Rabbi Berland To Undergo Bypass While In Police Custody


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Just three days after his arrest, the head of the Shuvu Banim Cult, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, was set to undergo bypass surgery today in the hospital.

A few days prior to his recent arrest, Berland underwent a series of tests at Shaare Zedek in Yerushalayim, and according to those close to him, he will be undergoing bypass surgery on Wednesday.

Berland was remanded into police custody until Thursday by a Jerusalem court. Police, however, will request an extension due to the extraordinary circumstances of the situation and the fact that they were not able to properly investigate Berland due to his hospital stay.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. IUserBrains – I am afraid these things mean nothing!
    Next. This is most likely an escape attempt and we will hear of him in some funny country in teh near future. Lets just hope he doesnt go to china otherwise he is not allowed back into Israel for a good while:-)

  2. Maybe like a lot of his followers he has trouble reading the text of the tefillos. YWN has got it right in how they describe him, “the head of the Shuvu Banim Cult”. He brings disgrace and approbation to Yiddishkeit. As a Yid he should have a speedy recovery, and be kept in police / Israel Prison Service custody for many years.

  3. Sad how crooked yidden who think you are aloud to be Mevaze other Yidden.
    They think the Chofetz Chaim wrote his Sefer only for the people you like or those who are like you.
    And all the lashon hara Of The media is fact and is Muttar. The whole premise is based on heresay and Motzi Shem Ra. They just continue with the story because it fits the agenda.

    YWN has compounded lashon hara for over 10 years on various people to create the image they want you to see.
    That’s why they choose the pictures of when this Rabbi was suffering and was fasting days on end. They use this picture to create the villain character. So they can keep this story hot. They love the fact that I’m writing to keep it going.
    There will be a Din VCheshbon I don’t envy anyone associated with this website.
    It would be a wonder to me if they have a Chelek BaOlam Haba.
    The shear glee they have to post and post about this Rabbi with no end.