to be more tolerant on the roads, to cede to one another. If every one of us will invest more in adhering to traffic laws and ceding to others on the roads, we can prevent the next tragedy.”

Naama Adlerman, the sister of Yariv, z’tl, the father of the Atar family, spoke about the family’s joy of life and how she coped with the tragedy. “I still call my sister and ask her: ‘It really happened? It was really Yariv and Shoshi?’ My heart isn’t capable of comprehending this loss.”

A friend of Shoshi, z’tl, mother of the Atar family, said: “It’s already a year that you’re not here. In one minute you and your beloved family left us – as one unit. You were a special friend to me with a special outlook… A year has passed and it seems like forever. I’m hurting and I miss all of you so much.”


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)