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HE MUST BE STOPPED: Kiryat Sefer Resident Is Encouraging Chareidi Youth To Smuggle Khat Substance

The man behind the network recruiting hundreds of Chareidi young men and women to smuggle Khat into Europe lives in Kiryat Sefer, Chareidim10 reported.

Attorney Mordechai Tzivin, who specializes in international crime, extradition and Interpol and has voluntarily assisted in over ten cases of Chareidi youth arrested in Europe for smuggling Khat, said that the Kiryat Sefer resident, “D.B.,” convinces the youth that smuggling Khat isn’t dangerous since it’s not an illegal drug in Israel.

Tzivin added that the police are aware of the identities of the Khat operators but they have no legal means to stop them since there is no law that bans taking Khat out of Israel.

D.B. even tells the Chareidi youth that they don’t have to worry about a jail term since if they are caught by law enforcement agencies, they should turn to the local Chabad shluchim who will make sure they are released.

[AGAIN: Multiple Chareidim Arrested For Smuggling “Khat” Substance In Europe – Including Yeshiva Bochur, Young Girls]

MK Moshe Arbel (Shas) said on Tuesday morning on Radio Kol Chai that many parents turn to him for assistance after their children are arrested in Europe but there is nothing he could do to help them. He said that he has appealed to the opposition in the Knesset, including Blue & White, to fast-track legislation in the Knesset banning taking Khat out of Israel.

“Dozens of the detainees for smuggling Khat are Chareidim and Datiim,” Arbel said. “Parents call me crying to help them but we can’t interfere in criminal proceedings in other countries.”

[Many Yeshiva Bochrim Recently Arrested In Europe For Smuggling “Khat” Substance From Israel]

“I appealed to the opposition to fast-track legislation banning taking Khat out of Israel. The police are aware of the operators behind the smuggling but they have no legal tool to stop it. It may also be a tax offense.”

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[70 Israelis In Prison Around the Globe for Smuggling Khat Substance – MANY Of Them Chareidim]

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

16 Responses

  1. If this DB individual is all legal and even police cannot stop him, why not advertise his full name? Maybe some good citizens can convince him to desist.

  2. um. there is a legal tool i once heard of called a “fist”. It can be very effective when used properly.
    However we cannot take heresay as fact. This man must be brought before a B”D and the facts presented….
    Furthermore we must educate the public about this

  3. If “everyone” knows who is this mysterious “DB” why is his identity considered a secret and not reported. At some point, Chareidi bochurim need to take responsibility for their own actions and given how much publicity this issue has attracted in both the frum and secular media, there is no excuse for their violating European law. If they are caught, they should expect to spend several months in jail and rightfully so.

  4. GHT how much publicity has it really got? And what media outlets do young haredim read, that have highlighted it? One can’t assume they all assiduously read news sites and are up on all the laws of foreign countries.

  5. This filthy gangster who masquerades as a frum Jew needs to be given a good beating that would earn him at least a 3 months stay in a local hospital,that’s the only way to stop this madness

  6. If you do not want to abide by the laws of foreign countries you visit, and yes this does mean finding out what is permitted and what is not, before you go, then accept the consequences. “The world” does not understand how teenagers or kids in their early twenties cannot understand that there must be something fishy when an adult asks you to take plants into a foreign country.

  7. > smartaleck

    Crooks have a lot more money they can use to sue for slander and libel (aside from using it for more violent methods).

  8. How about they take responsibility?
    I bet if they posted signs and parents, Rabbeim, Roshei Yeshiva, and Shul Ruvs all spoke about it at the same time it would virtually stop. Also, tell the kids if they get caught their on their own. That’s what the Chabad Rabbi in Norway (I believe) did.

  9. Why hasn’t he been outed.
    Why isn’t his shul and rov advised and then taken to task. (And then outed).
    Is he sitting mizrach wall.
    Doesn’t he qualify as a bone fide RODEF?

  10. Honestly I think us as American jews have to stop our support to radical chareidi communities in israel. It is preposterous to me the tragedies that are committed in these radical yeshivish communities. WE HAVE TO END THIS.

    The best place to start is by ending the money that we send to these people.

  11. Millhouse: I’ve seen this issue addressed in both Israeli an U.S. media. Yes, I think its fair to assume that after multiple arrests over several years, most Chareidi bochurim would have heard that its against Dina D’Malchusa to smuggle this stuff into Europe. If they can’t take responsibility for their own behavior they shouldn’t be travelling.

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