EXCLUSIVE: Agudah Books Barclay’s Center As Second Venue For Siyum; MetLife Stadium Nearly Sold Out


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With the Siyum Hashas just one month away (January 1, 2020), YWN has learned that the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is nearly sold out. With ticket sales still in demand, the Agudath Israel of America has booked the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn as a second venue.

This news is expected to be announced by Mr Shlomo Werdiger, the chairman of the Agudah’s board of trustees, at this weeks Agudah Convention in Stamford Connecticut – [and will be streamed live on YWN].

The MetLife Stadium holds around 94,000 seats, According to their website, Barclay’s Center holds 19,000 seats.

YWN has learned that Gedolim and Rabbonim are expected to be at the Barclay’s Center as well, and full video and audio hookups will link both events as one.

Additional information will be published when it becomes available to us.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. for those people whom the traveling or sitting in the cold is difficult will be able to swap their tickets with people still trying to get into met life

  2. Meir G says: “for those people whom the traveling or sitting in the cold is difficult will be able to swap their tickets with people still trying to get into met life”

    NO, Meir. Why are you spreading incorrect information. As of 4 pm today, evev shabbos, Agudah has NOT said that they will be providing a swap capability for those who purchase MetLife tickets to substitute Barclay’s center tickets. While that sounds like a good idea, Agudah has not provided such a “swap” option on the siyum website.

  3. Quite ironic that the Agudda is making the siyum in the same pl,ace where Satmar held their massive protests against the draft in Israel. Eilu Va’eilu Divrei Elokim Chaim, U’bilvad Sh’y’chaven Libo La’shamayim.

  4. my comment wasn’t clear – not that aguda will offer the swap but naturally thru all the yidishe connections you should have no problem reselling them
    if aguda would offer it im sure people on both ends would be happy

  5. hadorah

    he is not talking about swapping them with the agudah he is talking about ppl swapping them between eachother. if you know someone elderly who prefers to be inside and has a metlife ticket you can swap yours with his

  6. correction: as of 4 pm erev thanksgiving Agudah hadn’t posted any “ticket exchange” procedure. ….Early next week, NWS will issue its 30 day weather forecast so you might have a better idea as to the pros/cons of MetLife v. Barclay’s on New Years Day (not that anyone really would take a 30 day forecast seriously).

  7. LBJ: I thought Meir G had a great idea….just that the way he posted his idea made it sound like Agudah would be serving as the intermediary for the exchange which they haven’t offered to do yet. At a minimum, they might provide for an online bulletin board or some other mechanism for people to contact one another for private exchanges.