CHECK THIS OUT: Bibi’s Chareidi Grandchildren With Long Peyos Spotted At Event Welcoming the Satmar Rebbe


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Two of the Prime Minister’s grandchildren were spotted at the procession that welcomed the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg to Jerusalem earlier this week.

The young boys are the children of Noah Roth, Netanyahu’s daughter, and her husband Rabbi Daniel Roth. The couple is Chareidi and lives in the Sanhedria neighborhood of Yerushalayim. They attend the Darchei Shmuel cheder, which teaches in Yiddish.

The irony wasn’t lost on the followers of the Satmar Rebbe who saw in the attendance of the young boys a victory over the Zionist entity whose leader’s own grandchildren attended the welcoming ceremony of one of the staunchest critics of Zionism in the world.

The Roth family has two boys and two girls.

It should be noted that relations between the prime minister and his daughter are reportedly cold. Journalist Ben Caspit writes in his book “Netanyahu – Biography” that “from the moment (his 2nd wife) Sara entered Bibi’s life, his interest in Noa has dropped drastically… The death of Tzilla, Noa’s mother and grandmother, stuck the last nail in the coffin of the relationship between Netanyahu and his daughter.”

When Noa had a baby boy in 2011, YWN reported that the Prime Minister attended the Bris which was held at Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem.

NOTE: The faces in the attached image have been blurred due to security concerns.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. With all respect, why bring his children and grandchildren into this. A lot of us who are not big fans of Bibi still feel his kids (and those of other politicians) should be left alone. They did NOT choose to enter the public arena and are entilted to their privacy.

  2. I think that a family is entitled to their privacy. The posting of this story may come across as being insensitive to the privacy that a family is entitled to. Please take this into consideration. I assume that no child or child’s parent would want that kind of publicity for attending an event. I also assume that some of the other information described in the article would normally be considered private. The article described a supposed description of a relationship between father and daughter. It did not say how the writer assumes this description to be credible. I also can’t imagine how describing a relationship in public can help a relationship? Thank you for allowing me to post my concerns, and hatzlacha!

  3. A father appeared at an Al Taharas HaKodesh Cheder in Yerushalayim, and requested to enroll his two boys. As the Cheder learns in Yiddish, which the children don’t speak, the Menahel asked the father why he chose this type of school. The father related the following, hard to believe story; “I am a ba’al teshuva. I was visiting my father-in-law, who is Chiloni, and he told me; ‘Now the children are yours, in fifteen years they’ll be mine.’ When I asked him to explain this queer statement, he said; ‘The entire Chareidi community is in a downward spiritual spiral. According to the plans already in place [in the schools], in just fifteen years the Chareidim will be significantly secularized. At that time, your children will revert to respecting me [and my ideals]. Only one group, the students of Rav Auerbach, are holding their-own.’ I am taking his words seriously, and I would therefore like to enroll the children in this Cheder.” It seems like the shver is following the news, and has put together all the many pieces of the puzzle. Only, truth be told, the shver is not up on the news, rather, he is one of the main characters in creating it; for his name is none other than Binyamin Netanyahu.

  4. With ask due respect, the Satmar shita was not mekarev them. Daniel Roth is a talmid of Aish Hatorah.

    Please show one baal teshuva that was neskariv thru the Satmar shita. Yet the mehalich of the majority of the gedolim has brought hundreds of thousands of baalie teshuva who are non-zionist chareidim.

  5. In fact there was very known figure within eida chariedis who stated after the yom kippur war that if not for the kaniom and their protests there would of hundreds of thousands of more baalie tshuva. (I forgot his name. The story was printed in the American Yated) a

  6. Gadolhadorah, you always (well, mostly!!) get it right. Find me a family where there isn’t ANY strife: why shlep Bibi’s kids & eineklach into public view?

  7. This is wrong. Editor says the faces are blurred sure to security concerns? Really?after they spill the whole family genealogy tree?
    Their faves needed to be blurred because they are kids. Because you didn’t ask for petition from their parents to make money using their pictures by posting them online and get advertising money.

  8. And in the meantime,the previous Satmar rebbe’s grandson is in ZAHAL risking his life in defending the Jewish people and their land (his name Chaim Hersh Meisels)
    HASHEM has NACHAS from both of them,he needs all kind of Jews

  9. Gadolhadorah, I think you made a very valid point, even though I am a big fan of Bibi. They are entitled to their privacy and security. I don’t know that much about security, but it does seem like the smaller child’s face is not blurred as well as the taller child’s face.

  10. I agree with Gadolhadorah but I would go further: This is irresponsible journalism. Is YWN trying to curry favor with Bibi by showing his personal link to Chareidim? Or did Bibi agree to give YWN some special favor if they run this article? Bibi is accused of doing such things in the pending prosecution against him.