ALERT: Boro Park Shomrim Warn Of Scammer Claiming Cars Hit Him, Threatens To Sue If Not Given Cash


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A scammer is on the loose in Boro Park, and Shomrim are warning the community to be vigilant and not fall prey.

The individual seen in the attached flyer and video sits inside his car and when cars pass by he smacks their mirrors causing a loud noise and frightening the drivers. He then comes out and tells his victims that they struck his hand. Many times he has his hand wrapped in a scarf or towel. He then threatens to call police and go through your insurance (or lawsuits) if you don’t pay him cash. he usually asks for $450 or $500.

Boro Park Shomrim tells YWN that there are so far more than a dozen victims that they are aware about.

He has been doing this on many streets including 41st, 57th, Fort Hamilton Parkway, 16th Avenue and other areas all around Boro Park.

He has so far scammed people out of (combined) thousands of dollars.

Sometimes he asks if the drivers were drinking and says he smells alcohol and threatens to tell police that the drivers were drinking and driving.

The NYPD and Shomrim are aggressively looking for the man.

If you were a victim of this scammer, or you know where he is or have any footage of him, please call 911 and then Boro Park Shomirm’s 24 hours emergency hotline at 718-871-6666.

A victim seen paying the Boro Park scammer on Sunday – hundreds of dollars. This incident occurred on 56th Street near 15th Avenue.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Get a dashcam they don’t cost too much and everything gets recorded. You can prove your innocence. Once they see that you have a dashcam they’ll try the next guy. This guy looks like from the same country as the big supermarkets hire to deliver. All the low lifes are attracted to Boro Park

  2. wow. i dont know what i would do but its incredible that ppl are giving him money. I guess when one is unsure they want to get back to an area of certainty…?

  3. I don’t know if it was this guy, On Erev Yom Kipper I was almost scammed. I was parallel parking on 46 st. As I was pulling in I heard a loud noise as if I hit the parked car. I got out to look and I saw the parked car had damage from a previous accident. The lights and back panel were damaged and the fender was bent outwards. I had scraped against the fender. My car didn’t even have a scratch. I finished parking and as I was walking away I hear someone screaming a tirade of obscenities at me. Mixed into the obscenities he yells “your just gonna walk away as if nothing happened.” I tried to get a word in. But he kept screaming. I wasn’t sure if it was his car or not. I thought I’ll go park somewhere else. As I got into my car he pulled out his camera to take a picture of my license plate. that’s when I decide to play his game. I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. So I began yelling at him without the obscenities it was Erev Yom kipper after all and then I just walked away. B’h nothing happened. I was hoping that when I came back to my car he would still be there so I could ask him if he called the police.

  4. The same thing happened to me on Second Street in Lakewood. I told the guy I had video proof he was lying and that I’m calling the police. He suddenly changed his mind and walked away.