Na’ama Isaachar Neglects to Mention Netanyahu In Thank You Letter


Na’ama Issachar posted a thank-you letter on the Facebook page that revolved around the fight for her release.

Na’ama’s letter read as follows:

“I have been thinking for a number of days how it would be appropriate to say thank you to everyone, how I could appeal to everyone and say how much I thank you and how much I love I have for everyone? How could I thank everyone for their efforts, for all of the groups, the prayers, the worries, the letters, and the million other things that were done for me that I am not even aware of.”

“There is a lot of gratitude that I have among the chaos. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t fighting alone. I am so grateful to be back in Israel, and the sheer amount of hugs and support I have received truly warms my heart. This would not have happened without you. I am very lucky to have a group of people who protected me when I was unable to do so for myself. You brought me home. I love you all and thank you all.”

It is important to me to thank my family who led the fight and was with me every step of the way. I also want to thank everyone who took part in the endless efforts to bring me home. A big thank you to all of the artists, athletes, and influencers who supported my fight and took part in the various videos to raise awareness about it. A special thank you to all those who donated their own money to our crowd-sourcing campaign and to all of the activists on social media. I can only say thank you.”

Many people on social media were outraged that the Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, was not mentioned in the thank you letter.

The administrators of her page issued a statement in response that read:

“Na’ama and her family wish to send a big thank you to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Netanyahu worked tirelessly in order to bring Na’ama back home and for this we thank him and we thanked him in every possible forum. This post by Na’ama was aimed at thanking the many activists who donated their time and money and formed the beating heart of the fight to bring her back home.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I am disappointed she didn’t thank HaShem! The presidents and anyone else involved in seeing her daughter out of jail were mere ”puppets”, performing G-d’s Will, and playing a crucial role in this mission. Thank you Hashem! #ThankYouHashem

  2. What do you expect? Most druggies are virulent left-wingers. Don’t forget that the commutation of her sentence came after she was convicted by the Khimki City Court in the Moscow Region of drug possession and smuggling (Part 1, Section 228 and Part 2, Section 229.1 of the Russian Criminal Code). She had drugs in her baggage. Why when we hear of yeshiva bochurim caught with drugs are we so quick to say either someone planted the drugs without their knowledge or they should pay the price, but for this girl, who admitted the drugs were hers not claiming someone planted them without her knowledge, the whole world has been turned upside down and the Israeli government has given away property in Eretz Yisroel to the Russian church? She may have tried a “gemora kop” defense, that she wasn’t really in Russia etc., but what a shame that she doesn’t dress like a bas Yisroel.

  3. Gosh! YWN, why bring out the negative? At best, isn’t this the purest לשון הרע? Why is it necessary to entitle the story that way? Why not just write the story and her letter and leave it as that? Please change the story title and bring about more קדושת עם ישראל.

  4. Nice little publicity stunt by Bibi! You know the joke, Economy flights from Moscow to Tel Avis are cheap, an Upgrade to Business costs another $900, to First another $2600 but an Upgrade to the Israeli Prime Minister’s plane only costs a third of an ounce of marijuana!

  5. Only 1 item way more despicable & reprehensible than not having thanked our best Prime-Minister Bibi Netanyahu:- Heaven Forbid not voting for him in upcoming election & all future elections when he is running.