MANY ARRESTED: Peleg Protestors Take to Streets in Jerusalem On Sunday [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


As promised, many Peleg protestes gathered at Bar Ilan and SHmuel hanavi shuttign traffic on Sunday afternoon.

As YWN had reported earlier, at Peleg Yerushalmi rabbonim instructed talmidim and avreichim to take to the streets and resume protests in both Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Protesters in Jerusalem mat at the junction of Bar Ilan and Shmuel HaNavi Streets at 3:30PM. HaRav Tzvi Friedman was reportedly expected to address the protest.

Traffic was brought to a halt, as hundreds of protesters swarmed the streets, sitting down. It was raining when the protests began.

Police report that 10 protesters were taken into custody.

Shouts of “Nazi!” and “Shiksa” were hurled at officers when protesters refusing to resist arrest were taken into custody.

The protests follow the arrest and jailing of Peleg-affiliated talmid Yehuda Tumback (טומבק) in Ben-Gurion Airport last week as he tried leaving Israel on a trip to kivrei tzaddikim in Europe.

Due to a split in the peleg, the “moderate faction” of Peleg will not be participating.

PHOTOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It is always so impressive to see these serious bnei Torah dedicate so much time to this. Most working people would not be so willing to miss a day of work for a protest.

    Also, perhaps the article could mention what this protest is about? I’ve lost track of all the different protesters and what they’re about. Army? Construction on shabbos? Government cuts? Mixed seating on buses?

  2. Police should’ve been more rough! Where were the horses?? Or the Water truck?These bored ppl speak no other language! They gridlock the entire city and should be severely punished for it.

  3. So whats new. As long as the security forces allow these Peleg hoodlums to disrupt the daily lives of Israelis seeking only to get to work (somethig these hoodlums themselves know nothing of) or get their kids to and from school, there will be no deterrent. There is a revolving door at the prison and those arrested are held for a few days and then released to protest again. These hoodlum using vile langague against the police , along with Friedman and other leaders should be thrown into jail the first time they fail to respond to a police order to clear the streets. Repeat offenders should be held for lengthy terms to deter such behavior. The only positive note in the artcle is that there apparently is a more responsible faction of Peleg (aka the ‘”moderates”) who refused to participat.e

  4. I don’t understand the thinking of the police. Wouldn’t it be smarter and more effective if, calmly and gently, protesters are arrested one by one. Taken to the station , processed and charged. Over time, this would definitely motivate them not to block traffic. Just violently pulling them to the side doesn’t accomplish all that much.

  5. that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. how dare they have the audacity to show such blatant disrespect to the heroes who protect Israel! it is a major chilul hashem and hopefully more people realize his soon.

  6. Yes, Rabbis, keep training Young Jewish Bochrim to be the first generation of Young Bochrim to act like Goyish Violent Street Hoodlums, this behavior would never be Tolerated by the Great Rebbeim in the Shtetlach, Never. In our History, a Bochur and Chossid of a Rebbe would be a paragon example of EXCELLENCE in MIDDOS, Derech Eretz, Refinement, Sterling Behavior At all Times, In Bais Medrash from Morning to Night. SCREAMING or RIOTING in Streets was something Bolsheviks, Cossacks, Poles, Germans, Palestinians, ghetto hoods, did. We are FORBIDDEN BY TORAH LAW to Act like them. This behavior is sickening and must Stop Immediately!

  7. Leahleh, you don’t seem to be very acquainted with the history of Chareidim in Eretz Yisrael. Chareidim have only survived due to their consistent protests against a secular state hell-bent on assimilating them and uprooting their way of life. That’s not coming from me. Rav Elyashiv Zatzal said this.

    Israel’s short history is dotted with many attempts to coerce it’s Chareidi minority to change its ways: Giyus Banim, Giyus Banos, Chilul Shabbos, Autopsies, Archeological work near cemeteries, and so many more.

    Public protests and blocking major streets may be something foreign in the US, because its not an accepted form of protest. Israelis are accustomed to street closures by disabled activists, sanitation workers, even firemen blocked the street in protest last year.

    Why can’t Chareidim excercise their democratic right to protest? Especially when they aren’t protesting monetary matters as all the aforementioned groups were, they are protesting a draft law whose stated attempt is assimilation into secular Israeli society. In particular, they are protesting the arrest of a yungerman whose sole crime is not cooperating with that draft law.

  8. Okay all idiots commenting here as usual- you see a bunch of guys who look chareidi doing dumb stuff and all your anger at yourselves for not being more spiritual comes out – well done enjoy your self righteous tirades.

  9. Shouts of “Nazi!” and “Shiksa” were hurled at officers when protesters refusing to resist arrest were taken into custody.

    Refusing to resist arrest?!!?!?

  10. LOTR92: I assume you feel the same about knitted-kippa protesters, who very often behave in a similar way. Of course, some extremely pro-Zionist websites omit or underreport many of the dati-leumi demonstrations. So, unless you have other sources of information, people could mistakenly conclude that only Chareidim disrespect the valiant law-enforcement representatives of the beginning of the flowering of our redemption. And no one else but Chareidim are guilty of this unforgivable crime.

  11. Bravo to Peleg for standing up for their brother, unlike you traitors who side with the wicked government. You like seeing frum boys in jail do you? Where there’s no Ahavas Yisroel there’s no Avahavs Hashem.

  12. It’s pretty hilarious to hear all the Americans ranting about Chillul Hashem. Does your government lock up boys and girls for not joining an army that drums heresy into the brain?

  13. Leahleh

    I wish I could confirm what u wrote but unfortunately you obviously aren’t aware of 2 Satmar factions fighting each other in the town satmar in Europe (1930) that the army was called out to separate them!
    אין חדש תחת השמש

  14. If you watch closely you will notice that there is no violence at all coming from the bochurim. The police are pretty rough. In America peaceful protesters are arrested peacefully, not kicked, dragged on the floor, or dumped hard on concrete. While I don’t condone calling any yid a nazi, the bochurim are not the aggressors here. Protesting is a legal right.

  15. For those that are bewildered allow me to explain .
    Squealing and howling the term shiksa is merely an outpouring of repressed S tension.
    They are all quite aware that these young ladies are Jewish , albeit 99% of them , and so they’re merely expressing what they yearn for .
    Why do they yearn ? Because they are fake jews .
    Why scream nazis ?
    Because they’re just weird and can’t come up with anything more creative.

  16. If it so important to protest, why don’t the rabonim go themselves to sit down and get beaten up. Instead of brainwashing and sending young innocent boys.

  17. Instead of protesting in the streets and making a chilul hashem, when it doesn’t help anyway, they should have overtime in their yeshivas with learning and saying thilim beseeching Hashem to help, will help much more.

  18. Rabbis of the previous generation would protest chilul shabbos, to prevent OTHERS from transgressing. It was not uncommon for rocks and diapers to be thrown at cars driving through frum neighborhoods on Shabbos. Yes, Torah’s ways are pleasant and non violent, but sometimes we need a Pinchos to take a spear and violently kill a Jew that transgresses – and Moshe and Ahron and the Elders THANKED him. Indeed Hashem rewarded him with Priesthood. Compared to Pinchos, these holy bochurim did not kill anyone, they did not hit any Jew, but inconvenienced others WHO SHOULD HAVE JOINED THEM to protest those that disrupt Torah and Yiddishkeit. Enough with being Politically Correct, it’s time you all hear the Truth of Toras Emes. These boys are following the psak of their gedolim, those Rabbonim know a tad more Torah and Jewish behavior than all of you combined. .

  19. “Shouts of “Nazi!” and “Shiksa” were hurled at officers when protesters refusing to resist arrest were taken into custody.”

    Grammer: if someone refuses to resist arrest then isn’t he calmly taken into custody? After all, he’s not resisting arrest.

    Content: if the police are arresting someone then isn’t there some other reason for their arrest aside from resisting arrest?

  20. The sickening behavior of this extreme fringe group brings so much damage to our image and great chilul Hashem …for which there is no way to atone…

  21. It’s actually impressive to see people that are sincerely passionate about what they believe is a “Redifas hadus”, in contrast to the bored zionist’s on this site that wouldn’t lift a finger (besides for the keyboard strokes) for anything.
    I don’t belong to either side b”h, but on the other hand this site is a third side – reform flexdox.

  22. It’s never good to try to get a message across by blocking traffic for hrs, that simple. For anyone not only chareidei protestors, and I dont blame the soldiers for dealing roughly with them,

  23. Many comments are a bunch of hypocrites!

    No problem with blocking traffic for a chasuna (see story of Gerrer Chasunah in Jerusalem) or hachnosas sefer Torah (on Main St in YOUR community – if you care about inconveniencing traffic: stay on side-walk!) but when it comes to preserving Torah and Yiddishkeit – oh boy, GEVALD!! THAT is a problem! THAT is “OSSUR”!!!

    We know better than all of their Rabbonim because we once-upon-a-time learned a few years in yeshiva (at least, we were registered in a yeshiva for a few years, not sure how much we learned and for sure we didn’t absorb kovod for true rabbonim and poskin because we know better, based on our hergesh and sevoras haBetten)..

  24. What is this chorus of condemnation? Have you people lost your minds? These are yeshiva bachurim. They are not delinquents. They are not smashing windows or overturning cars as we saw with the (secular) Ethiopian riots. They are blocking traffic because that’s the only thing that works over here. You obviously don’t know Israelis. They are all deaf. You go into a store here where you bought a product that doesn’t work and they’ll shrug their shoulders. They might even shout at you. You have to battle for everything here. Gadolim have been explaining for 70 years that the military presents an anti-religious environment and to leave us out of it. Polite conversation doesn’t work in Israel. It is so different from America. And you are all judging, siding with anti-religious people, people such as the Prime Minister who mocks halacha openly and commits all kinds of other crimes. Would you have sided with the Reformers too? Or the Greeks or the Persians? Would you have celebrated at Ashauverous’s party? These bachurim are trying to get a frum Jew out of prison. Have you ever been to prison? Want to try it some time? There is a nice Jewish boy in prison because he listened to the gadolim, including the Chazon Ish, who said it is better to die than go to the military. They are being mesiras nefesh, risking their bodies to rescue a Jew. I have seen numerous frum boys go into the army and come out either non-religious or barely religious and always full of arrogance and aggression. We are in a crisis. We are going to a third election over this issue. The chilonim are trying to ruin Torah observance. The frum community of EY needs your support not your petty judgements. I really wonder if some of these comments are from government-paid trolls. They have that ring of Israeli arrogance and low class talk to them.