Baba Baruch: There Won’t Be A Peace Plan, Moshiach Is Coming [VIDEO]


The Mekubal Rav Baruch Abuchatzeira, also known as the Baba Baruch, the son of the Baba Sali, recently related his view of Trump’s peace plan as part of a wide-ranging conversation with Kikar H’Shabbos which will be published in its entirety at a later date.

“Look at a few wondrous things,” the Baba Baruch said. “Just the fact that America, President of the United States Trump – who dreamed that it would be like this? They’re all the signs of Moshiach and we need to rejoice.”

“Look at the fear of the Arabs when they heard that Trump has a peace plan. But it won’t come to anything. Why? Because Moshiach will come and he’ll annul it – there won’t be a peace plan.”

Baba Baruch also related the famous “watch dream” that has been riveting the town of Netivot for the past few years.

Baba Baruch told the interviewer: “The Rishon LeZion, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Z”L, was a very close friend.  My father, (the Baba Sali) came to me in a dream and told me that a certain watch in the possession of so-and-so belonged to him. He told me where to find the man who had the watch and to bring the watch to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu. He told me to tell Rabbi Eliyahu to wear the watch and to see when the larger hand will rest on top of the shorter one at 12:00 in the afternoon, then the countdown to Mashiach’s arrival will begin. I took the watch and I brought it to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu.”

“This is a great sign and a great secret,” said the Baba Baruch. “What we now see in our days, this is the coming of the Mashiach, and it is close by.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Many loyal YWN readers would like to believe this respected mekubal but with all respect, he tells us to ignore Trump’s Deal of the Century. But the Trumpkopf himself has hinted that HE may be the “chosen one”. Several of his evangelical followers have come out and made similar predictions. Given the Peace plan was DOA, does that mean we won’t see Air Force one (repainted white) arriving soon in EY.

  2. see biur halochoh 428 -Moshiach will already be here many many years before the year taf taf mem zayin (68 years from now) and then we will be mekadesh the chodesh through eidim……

  3. Sorry, I don’t understand. How could Baba Baruch give the Rov the watch if he was deceased and tell him to watch when the large hand is over the small hand? Perhaps someone can explain this to me. It certainly feels like Moshiach’s time since the world is moving in ‘fast forward’ and strange unusual things are happening.

  4. Rav Mordechai Eliyahu said to his wife shortly before he died that two צדיקים are holding up the גאולה. He said they are Rav Dovid Kook and R’ Eliezer ben Etia. They are doing it to save as many Jews as they can in the limited time we have